Jul. 9th, 2016


Jul. 9th, 2016 12:49 pm
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In keeping with my watching all the Girl Meets World eps that have Shawn or Eric, oh my gawwwwd this latest one.

Shawn the mountain man recluse, absolutely destroyed by his love for Cory, talking to squirrels and making tea. "Cory Matthews messed up my life!"

And then bonding with Maya again I caaaaaaaaaan't. "Didn't I say I'd always be there for you?"

Then Riley about Shawn: "I don't think he's lost his voice, Maya. I think he's screaming."

I love melodramatic Shawn trying to hide his melodrama so. much. Never being able to live up to Cory and Topanga's romance, always wishing for a family. Ughhh. Until he gives up and hides his emotions in the woods.

Shawn the writer unable to use normal human words: "I don't know what comes after that, I'm damaged!"

Then Cory comes and acts ridiculously fey while Shawn beats him up. And just like Cory's "my favorite person and my wife" comment at Xmas, now Cory says Shawn is the "greatest thing that ever happened to me" and when Riley says "besides Mom," Cory says "I know my own life!" lolllllllll.

I'm not sure if I buy the Shawn and Katy thing... (Do they even know each other? Especially since Shawn hasn't been "himself" lately or w/e. How many dates have they been on?? He doesn't have to be with Katy to have a relationship with Maya... How ironic that Riley and Maya, by contrast, are taking a break to be sure they know who they are themselves before embarking on romance because "isn't that how adults would do it?") But Shawn sure was cute at the end. It definitely showed his reckless spontaneity! 

BTW, OT3 fic rec: Theobule's Usufruct.


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