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Yes, I just saw the latest Highlander movie. And yes it was really bad. I would venture to say the worst of them all.

But Methos? Was REALLY HOT. He was inexplicably badass and OOC, but in those motorcycle leathers and kicking that gas pump. Mmhm.

But what was up with his and Duncan's prickly relationship? The only IC part was when Methos asked Duncan to "Leave him" (the priest) and Duncan replies, "Can't."

And Joe was mostly awesome.

Anyway, Methos Lives! ...Presumably!

(I should learn not to question things like characterization when things are as obviously insane as when we have Methos being about to be eaten by zombie forest-dwelling bikers. I just. Why?)


Jan. 10th, 2007 05:20 pm
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I'm sorry! I know this is in, um, QUESTIONABLE TASTE. But I think it's sort of funny.

I dislike Richie. I suspect this is mostly due to my extreme aversion to vicarious embarrassment, a condition to which I am annoyingly prone. And Richie's good for inducing a lot of it.

But I love the clan denial red-shirters. (Wah, their webpage is gone.) I've never had any interaction with them personally, but just from looking at their web presence, I admire how cheerfully and completely they deny canon which they find stupid and hurtful. And the like complete mythology and community they built up around their denial is wonderful.

This icon is so Richie-appropriate. I find it annoying, embarrassing, and kind of funny, just like Richie.

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Re: New Highlander Movie

1. What the fuck, Adrian. Seriously.

2. Also: METHOS LIVES. Ahem.

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Okay! Here it is!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dl111oretbjosnw/HL+Temptation.zip
35 MB, 3:24

Fandom: Highlander
Summary: Methos explores his dark side.

The usual vid commentary babble

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nobunagaota, [livejournal.com profile] glaphix, [livejournal.com profile] onlymesmerized, and [livejournal.com profile] welsh_briar for watching multiple versions and listening to me whine. I could use a beta who's a vidder, though, if anyone wants to volunteer.



I went in the desert
I went searching for the truth
I stumbled across you
And I know you're not the truth

I went in the ocean
I came looking for some love
All I found is that I found
I haven't found enough

I stand alone now I stand alone
But can you save me from myself

You are my temptation
You are my temptation to
Do what I knew was wrong

You are my temptation
You are my temptation to
Do what I knew was wrong

What I knew was wrong was you

I stand alone now I stand alone
but can you save me from myself

Oh please

They've been killing children
And nobody seems to care
They've been laughing at my god
My god I wouldn't dare

You are my temptation
You are my temptation

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Highlander fic rec. SHUT UP. )

::looks at cute cute production photos from Highlander V with guarded hope::

I think it's so sweet that Peter got teary eyed when he put on the Methos coat again (was that this movie or last?), saying hello to a dear friend, realizing Methos still lived. Awwwww.

Highlander episode thoughts )

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Okay, I just rewatched Comes a Horseman and I seriously CANNOT BREATHE. )


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Preparing for my Methos vid, I'm rewatching all the Methos episodes. Yay.

I can go with this outfit here, Duncan, okay. )

"Finale, pt 1"
But this one. I...I don't think I ever would have thought of that. )

Some of Amanda's outfits are really odd as well, so I should give him a break. Maybe fashion trends are too speedy and annoying for immortals to keep up with. Heh, Methos tries to go out dancing, but the last time he's been was in the '70s, and his disco suit is all wrong...

This time around, I have to say, Joe is *much hotter*, Methos is (if possible) even more of a beautiful sex god, Duncan makes me want to stab him with a fork most of the time, and Richie is wow okay hotter than he ever seemed to me before, but still *unbelievably* annoying. If he would just keep his mouth shut I think I could stand some Richie porn. Amanda is...Amanda. Sometimes I think she's the sanest character on that show. But I'm glad I only ever watched like 2 episodes of the Raven, because holy totemistic absurdity, Batman. ::pets imaginary Methos Chronicles episodes::

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That thing with Stella and Mrs. Kowalski being friends, is that canon or fanon? I just read a fic where Mrs. Kowalski never liked Stella and I was like - "but! but!" And then I couldn't come up with a reason except, "all the other kids say she does..."

More House thoughts that are probably wrong yes )

ETA: Dude, do Basketball and Figure Skating count as fandoms? And the individual people/pairs/groups/teams?

Because if so, I have a *lot* more fandoms than I thought I did.

And I just realized - this means that *Larry Bird* was my first fandom (along with Sesame St and Mr Rogers). I had his name in giant letters in my room (Giant Green Letters) until - geez - last year? Two years ago? Along with one of those NBA wall people that are huge and play basketball on your wall. I made Larry make a three-pointer. That's like 13 years that stuff was up (mostly I was too lazy to take it down). Basketball pre-Michael's retirement (YES ALL OF IT) makes me hawt.

And don't even get me started on figure skating. That love is still going strong. (Todd! Eldridge! Michelle! Robin Cousins! Yeah, yeah, new people too - Johnny Weir!)

I don't like, write fanfiction or anything. But I did watch that Larry Bird, A Basketball Legend omg SO MANY TIMES as a child. Indiana has a new state bird!

And recently I was able to see Bolero! Finally! (It wasn't freaking on the Torvill and Dean retrospective career thing we taped in 1988 wtf stupid licensing crap.) Icechampions.com is awesome...and it looks like it's no longer online. Le sigh.

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I love House. Don't get me wrong. But it kind of pisses me off how he makes such a big deal out of his leg. Or maybe how the writers make such a big deal about his leg.

I mean look at Joe from Highlander. Here's a man who's actually missing *both* legs, and he barely even acknowledges it. I mean, the writers show us the story of how he lost them and how it affected his life. And we see him with his cane and obvious prostheses all the time. But neither Joe nor the writers ever make a big deal out of it. Life goes on. (Even dystopia!Joe's problems seem to center more around his booze and disillusionment than his wheelchair.) Joe still keeps up with Mac fine, sometimes to Mac's chagrin (witness the Scotland trip).

It's just. Granted, House is an expert on medicine. But Joe is an expert on *immortals*. Now tell me who has more of a reason to feel irrationally inadequate?

(But maybe there's a time factor as well. House only got his injury a few years ago, and Joe's legs have been gone at least 20 years.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while Joe may be physically even more crippled than House, I don't feel that he's nearly as *emotionally* crippled. And maybe both House and the writers are trying to externalize House's emotional disability by making such a big deal out of his leg.

Sometimes though, I just want to tell House to quit being bitchy and get over it. ::channels inner Stacy::

Go open a bar somewhere with Wilson. ::smiles::

lj paranoia )

This is your brain on 中学校 )

Somehow that led to the HP movie. I don't know. )

To Sentinel or not to Sentinel, with a side of vidblockery )


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