Jul. 1st, 2017 11:38 am
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This is such a personal assault, honestly. Lin is such a troll.
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Oh my god, it was glorious!!

Petition to have this musical spell never end! It would be perfect, the best of Glee + Disney musicals.

Speaking of music, is everyone ready for Eurovision?!

Flash Duet

Mar. 24th, 2017 09:06 pm
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The musical episode was AMAZING!!!

Cisco is so hot! Barry and Kara's combined charm is so intense! (That "super friends" song. <3) Victor Garber! Barrowman!!

BLAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As like a musical Q!

And now that I've seen Newsies, I wish there were more Jeremy Jordan, too!

That ending song, though, was so charming it actually made me like Barry/Iris! I know!!

I've also been watching Julian clips and I love little Draco.
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1% of Something
I really really enjoyed this drama! It has my bulletproof kink of FAKE RELATIONSHIP, and the characters were interesting. The dude had some selfishness problems, but the couple was refreshing in how they maturely discussed their problems and emotions most of the time. The family tree had me hopelessly confused though. Did they expect us to have seen the original and already know all the relationships?? I still have no idea what happened to the dude's two fathers.

Master's Sun
The main problem with this drama is that it felt so slow and long, especially toward the end. Amnesia is always a delaying tactic. I was sticking it out because the premise could be interpreted as FAKE RELATIONSHIP, but it really dragged. The secondary couple was so annoying that I fast forwarded all of their scenes. And the main dude's trauma manifested as dyslexia, which is not... how dyslexia works... However, there were a few hysterically funny moments randomly sprinkled in an episode, so those were worth it. I just never felt like I understood the characters' growth or arc, and spending so much time with random ghosts wasn't worth it.

This drama is still airing and I ran out of episodes and am dying for more. I love it soooo much. In the first 5 minutes I cried so much lol. And even though ghosts are not its main focus, its few ghost moments are WAY more touching than any of Master's Sun's ghost moments. I teared up a little at Master's Sun, but I was full-on bawling at that ER ghost in Goblin. I also love the bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin, and I'm 100% here for their gay sitcom. The main romance is really great so far, and I have high hopes. Also Kim Eun Sook is the bomb. And of course Gong Yoo. <3 While I go through withdrawal, I at least have One Fine Day, another Gong Yoo brother/sister drama.
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In this drama, Tsuyoshi goes back in time from age 22 to 18 (high school) by accident. He seemed happy about the do-over chance the first time, though. (My friend and I disagreed on whether we would go back in time to high school given the choice. He thinks it would be dead easy, knowing what he knows now. But I think it would be dead boring! And also restrictive, ugh.)

And he keeps being sent back over and over! )


Sep. 11th, 2016 03:01 pm
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Watching the Bun Bu Buun with Toma, Toma really reminded me of Nakai-kun. He seemed even more adult than Kinki! He kept the conversation going, took care of everyone, naturally tsukkomi'd Koichi lol.

It's too bad he never got a group, because I think he would make a great leader like Nakai-kun. Of course, with the way all the groups are imploding, maybe it's good he didn't debut.

Johnny-san is really amazing though - he picked Kinki out from just their photos and resumes their sisters sent in when they were 12. Maybe that's the problem with the younger groups - or at least the group member choices: that Mary or Julie was choosing instead of Johnny. There's been so much wasted talent since Takki on down. And even in large groups like HSJ that guard against losing members by having a million members - how are they (or we) supposed to feel any member ai in a group like that? (Can you tell I miss 4 Tops? ;_;)

Anyway Toma's been so active I have a lot to catch up on. But I really want to see his butaiiiiiii. WHY are there no videos of it?? ;_; Written by KudoKan! And Toma also has my SMAP feels. That's right, RIKAI DEKINAI.

At least we still have Tokio.


Sep. 7th, 2016 12:36 am
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Ugh, I heard the news about SMAP disbanding, and I keep remembering at random times of the day and then having a sad.

Nakai must be devastated.

Uggggh, I don't want it to happen!!! Can't they just suspend activities?? That way they can still do a few things later if they want to and keep their SMAP identity. Individual activities are not the same! Where will I see my favorite crossdressing Nakai-kun flirting with other SMAP members now?!

Damn this manager drama. And telling us with a FAX was so low class. When Mori left, when Kimura got married, they had the decency to announce it to us themselves in a concert.

At least Kinki will "always be around, always stay together." They BETTER.


Aug. 21st, 2016 07:14 pm
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Everyone needs to see this film omg. I have not been so amused by a movie in a long time. And so many celebrity cameos!

star treks

Aug. 21st, 2016 07:02 pm
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I forgot to post here about the star treks, so my main reaction was that it was enjoyable! The ending theme did fill me with a lot of feels. I could tell that Simon Pegg et alia really tried to make it more Star Trek-like in feel - exploring new worlds and cultures. But in the end, it was an action film, not a Star Trek science fiction film.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of good female characters. On the other hand, Bones in particular felt like a caricature of himself - was he always that broadly acted?? There were some humorous Bones and Spock moments that I enjoyed, however.

In terms of the villain, there were sooooooooo many plot holes, it boggles the mind. Idris Elba just wants people to suffer because he suffered? And the alien tech just randomly shapeshifts you... because? And where did all his minion aliens come from??

I thought the fight mechanics of the bee swarm was original and clever, but I couldn't figure out why the shields weren't blocking it. And were there sentient beings in the bee swarm ships??? They were just okay with blowing themselves up for Idris Elba? The ending with the Beastie Boys and the motorcycle, I was just so embarrassed by. Oh, well, they tried.
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I bet the reason it was so late posting was that the audience kept applauding every single line lol. It was so cute the way that Lin saluted Chris to the West Wing music, and then Chris manhandled Lin all over the place and pushed him to take another bow.

But lol that Lin has already cut off his hair.


Jul. 9th, 2016 12:49 pm
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In keeping with my watching all the Girl Meets World eps that have Shawn or Eric, oh my gawwwwd this latest one.

Shawn the mountain man recluse, absolutely destroyed by his love for Cory, talking to squirrels and making tea. "Cory Matthews messed up my life!"

And then bonding with Maya again I caaaaaaaaaan't. "Didn't I say I'd always be there for you?"

Then Riley about Shawn: "I don't think he's lost his voice, Maya. I think he's screaming."

I love melodramatic Shawn trying to hide his melodrama so. much. Never being able to live up to Cory and Topanga's romance, always wishing for a family. Ughhh. Until he gives up and hides his emotions in the woods.

Shawn the writer unable to use normal human words: "I don't know what comes after that, I'm damaged!"

Then Cory comes and acts ridiculously fey while Shawn beats him up. And just like Cory's "my favorite person and my wife" comment at Xmas, now Cory says Shawn is the "greatest thing that ever happened to me" and when Riley says "besides Mom," Cory says "I know my own life!" lolllllllll.

I'm not sure if I buy the Shawn and Katy thing... (Do they even know each other? Especially since Shawn hasn't been "himself" lately or w/e. How many dates have they been on?? He doesn't have to be with Katy to have a relationship with Maya... How ironic that Riley and Maya, by contrast, are taking a break to be sure they know who they are themselves before embarking on romance because "isn't that how adults would do it?") But Shawn sure was cute at the end. It definitely showed his reckless spontaneity! 

BTW, OT3 fic rec: Theobule's Usufruct.

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I recently watched K and L con, and I was literally sobbing from hysterical laughter during the MCs. I frequently had to stop to breathe.

And they sound REALLY good vocally - plus I was surprised how much I liked L album.

All this is a reminder to myself that I should watch more cons and not be intimidated by the length.

Now all that's left is... US con, H con fancam, M con, Kimi mo Domoto Family, and J con dvd.
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So I screamed during Tommy's speech, when he was like "Lin... oh, dear Lin."

And then Lin posted this on Twitter and I screamed again ugh.


May. 29th, 2016 09:13 pm
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I forgot to post here when I watched it when it first came out, but honestly Lemonade was beautiful, life-changing, etc. I had planned to just put it on the TV in the background and do other things, but from the first moment, I was transfixed and couldn't look away. Each time I see an image of Beyonce now, I'm reminded of how great it was musically, conceptually, emotionally, visually, vocally... A++ everyone should watch. It really transformed the album and the music video formats.

talk hard

May. 29th, 2016 08:55 pm
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Since I'm watching Mr. Robot now, I went back to rewatch Pump Up the Volume. Honestly, that movie was so formative; that scene where they make out is the best. I don't like the way it ends so abruptly, but I like that it ends "unhappily." Life before the internet was so terrible omg! Nowadays he would have a podcast and a donate button, or he would just talk to his friends online. And when the FCC started talking about how unrestricted broadcasting devolved to the lowest content, I was like just wait a few years, buddy. I'm shocked and appalled that there's like zero fics for this film, but a million for Heathers. I need more...
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Bucky's milkshake brought all the superheroes to the yard - too many, I think, but the film was still very enjoyable!

Rei wrote some interesting meta, and so did Abigail Nussbaum and company, and of course Redlettermedia's reaction. The Fanfare post has good stuff too.

Rei's thoughts on ghosts sparked some thoughts of my own. Tony's method of dealing with ghosts seems to be to rewrite them or exorcise them. He uses his VR machine to rewrite the memory of the last time he talked to his parents and exorcise his guilt. The film echoes this structure when it shows Howard's murder three times, each time rewriting it. Throughout the films, Tony has seemingly changed his mind about the use of power, and each time he sees power abused, he tries to rewrite history to use it in a different way. He's changed his mind about his weapons, his suits, government oversight, predictive policing... If you try to sum up his opinions into a consistent worldview, it can get challenging since he seems to change them each film. His consistency comes from his reaction to abuses of power. Each film, he is reacting to past abuses and trying to rewrite them, so his opinions will change based on what just happened. Like the TSA reacting to a shoe bomber with an inordinate security focus on shoes going forward, Tony is forever looking backwards and trying to exorcise the existing ghost, rather than prevent new ones.

Steve, however, deals with his ghosts by living with them. Steve sees each loss as personal, but just lives with the fact that you lose people instead of trying to rewrite the rules of the game to save everyone, as Tony attempts to. That's the root of their conflict in this film. Tony also tries to kill Bucky to "rewrite" the past, even though Steve tells him, "This won't change what happened."

Other thoughts:
  • Spidey was good - the best Spidey I've seen! - but out of place. Tony's interaction with Peter and Aunt May was similarly entertaining, but did it really belong in this film? And also, child soldier recruitment with no government supervision...? Also lol that the end needed to say "Spiderman will return." Like we don't have enough Spiderman already.
  • SHIELD doesn't exist lol. So much for Agents of Whatever.
  • Contrary to our fears, Steve didn't die! Nobody main died except for Peggy. :(
  • I need a Black Panther movie stat.
  • Where's Pepper? She could have cleared this whole confusion up in 1 meeting.
  • I loled at Steve's attachment issues when he held on to Bucky's helicopter with his bare hands hahaha.
  • That freezing scene was BS. Both from an in-story perspective - for chrissakes, Bucky needs counseling, not freezing and more damaging! - and from an audience perspective - the emotional reward for all of this struggle to keep Bucky alive and get him together with Steve is to... basically temporarily kill Bucky...
  • We needed WAY MORE Bucky and Steve relationship. Redlettermedia is right when it called this basically 2 films, and they wanted just the Bucky/Steve film. The Sam and Bucky road trip stuff worked so well, too. Save the civil war crap for the Avengers film.
  • That Sharon scene was out of nowhere wtf.
  • Some things that were right out of fic made me happy - Tony calling Bucky names like "manchurian candidate," Tony dealing with Bucky killing his parents.
Also Agent Carter was CANCELLED and I am DISTRAUGHT. Season 2 was SO GOOD ughh and unresolved.
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I watched the last 2 films, and they were so good omg. I was a little sad that we lost the Sano & Saitou buddy trip of the anime, but the way the film condensed events was impressive.

All the casting continues to be spot on, for the most part. Aoshi was a little skinnier than I would like, and the way they changed his backstory made his hatred of Kenshin make no sense... Sano continues to be a little off to me, but in a way that I can't put my finger on.

But Fukuyama Masaharu as Hiko Seijuro was so good! so! good! I was telling my friend that I didn't know why the mangaka is rebooting the manga events, when there are so many interesting side characters. Why can't we see Hiko Seijuro's mysterious backstory instead? He always seems like such an interesting character!

Saitou was also great - Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, Misao, Megumi, all the casting and performances were great.

If I remember correctly, women in the manga and anime could fight way better than Kaoru and Misao seem to be able to in these films... which is annoying. Especially since Misao and Kaoru are fighters as their profession. Also, did Shishio kidnap Kaoru in the anime? That annoyed me too.

I LOVED the little play at the beginning of the 2nd film, where stage-Kenshin runs around in a circle as part of his fighting move. Then whenever real Kenshin ran around in a circle when he fought, I loled.

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At least Savage is dead. Three times lol.

All of Mick's parts of the ep were A++.

Time travel makes no sense, y'all.


May. 16th, 2016 10:07 pm
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I saw this the other day, and it is A++ as I expected! It only works because it's Deadpool, so I hope there aren't a lot of crappy imitators, but it really works! And it works because the core of the story is such a sweet relationship and such vulnerability and pain. Just rating a comic book story R won't make it work on its own - talking to you, Suicide Squad.


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