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So I was reading this author Aria, and I can't believe I've never heard of her before. She writes in so many of my fandoms! Is she new? Am I completely oblivious?

She wrote the best post-COTW F/K hookup I've read (and I've read a lot). She even made me love Master/Doctor, and I don't even like the Master! Her trick of isolate-the-villain-with-the-hero works well in her Thor fic too. And her S&A fic has such authentic voice. Her in-depth knowledge of all these canons in general is seriously intimidating. But the fic I was most blown away by was the Dark Is Rising post-canon fic of my heart (and lots of other people's too, by the look of the comments). I had constant chills the entire time I was reading, saying holy shit at regular intervals.
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But Tsuyoshi's face when he thought the psychic was saying that Koichi was going to marry soon. That face was the main つぼ of the Korean episodes for me. That and ENARI-KUN I LOVE YOU STAY ALWAYS.

See what I mean? )

I finally finished season 3 of Who (thanks to the ever-persistent meemeration) and finally watched the whole TW episode with the Spike kissing and not just clips of it. Wow, can I just say that that was really really hot. Made me all squealy! Oh, TW, such fanfic onscreen. What Angel SHOULD have been ahahah. And Jack on Who was just too awesome. Unrequited lovers of the Doctor unite! Jack and Martha all cute together. Jack all "I did it in your honor" awwwww. FACE OF BO. Ahaha, I can so see Jack calling himself that as a black joke.

I've been rereading a lot of TOS fic, which is giving me dangerous thoughts of starting to watch TOS or B7 or Jump St or Robin Hood again. (WESTERN FANDOMS WHUT?) Also, I've been giving [livejournal.com profile] yinghung some videos from my short kpop phase (oh the shiny gay).

But yes. Kinki! Translating! Watching the things I've downloaded! Catching up on JE! Watching concerts in chatrooms! Getting organized on Dreamwidth! I shall... get on all those things.


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