May. 29th, 2016

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I watched the last 2 films, and they were so good omg. I was a little sad that we lost the Sano & Saitou buddy trip of the anime, but the way the film condensed events was impressive.

All the casting continues to be spot on, for the most part. Aoshi was a little skinnier than I would like, and the way they changed his backstory made his hatred of Kenshin make no sense... Sano continues to be a little off to me, but in a way that I can't put my finger on.

But Fukuyama Masaharu as Hiko Seijuro was so good! so! good! I was telling my friend that I didn't know why the mangaka is rebooting the manga events, when there are so many interesting side characters. Why can't we see Hiko Seijuro's mysterious backstory instead? He always seems like such an interesting character!

Saitou was also great - Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, Misao, Megumi, all the casting and performances were great.

If I remember correctly, women in the manga and anime could fight way better than Kaoru and Misao seem to be able to in these films... which is annoying. Especially since Misao and Kaoru are fighters as their profession. Also, did Shishio kidnap Kaoru in the anime? That annoyed me too.

I LOVED the little play at the beginning of the 2nd film, where stage-Kenshin runs around in a circle as part of his fighting move. Then whenever real Kenshin ran around in a circle when he fought, I loled.

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Bucky's milkshake brought all the superheroes to the yard - too many, I think, but the film was still very enjoyable!

Rei wrote some interesting meta, and so did Abigail Nussbaum and company, and of course Redlettermedia's reaction. The Fanfare post has good stuff too.

Rei's thoughts on ghosts sparked some thoughts of my own. Tony's method of dealing with ghosts seems to be to rewrite them or exorcise them. He uses his VR machine to rewrite the memory of the last time he talked to his parents and exorcise his guilt. The film echoes this structure when it shows Howard's murder three times, each time rewriting it. Throughout the films, Tony has seemingly changed his mind about the use of power, and each time he sees power abused, he tries to rewrite history to use it in a different way. He's changed his mind about his weapons, his suits, government oversight, predictive policing... If you try to sum up his opinions into a consistent worldview, it can get challenging since he seems to change them each film. His consistency comes from his reaction to abuses of power. Each film, he is reacting to past abuses and trying to rewrite them, so his opinions will change based on what just happened. Like the TSA reacting to a shoe bomber with an inordinate security focus on shoes going forward, Tony is forever looking backwards and trying to exorcise the existing ghost, rather than prevent new ones.

Steve, however, deals with his ghosts by living with them. Steve sees each loss as personal, but just lives with the fact that you lose people instead of trying to rewrite the rules of the game to save everyone, as Tony attempts to. That's the root of their conflict in this film. Tony also tries to kill Bucky to "rewrite" the past, even though Steve tells him, "This won't change what happened."

Other thoughts:
  • Spidey was good - the best Spidey I've seen! - but out of place. Tony's interaction with Peter and Aunt May was similarly entertaining, but did it really belong in this film? And also, child soldier recruitment with no government supervision...? Also lol that the end needed to say "Spiderman will return." Like we don't have enough Spiderman already.
  • SHIELD doesn't exist lol. So much for Agents of Whatever.
  • Contrary to our fears, Steve didn't die! Nobody main died except for Peggy. :(
  • I need a Black Panther movie stat.
  • Where's Pepper? She could have cleared this whole confusion up in 1 meeting.
  • I loled at Steve's attachment issues when he held on to Bucky's helicopter with his bare hands hahaha.
  • That freezing scene was BS. Both from an in-story perspective - for chrissakes, Bucky needs counseling, not freezing and more damaging! - and from an audience perspective - the emotional reward for all of this struggle to keep Bucky alive and get him together with Steve is to... basically temporarily kill Bucky...
  • We needed WAY MORE Bucky and Steve relationship. Redlettermedia is right when it called this basically 2 films, and they wanted just the Bucky/Steve film. The Sam and Bucky road trip stuff worked so well, too. Save the civil war crap for the Avengers film.
  • That Sharon scene was out of nowhere wtf.
  • Some things that were right out of fic made me happy - Tony calling Bucky names like "manchurian candidate," Tony dealing with Bucky killing his parents.
Also Agent Carter was CANCELLED and I am DISTRAUGHT. Season 2 was SO GOOD ughh and unresolved.

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May. 29th, 2016 08:55 pm
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Since I'm watching Mr. Robot now, I went back to rewatch Pump Up the Volume. Honestly, that movie was so formative; that scene where they make out is the best. I don't like the way it ends so abruptly, but I like that it ends "unhappily." Life before the internet was so terrible omg! Nowadays he would have a podcast and a donate button, or he would just talk to his friends online. And when the FCC started talking about how unrestricted broadcasting devolved to the lowest content, I was like just wait a few years, buddy. I'm shocked and appalled that there's like zero fics for this film, but a million for Heathers. I need more...


May. 29th, 2016 09:13 pm
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I forgot to post here when I watched it when it first came out, but honestly Lemonade was beautiful, life-changing, etc. I had planned to just put it on the TV in the background and do other things, but from the first moment, I was transfixed and couldn't look away. Each time I see an image of Beyonce now, I'm reminded of how great it was musically, conceptually, emotionally, visually, vocally... A++ everyone should watch. It really transformed the album and the music video formats.


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