Apr. 17th, 2016


Apr. 17th, 2016 09:00 pm
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I am 100% here for Hades and Zelena wow, but I am 1000% here for 3 kickass lesbians Mulan, Ruby, and Dorothy.

I don't even care that Dorothy and Ruby just met, I love that they are in love and making out. <3333

Good Wife

Apr. 17th, 2016 09:10 pm
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I LOVE Alicia & Jason and Diane & Kurt.

I missed a few episodes so I don't know what happened to Cary, but I don't... care... The writers have really done a number on his character.

The NSA is terrible.

Poor Peter.  Matthew Morrison is so evil I hate his face. I feel like Eli should be doing a better job against this.

The Canada stuff is so funny.

Alicia's hair is awful WTF is this new wig.


Apr. 17th, 2016 10:26 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] lullabyeforyou and I have started bingewatching Shadowhunters. I know, I know, it's terrible (we actually call it "Terrible Show"), and I hate Cassandra Claire a lot, and it's completely derivative of the Draco Trilogy (and I'm sure other plagiarism).


You guys.

Magnus Bane is amazing. All those years watching Glee, and they never gave Harry Shum Jr. anything to do! I had no idea he could act so well!! I LOVE his physical acting, all his gestures. And his facial expressions and arch voice. And his makeup and jewelry I just!!!!!!

Alec is okay too, I guess, for a Harry Potter clone. A little robotic, so he only smiles when he's around Magnus. And that makes his smiles pretty adorable.

The latest ep we watched had the falcon story, though, and I loled at the plagiarism.

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The latest 2 episodes of Flash have been so good omg. I really love alternate universe Wells. And I'm so happy that Hartley is on the team too! The time wraith thing was total nonsense, though, especially since we haven't heard of them on Legends.

I think the Legends high point has been Night of the Hawk and Left Behind for me, 2 episodes back. I loved seeing Snart all handcuffed up and omg his hand. I kind of wish it hadn't been fixed right away - that seemed too easy. Snart and Mick's drama has been GREAT, and I'm glad they're developing Mick a little more. Him being back on the team is a little easy, but whatever. I wish he would make friends with SOMEONE the way that Snart and Sara have become friends. The way that the writers refuse to give Hawkgirl anything to do except romance is criminal, and this western episode was pretty cheesy. Sara's romance was at least INTERESTING, even if her brainwashing thing was questionable. At least the professor isn't such a sociopath anymore. Jax is still a total nonentity. And of course Rip needs to diaf.
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[livejournal.com profile] paranoid_ninja and I finished watching season 2 of Agent Carter and wow. It is even better than the first season. I know!!

When Dottie was captured and waiting for Peggy, I was 100% convinced to become a Dottie/Peggy shipper.

I liked Jason, and I was disappointed by his choices.

It sounds like the writers heard the criticism of no black people in New York last season, and decided to have more black people in California. Only one asian really, the doctor, and no hispanics that I could see.

Jarvis was great, and his relationship with Peggy was great. But ANNA was the real star, she was such a breath of fresh air, kind of like Angie.

Speaking of Angie, I was kind of sad to not see her (except for that odd dance sequence), but I did hear Peggy say that she needed to go back to New York because her roommate was waiting for her.

And Rose! So good to give Peggy a female friend who is also kickass!

Sousa was okay, but I was kind of bored by their relationship. I finally really did like Thompson, so I was sad to see what happened to him at the end.

I can't believe they ended the season on such a cliffhanger, with Peggy not even decided on which coast she's going to live on! They definitely have to renew it!!!


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