May. 5th, 2015 10:43 pm
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Ugh Jo's "You made me feel again" I was literally gagging irl. It wasn't as terrible as Bruce/Natasha but it was still gross.

I love Lucas he is so amazing and hilarious.

I was so proud of Henry for not playing Adam's game. OMG the shot was so shocking. Has Adam really never found another immortal in two thousand years? I assume that's the reason he's playing this game at all - to test his theory.  Which... I guess... turned out to be false. OK then.

I wonder if we're ever going to find out anything about their powers. Maybe Walternate is going to be a kind of Watcher and learn about them.

Uhhh, that injection Henry gave Adam?? Adam needed to kill himself immediately so that he could be healed, duh. What Henry did to Adam was really horrendous, but wowww they are so insanely codependent now.

Crazy how Henry was ready to marry Abigail and raise a child without telling her about his secret. What did he think was going to happen as they grew older...?

I'm happy he told Jo just so that they can stop pointlessly fighting and hiding things from each other and be bros again. Just think about if he ever told Lucas how AMAZING that would be.

...Wait, so was the man that Adam was trying to save when he died the first time... Caesar...?


Apr. 26th, 2015 11:03 pm
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There were so many plotholes and Adam's behavior made no sense, but I don't care. It was such a great episode emotionally, and Abigail got a hero's death.

I am enjoying Lucas more and more, wow.

The notion that Henry needs to take revenge on Adam for Abigail's death is nonsensical, though. Yes, Adam threatened Abigail to get answers about Henry, but he never wanted her to die. (It was stupid of him to threaten her anyway, but whatever.) And I think Adam has hinted that he would welcome death now, so killing him is not revenge... I just want Henry and Adam to go be eternal bros together like Only Lovers Left Alive or LaCroix and Nick Knight. (Wow, is Adam a perfect LaCroix.) Or else for Adam to keep impinging on Henry's mundane life so that Henry is CONFLICTED WITH SECRETS. Guilty and conflicted Henry is my favorite Henry after emotionally devastated Henry.
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Nooo, I like Jo and Henry as friends, don't make them romantical! Adam, come back and save us from this plotline! Well, Abraham did a good enough job of interrupting, I suppose. Judd Hirsch continues to be A++, and Lucas continues to be hilarious.

Also, Shield happened, and I was confused.


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