Apr. 23rd, 2016

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I saw this film recently, and I really enjoyed parts of it. Of course, watching Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson chew scenery at each other was the real treat!!!

But I did enjoy the high school premise, and the actors - the human boy was super smiley and cute. It would have been such a good film with just three changes:

1. No curse. The family dynamics were interesting enough without a curse, and their magic was dangerous enough to serve as a discouragement for getting involved with any mortal anyway. The real conflict should have been internally with the magical girl CHOOSING between darkness and light. The curse takes away all the stakes for the characters since there's nothing they can do anyway. And that whole "once you go dark you can't go back" thing seems like a dire enough climax to the story without a curse!

2. No past lives. I did appreciate that they didn't use the same actors for past selves - that is always so weird and unnatural. But having their love "destined" again removes any stakes or choice for the characters. They don't have to have a reason to fall in love - they just do. And their relationship was cute enough that it should stand on its own. Also, the weird semi-nostalgia for the slave Confederacy was creepy.

3. Explain everyone's powers. I was so confused about what casters could and couldn't do. I was even more confused about black librarian lady who had seer powers, but couldn't use them? And was forced to become a caster librarian because of hereditary reasons - that sounded really creepy?? Explaining more about the dark and light side, and strengths and weaknesses of certain (inborn?) magical specialties would make the temptation of the dark side more interesting.


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