May. 8th, 2016 09:58 pm
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I cannot believe Good Wife did that to us. I just cannot believe... I have so many emotions. WHAT KIND OF UNRESOLVED ENDING RJEFIOAWFJWEIO

Meanwhile, I felt more emotions in the first 5 minutes of Good Wife than in the entire hour of OUAT with the three? four? deaths.
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I am still so team Hades/Zelena. Cora and Regina trying to make Zelena's memories disappear was so not cool, and I'm glad she prevented it. But if you think about it, Cora did memory manipulation of another sort when she brought back the childhood memories she took... if that was even true... I do hope that Zelena finds some fulfillment in a relationship with Regina, since Regina's treated her pretty badly so far.

I love Cruella as usual, but that David and James fight was just so ???

Cora going into the light was nice, though. <3

Good Wife
This last season is so entertaining - it's like watching a car crash. Also, I will miss the fake TV episodes they have lol. It was nice to see Zack and Grace, but LOL Zack, and Zack's girlfriend, just... lol. I am with you Alicia.

It was great to see MARISSA and more of Eli, of course.

I don't understand the Mars thing - is it an injoke from an ep I missed? Or is it literally "I like space. I like stuff about space." (My god, he does sound 12.) But then he won me over with the speech after that. I love Jason! (JDM also looks like he's flirting with whoever he talks to lol.)

This case against Peter is totally confusing, but at least everyone is getting involved in the same plotline for once!

Good Wife

Apr. 17th, 2016 09:10 pm
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I LOVE Alicia & Jason and Diane & Kurt.

I missed a few episodes so I don't know what happened to Cary, but I don't... care... The writers have really done a number on his character.

The NSA is terrible.

Poor Peter.  Matthew Morrison is so evil I hate his face. I feel like Eli should be doing a better job against this.

The Canada stuff is so funny.

Alicia's hair is awful WTF is this new wig.


Mar. 6th, 2016 09:50 pm
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Both OUAT and Good Wife (especially Good Wife) were so great tonight, and I am so happy!
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Diane is really annoying me with her refusal to back down and alienating so many of her clients. How does this make any moral or business sense??

I am concerned for new!Alicia's state of mind, but at least she seems happier??? I was speculating as to what Canning's real interest in her, with this "Watch it!" mentorship and luring Luca and all. He must be seeing some similar monster within her that he wants to nurture. Just like Hannibal and Will! This is your becoming, Alicia!

Eli's romance came out of nowhere, and I'm kind of ??? but he is seriously adorable, and I want the Eli show anyway.

Thank God we haven't had to deal with the annoying NSA yet.

PS: Grace is amazing forever!
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1. Peter just ruins everything, doesn't he? Will he never learn to talk to people first??

2. Cary's life is sad. And I don't remember why Diane hates Alicia, but that firm seems boring.

3. What has Alicia been doing for money/job the whole summer?

4. Alicia's hair is meh. Eli's new hair is pretty good - it must be Alan's hair, which makes me wonder if Eli's hair has been a wig this whole time... Probably.

5. I like Alicia's new friend!

6. Grace was pretty great.

7. I don't understand Eli's plan, but I am rooting for him!

Good Wife

Apr. 26th, 2015 11:01 pm
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This is the worst episode in the history of episodes.

Also: Macs kill. Spies don't have time to drag their thumb drive to the trash, Apple!!

Cary is a dumbass who should have kept his mouth shut.

What was in Kalinda's note to Alicia??

And how DARE RD try to dictate the workings of the firm ugh ugh ugh.



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