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2017-09-03 10:14 pm
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Go Go Power Rangers

In catching up on Vividcon vids (only one more VVC to go, wah!), I watched Elipie and Kuwadora's I Can Make Your Hands Clap Power Rangers vid, which is a great pimping vid. It succeeded in getting me to want to watch the movie!

And the movie was so great!!

I really enjoyed that, just like Wonder Woman, the secret to their super powers was LOVE. Team love!

And the kids were funny and real - I like that they made the kids screwups in a Saturday detention Breakfast Club-like scenario. They spent some time exploring the power fantasy aspect, which was engaging as well.

It was nice that the kids were all different ethnicities (but of course the white guy was in charge) and that yellow and black rangers were no longer shorthands for their ethnicities, thank god.

It had just enough nostalgia to get your heart pumping, but it also undercut the nostalgia self-consciously so it didn't get too cloying.

Bill Hader was great as a snarky robot.

And Elizabeth Banks was SERIOUSLY CREEPY as Rita. I could not get over just how EXTREMELY CREEPY she was. 

(Also the Krispy Kreme callouts made me laugh every time.)
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2017-09-03 07:03 pm
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Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman was amazing! It's everything that Captain America: TFA should have been. (How much more sense does Peggy make as the superhero! So much more!) No wonder, with the writer and director it had.

Steve and Diana were so cute, the London parts so funny, and I was happy that Diana proudly fights for love of mankind. From my livechatting:

11:33 PM fenlings: diana is jesus
11:33 PM fenlings: come to save the human race even tho we dont deserve it
11:33 PM fenlings: she gives us grace!
11:35 PM fenlings: i love that diana fights for love
11:35 PM fenlings: i love her

11:38 PM fenlings: oooh a new song by sia
11:39 PM fenlings: in the credits
11:39 PM fenlings: "To be human is to love
Even when it gets too much
I'm not ready to give up"
11:39 PM fenlings: thats right diana

Except, oh my God, Steve. )
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2017-09-01 08:30 pm
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The Chroni - WHAT - cles

Somehow I was under the impression that I had seen all the new Narnia movies, but I was so so wrong. I had only watched the first one!

I have of course watched all the old BBC films, so maybe that's why I didn't remember I had MORE NARNIA to watch.

So I watched Dawn Treader and Caspian last week! 

WOW was Dawn Treader poorly directed, in comparison. Caspian's director was so much better. I really felt the awe of entering Narnia (Aslan take me away!!) and the pain of leaving it.

Also Peter being beat up by school bullies, miffed that they don't give him the respect he deserves as a king - I feel you, Peter. (Seriously, though, Pevensies in our world having secret skills is second only to never-came-back-and-ruled-Narnia fics in my heart. Shoutout to Burntcopper's fics!)

Caspian is supposed to be THIRTEEN years old, not twenty, but whatever whatever.

The Pevensie actors were good, and Aslan's How was well done. I found Lucy lounging on the Stone Table (!!!) a little offputting... The dwarves were great. Of course Peter Dinklage did a good job, and his relationship with Lucy was sweet. It was cool that Warwick Davis was the misled dwarf since he played Reepicheep in the BBC version.

Having Susan kiss Caspian at the end of the film was not cool. Don't make the subtext into text!! But the song at the end was great.

I do kind of see how people called the film racist. After they found Cair Paravel was in ruins, I caught myself going "Kill all the Spaniards and rebuild Cair Paravel!!!"

I was loling at how Caspian magically lost his Spanish accent in Dawn Treader. Also lol that none of the lost lords had a Spanish accent EITHER.

I feel like Dawn Treader rushed through all the islands with no emotional impact. BBC Dawn Treader Caspian in his billowing white shirt being tied up in ropes as a slave was so formative. Here the slave thing barely happened before there was a boring battle and it was over. And Caspian was never under any real threat of enslavement. 

The duffers island felt like it happened in two minutes. The beauty spell was well done, though.

Lucy actress was great, and Eustace was pretty funny. I liked that dragon Eustace showed that he had changed for the better by pulling the boat along. They SHOULD have put dragon Eustace more to use in the book.

The way the filmmakers changed the story to try to make it more Tolkien-esque was so terrible. What was with the random MAGIC SWORDS??? That was such a fake-ass quest. Like Aslan cares about swords, honestly. And like the Nothingness that was threatening everyone (is this the Neverending Story??) was so pasted on. Each island is supposed to be a discrete challenge on the overall quest for personal growth (and looking for lost lords). There doesn't need to be two other overarching plots of finding magic swords or defeating the evil Nothingness. Adding those things just clutters up the plot. 

But whatever, they're making Silver Chair next! And at the end of Dawn Treader, Eustace's mother calls up the stairs that Jill Pole is here to see him!! They'll probably have to recast Eustace for Silver Chair by now, but that's fine. I am excite!

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2017-09-01 08:09 pm
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Gisou no Fuufu

Speaking of Yukawa Kazuhiko, I can't believe I didn't post about Gisou no Fuufu??

I had SO MANY emotions about this drama omg.

I really enjoyed the premise, again: a gay man and a strong woman who were involved in college have a sham marriage now they're in their 40s.

One thing I love about Yukawa is that he doesn't turn gay people into caricatures. And this drama is full of queer people portrayed as real people! The male lead especially did a good job with his sensitive portrayal.

And the drama has many HILARIOUS moments.

But the ending - MyDramaList reviews agree with my MIXED EMOTIONS )
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2017-09-01 07:52 pm
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Jun to Ai

 I FINALLY finished Jun to Ai. I've been working on this one for like 2 years lol. Episodes are here! It's not subbed, but the dialog is fairly simple and slowly spoken.

I definitely recommend it, and I like the premise a lot. The pairing was a shy guy who can see people's inner natures and an outgoing girl who is determined to create the best hotel. Both the leads did a great job, and I was happy to see Kazama with a leading role.  

It was written by Yukawa Kazuhiko, who is pretty much my favorite writer, and it lived up to his reputation.

As the drama went on, the situations changed pretty drastically and it got further away from its premise.

But the hopeful tone always stayed the same. Even though the drama dealt with a LOT of PAINFUL topics, it never felt really depressing, because Jun was always determined to overcome the odds. 

It's an asadora, so the episodes are only 15 min, but because I usually had so many emotions during one, I was satisfied by that amount. With some dramas, you get kind of addicted or they're like candy - you just want to watch the next one and next one. This drama isn't like that - you can savor it slowly. But it always delivers the emotional goods.
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2017-08-27 11:06 am
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Bride of the Water God

 I was looking to watch something mediocre and mindless while I had a migraine, and this sure fit the bill!

The parts set in the land of the gods had SUCH PRETTY hair and makeup and costumes. Honestly, I just wanted to stay there all the time.

There were so many interesting concepts introduced and never explored, and so many plotholes - it was just frustrating. Like they had the manhwa right there if they needed an interesting plot. And if I hadn't read the manhwa summary, I wouldn't have understood a lot of things that they just NEVER EXPLAINED. So they simultaneously relied too much and not enough on the manhwa.

With just a few tweaks this could have been a great drama, but as it is it's just a way to pass the time.
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2017-08-12 09:24 pm
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Marriage not Dating

Honestly, I watched this like last week, and until I remembered that an actress from Hotel King was in it, I completely forgot about it.

It was fake dating, which is my jam, but it was pretty forgettable, apart from the fact that it was laugh out loud hilarious in parts!

So it's good for some light entertainment and humor, but it has pretty cliched characters.
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2017-08-12 09:19 pm
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Hotel King

I can't believe I forgot to post about this drama?? It is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I just rewatched parts of it.

The writing is amazing, it's like SUPER DRAMA TO THE MAX. Every time you think you know what's going on, there's another plot twist! I wish the writer had more dramas available.

The acting is a little overdone, but I love it anyway. I love the male lead. And the older female actress.
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2017-08-12 08:56 pm
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King 2 Hearts

This drama was so intense! It was good, but I cried so much, ugh. And there were so many tense scenes when I had like full-body stress reactions.

I liked the characters and the main couple, but the villain was kind of over the top and had no motivation.

The North Korean accents might have been fake, but they were interesting to listen to and so sing-songy. The translated English that they made foreigners speak was hilariously awful. The US NSA in response to a terrorist attack was saying the US was considering a "severe physical reaction." Is that like an allergy?? The US soldiers were so racist omg.

Now I really want North and South Korea to unify again to show that stupid US. I liked the subtle "despotic occupier" vibe that was given to the US troops. Very odd to be watching this drama in the current political climate...
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2017-07-01 11:38 am
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This is such a personal assault, honestly. Lin is such a troll.
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2017-05-09 12:17 am
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OUAT Musical Episode

Oh my god, it was glorious!!

Petition to have this musical spell never end! It would be perfect, the best of Glee + Disney musicals.

Speaking of music, is everyone ready for Eurovision?!

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2017-03-24 09:06 pm
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Flash Duet

The musical episode was AMAZING!!!

Cisco is so hot! Barry and Kara's combined charm is so intense! (That "super friends" song. <3) Victor Garber! Barrowman!!

BLAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As like a musical Q!

And now that I've seen Newsies, I wish there were more Jeremy Jordan, too!

That ending song, though, was so charming it actually made me like Barry/Iris! I know!!

I've also been watching Julian clips and I love little Draco.
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2016-12-20 11:09 pm
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Distracting myself from the election with LOTS OF KDRAMA

1% of Something
I really really enjoyed this drama! It has my bulletproof kink of FAKE RELATIONSHIP, and the characters were interesting. The dude had some selfishness problems, but the couple was refreshing in how they maturely discussed their problems and emotions most of the time. The family tree had me hopelessly confused though. Did they expect us to have seen the original and already know all the relationships?? I still have no idea what happened to the dude's two fathers.

Master's Sun
The main problem with this drama is that it felt so slow and long, especially toward the end. Amnesia is always a delaying tactic. I was sticking it out because the premise could be interpreted as FAKE RELATIONSHIP, but it really dragged. The secondary couple was so annoying that I fast forwarded all of their scenes. And the main dude's trauma manifested as dyslexia, which is not... how dyslexia works... However, there were a few hysterically funny moments randomly sprinkled in an episode, so those were worth it. I just never felt like I understood the characters' growth or arc, and spending so much time with random ghosts wasn't worth it.

This drama is still airing and I ran out of episodes and am dying for more. I love it soooo much. In the first 5 minutes I cried so much lol. And even though ghosts are not its main focus, its few ghost moments are WAY more touching than any of Master's Sun's ghost moments. I teared up a little at Master's Sun, but I was full-on bawling at that ER ghost in Goblin. I also love the bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin, and I'm 100% here for their gay sitcom. The main romance is really great so far, and I have high hopes. Also Kim Eun Sook is the bomb. And of course Gong Yoo. <3 While I go through withdrawal, I at least have One Fine Day, another Gong Yoo brother/sister drama.
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2016-11-03 11:01 pm
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Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tame Ni

In this drama, Tsuyoshi goes back in time from age 22 to 18 (high school) by accident. He seemed happy about the do-over chance the first time, though. (My friend and I disagreed on whether we would go back in time to high school given the choice. He thinks it would be dead easy, knowing what he knows now. But I think it would be dead boring! And also restrictive, ugh.)

And he keeps being sent back over and over! )
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2016-09-11 03:01 pm
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Watching the Bun Bu Buun with Toma, Toma really reminded me of Nakai-kun. He seemed even more adult than Kinki! He kept the conversation going, took care of everyone, naturally tsukkomi'd Koichi lol.

It's too bad he never got a group, because I think he would make a great leader like Nakai-kun. Of course, with the way all the groups are imploding, maybe it's good he didn't debut.

Johnny-san is really amazing though - he picked Kinki out from just their photos and resumes their sisters sent in when they were 12. Maybe that's the problem with the younger groups - or at least the group member choices: that Mary or Julie was choosing instead of Johnny. There's been so much wasted talent since Takki on down. And even in large groups like HSJ that guard against losing members by having a million members - how are they (or we) supposed to feel any member ai in a group like that? (Can you tell I miss 4 Tops? ;_;)

Anyway Toma's been so active I have a lot to catch up on. But I really want to see his butaiiiiiii. WHY are there no videos of it?? ;_; Written by KudoKan! And Toma also has my SMAP feels. That's right, RIKAI DEKINAI.

At least we still have Tokio.

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2016-09-07 12:36 am
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Ugh, I heard the news about SMAP disbanding, and I keep remembering at random times of the day and then having a sad.

Nakai must be devastated.

Uggggh, I don't want it to happen!!! Can't they just suspend activities?? That way they can still do a few things later if they want to and keep their SMAP identity. Individual activities are not the same! Where will I see my favorite crossdressing Nakai-kun flirting with other SMAP members now?!

Damn this manager drama. And telling us with a FAX was so low class. When Mori left, when Kimura got married, they had the decency to announce it to us themselves in a concert.

At least Kinki will "always be around, always stay together." They BETTER.
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2016-08-21 07:14 pm
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Everyone needs to see this film omg. I have not been so amused by a movie in a long time. And so many celebrity cameos!
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2016-08-21 07:02 pm
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star treks

I forgot to post here about the star treks, so my main reaction was that it was enjoyable! The ending theme did fill me with a lot of feels. I could tell that Simon Pegg et alia really tried to make it more Star Trek-like in feel - exploring new worlds and cultures. But in the end, it was an action film, not a Star Trek science fiction film.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of good female characters. On the other hand, Bones in particular felt like a caricature of himself - was he always that broadly acted?? There were some humorous Bones and Spock moments that I enjoyed, however.

In terms of the villain, there were sooooooooo many plot holes, it boggles the mind. Idris Elba just wants people to suffer because he suffered? And the alien tech just randomly shapeshifts you... because? And where did all his minion aliens come from??

I thought the fight mechanics of the bee swarm was original and clever, but I couldn't figure out why the shields weren't blocking it. And were there sentient beings in the bee swarm ships??? They were just okay with blowing themselves up for Idris Elba? The ending with the Beastie Boys and the motorcycle, I was just so embarrassed by. Oh, well, they tried.
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2016-07-10 07:31 pm
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Curtain Call

I bet the reason it was so late posting was that the audience kept applauding every single line lol. It was so cute the way that Lin saluted Chris to the West Wing music, and then Chris manhandled Lin all over the place and pushed him to take another bow.

But lol that Lin has already cut off his hair.