Apr. 26th, 2014 10:32 am
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So after falling headlong into Teen Wolf, I am now entertaining myself with Musketeers!

I will never stop shipping Athos and Milady! Never!!!

This, of course, involves rewatching all 3 Michael York movies, as well as now-cartoonish-looking Disney movie. And in every incarnation I love Athos the bessssst. I also plan to watch the 2011 version and lol hysterically.

I gave up on SHIELD for a while because it was so slow moving, but after watching the post-Captain America one, I hear it might be getting more interesting with the betrayal vibe. Dammit, I don't want to like Mary Sue Skye and dull Ward! But the main reason I like the Musketeers is because in every episode there are at least 3 betrayals, and if there is that vibe in Skye/Ward now, I might get interested again...

In other TV news:
  • I am really missing Sleepy Hollow like way more than I anticipated. It's just so relaxing and yet hilarious to watch.
  • On the other hand, I am not missing Haven because last season was such a hot mess and I am scared what will happen in the next one.
  • I gave up on Lost Girl last season too, and I'm glad of that from what I hear happened. But if Vex is healed and given enough screentime, I will come back for him because Vex is my favorite!!!!
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1. Teen Wolf: So I have 4 rows of firefox tabs open with things I'm trying to make myself read. Between XMFC fics I can't face with the angst, HP Draco/Harry reclist fics which are huge and overwhelming, some spare long depressing Loki fics, what seems like the entire contents of shousetsu bangbang, and Auburn's huge but amazing SGA fics (which I will finish dammit!), all I want is MOAR TEEN WOLF. I followed the crowd and watched it all and am in the process of reading all the sterek. ALL OF IT. My favorite genre is Sheriff-finds-out! Followed by absent-from-Beacon-Hills-for-a-few-years-Stiles-comes-back-and-tries-to-negotiate-Derek's-previous-romantic-and-pack-rejection!
Followed by mpreg!Derek! Too bad the show makes noooo sense at all. At all. How do you logic?

2. Teen Wolf vids: These vids pimped me into the fandom. And these vids are good sterek vids!

3. Teen Wolf Cast )

4. Sterek: Despite Saucery's essay, I don't actually see any evidence for sterek in canon. The hottest canon moment was derek/jackson when Derek shoved Jackson against the locker to see his own mark on his neck. But her other essay helps to explain that fandom trend to make one pairing popular over others - by picking characters who are similar in some ways but complementary in others. Unlike other fanon couples like McShep, however, I care a lot about Stiles and Derek individually, so I can make them happy by smushing them together!

5. HAVEN SEASON 3 IS THE ACTUAL BEST I CANNOT HANDLE MY OT3 FEELINGS. Also, Nathan, stop being a jerk to Duke. I can't believe he got that tattoo without figuring out more about the secret society it belongs to.

6. Alphas )

7. Speaking of X-men )

8. Looper )
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2x08 )

2x09 )


We've finished all the Lost Girl, nearing the end of B5 rewatch (G'Kar <3), finished Legend of the Seeker, and I'm nearing the end of Haven. Wah! No more shows! Think I've given up on Fringe, and idk if I can handle continuing the Nikita rewatch...
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I can't, this is too adorable! Him and his essential oils too.

And oh my God, his little courting faces trying to court that Quebecois lady were so hilarious. And Audrey encouraging them when Nathan fails at social cues, is so cuuute. <33333

Also I really can't see any other explanation for every conversation Duke and Nathan have except referring to their angsty breakup.

I'm going to watch B@man with a group of friends on Friday, so I'm kind of excited! I did like Starship, even if I think it wasn't as funny or the songs weren't as catchy as AVPM/AVPS. So I hope B@man will be even funnier!
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So I can't stop watching Haven, and it's all Killa's fault.

And I'm kind of glad I read this before watching, because wow is there any other way to explain their relationship in season 1 except this fic?

I just finished ep 5 and really, Nate, really, there is no way to explain that last scene other than prior angsty breakup.

ALSO I REALLY LOVE AUDREY. She always seems to come up with the commonsense (non-jail or killing people) solution to the Troubled. I also ship her OT3!


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