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Mar. 24th, 2017 09:06 pm
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The musical episode was AMAZING!!!

Cisco is so hot! Barry and Kara's combined charm is so intense! (That "super friends" song. <3) Victor Garber! Barrowman!!

BLAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As like a musical Q!

And now that I've seen Newsies, I wish there were more Jeremy Jordan, too!

That ending song, though, was so charming it actually made me like Barry/Iris! I know!!

I've also been watching Julian clips and I love little Draco.


Apr. 19th, 2016 09:00 pm
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Wait, so everyone knew Hunter Zolomon's face on Earth 2, but Jay Garrick was just running around as the Flash and no one recognized him?? I don't understand. Was it the beard?!

Also, that whole Iris conversation was so uncomfortable. Destiny is the WORST reason to be with someone - there's not even a choice there! She sounded like she was hiding behind that Barry reason because she wasn't ready to move on from Eddie - which is fine! She should just admit that.

Caitlyn really has bad luck in men... Cisco isn't doing too well in the romance department either, although I liked his relationship with Hawkgirl.

Other than that, this was an amazing episode. The team was adorable as was the family theme. I NEED that clip of the Vader conversation immediately, and Cisco was awesome.
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The latest 2 episodes of Flash have been so good omg. I really love alternate universe Wells. And I'm so happy that Hartley is on the team too! The time wraith thing was total nonsense, though, especially since we haven't heard of them on Legends.

I think the Legends high point has been Night of the Hawk and Left Behind for me, 2 episodes back. I loved seeing Snart all handcuffed up and omg his hand. I kind of wish it hadn't been fixed right away - that seemed too easy. Snart and Mick's drama has been GREAT, and I'm glad they're developing Mick a little more. Him being back on the team is a little easy, but whatever. I wish he would make friends with SOMEONE the way that Snart and Sara have become friends. The way that the writers refuse to give Hawkgirl anything to do except romance is criminal, and this western episode was pretty cheesy. Sara's romance was at least INTERESTING, even if her brainwashing thing was questionable. At least the professor isn't such a sociopath anymore. Jax is still a total nonentity. And of course Rip needs to diaf.


Apr. 14th, 2015 09:44 pm
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Ray and Felicity were hilarious together, but Ray is kind of annoying...

CISCO. Emotionally distraught Cisco is my FAVORITE. I love him so much.

Now that Joe and Barry have told Caitlin and Cisco about the big mystery, however, they have even less moral ground to keep the other big mystery from Iris. Joe and Eddie's patriarchy-off was so unattractive. I do wish the writers would give Iris a personality, though.


Shield was so boring omg. I'm still not sure what Theta Protocol is or why training supers is so bad, but I don't care. The Sybok girl was a great actress though, wow. I do like Skyemom, and I will miss crazy Kyle MacLachlan.

Hunter and Fitz <33333


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