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Wow, I finally see what all the fuss about House was.


Nov. 18th, 2006 01:13 pm
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I just finished watching House 307, and *wow* that was good. Our boys talking about their issues, Wilson and House talking about their *relationship*, moral dilemmas, questionable medicine, yay! Wilson was *leaning* back against the wall in the hotel room, looking so *delicious* and rumpled and talking about House breaking their relationship and omg. And House saying he didn't want to break it eeee.

I think this is the most I've ever heard House talk about himself.

That cop is making everyone all angsty. I like it.

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I am DEAD. The House of Gay KILLED ME.

Oh, my Lord. House deleting the message about Wilson's apartment from the answering machine after gazing at Wilson all cutely asleep in a come-fuck-me pose on the couch.

While the pimp music in the background says, "Love will make you do wrong."


Wilson is such a nagging housewife with his gourmet and his tupperware fetish I LOVE HIM. And House is constantly tugging Wilson's pigtails as usual.

There was some other plot? About a sick person or something? But honestly, I was having trouble following it because of my frequent attacks of mad fangirl squealing.

(Also when House pushed the sick dude's wife up against the bathroom door? And when House sat all intense and powerful in the chair in the darkened room while Cameron gave him money from under her shirt? HOT.)

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The latest House. Oh wow. They practically put a giant credit at the end of it: ANDTHENTHEYHADSEX. I mean that's such a common slashfic premise. And the preview has them being all odd-couple CUTE next episode. Wheee. Also, Wilson's hair has grown out enough so that it almost looks attractive again! *Priorities*, people.

Supernatural! OH GOD. I was curled up in front of the screen biting my own wrist so I could hear what was going on over my cries of "DEEEEEEEEAN!"

GOD. GOD. His big emotional confession to Sam. I can't. I don't usually fangirl this show; I just watch it. But this episode. DEAN. WOOBIE. LOVE!

Also DADDY! I LOVE DADDY! He's so gruff and awesome, and it was so cute with their "yes, sir"s. And then SAM and DADDY and AWWWWWW. <333

I'm not usually very attracted to the brothers, but the blood made all the Winchesters Very Pretty Indeed.

And I don't really. I'm not normally one of those Jensen fangirls, but... DEAN + BLOOD = SO SO BEAUTIFUL. God. I think I need wallpaper.

In vidding news, the Methos vid is pretty much done, but I'm having title sequence Issues because I am lame and indecisive. Sigh. Anyone know any exciting communities where I should announce it when it's finished?

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That thing with Stella and Mrs. Kowalski being friends, is that canon or fanon? I just read a fic where Mrs. Kowalski never liked Stella and I was like - "but! but!" And then I couldn't come up with a reason except, "all the other kids say she does..."

More House thoughts that are probably wrong yes )

ETA: Dude, do Basketball and Figure Skating count as fandoms? And the individual people/pairs/groups/teams?

Because if so, I have a *lot* more fandoms than I thought I did.

And I just realized - this means that *Larry Bird* was my first fandom (along with Sesame St and Mr Rogers). I had his name in giant letters in my room (Giant Green Letters) until - geez - last year? Two years ago? Along with one of those NBA wall people that are huge and play basketball on your wall. I made Larry make a three-pointer. That's like 13 years that stuff was up (mostly I was too lazy to take it down). Basketball pre-Michael's retirement (YES ALL OF IT) makes me hawt.

And don't even get me started on figure skating. That love is still going strong. (Todd! Eldridge! Michelle! Robin Cousins! Yeah, yeah, new people too - Johnny Weir!)

I don't like, write fanfiction or anything. But I did watch that Larry Bird, A Basketball Legend omg SO MANY TIMES as a child. Indiana has a new state bird!

And recently I was able to see Bolero! Finally! (It wasn't freaking on the Torvill and Dean retrospective career thing we taped in 1988 wtf stupid licensing crap.) Icechampions.com is awesome...and it looks like it's no longer online. Le sigh.

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I love House. Don't get me wrong. But it kind of pisses me off how he makes such a big deal out of his leg. Or maybe how the writers make such a big deal about his leg.

I mean look at Joe from Highlander. Here's a man who's actually missing *both* legs, and he barely even acknowledges it. I mean, the writers show us the story of how he lost them and how it affected his life. And we see him with his cane and obvious prostheses all the time. But neither Joe nor the writers ever make a big deal out of it. Life goes on. (Even dystopia!Joe's problems seem to center more around his booze and disillusionment than his wheelchair.) Joe still keeps up with Mac fine, sometimes to Mac's chagrin (witness the Scotland trip).

It's just. Granted, House is an expert on medicine. But Joe is an expert on *immortals*. Now tell me who has more of a reason to feel irrationally inadequate?

(But maybe there's a time factor as well. House only got his injury a few years ago, and Joe's legs have been gone at least 20 years.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while Joe may be physically even more crippled than House, I don't feel that he's nearly as *emotionally* crippled. And maybe both House and the writers are trying to externalize House's emotional disability by making such a big deal out of his leg.

Sometimes though, I just want to tell House to quit being bitchy and get over it. ::channels inner Stacy::

Go open a bar somewhere with Wilson. ::smiles::

lj paranoia )

This is your brain on 中学校 )

Somehow that led to the HP movie. I don't know. )

To Sentinel or not to Sentinel, with a side of vidblockery )

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OMG House! On the Motorcycle of Gay Love! Trying to convince Wilson to go on dates with him by reminding Wilson that he knows House will put out (or I guess pay money for Wilson's company, which is almost as good), unlike Wilson's wife. ("Unlike her, I can make it worth your while.") Saying that Wilson will only find out what House does with his "cane" if Wilson buys him dinner. And the treat-me-like-a-lady speech: "See that's how you do it. Compliments. Dinner." Thank you, House lj people, for making me watch 2nd season.

More on House )

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The Polar Bears almost made me lose the Will to Vid. My God. It took that whole zoo thing to the next level, and beautifully. This is one of those vids I want to show to the creators/actors, and say: "This is fandom."

More on vidding )

I've started catching up on House second season in order to get to the Episode of Gay that everyone's talking about. 201 was already pretty gay, IMO.

House+Wilson: "Bros before ho's!"

House saying how Chase's mouth is so pretty that the inmates will open up to him. Hee, yeah.

Maybe I'll watch that strip club Smallville episode. I am a little curious, [livejournal.com profile] jekesta...

Ack, I have so much stuff to watch that's already downloaded and burned. It's not even funny. God. Instead, what do I do with my time? Read a depressing Faculty rape-recovery giant epic WIP. Because I am SMRT yo.

Speaking of fics, the Others fic is...coming along...slowly... ::hunts for a beta::

I came across this article by chance and was just fascinated. I couldn't stop reading. It's about nature vs. nurture and a boy who was turned into a girl and how gender and sexual orientation are really biologically IN THE BRAIN OMG HOW COOL GO READ IT NOW.

I was rewatching the good parts of the newest Pride and Prejudice. Man, it's so hot. Colin is angstier and Olivier is posher, but this Darcy is *sex*. And this film is just *pretty*. Pretty pretty cinematography. But when I was rewatching the scene of Elizabeth exploring Darcy's desk at Pemberly, I noticed all the statues of Greeks and gods. It made me think of Resonant's "The Teeth of the Hydra," and how, in that form of classical education, to some extent fandom and education were *the same thing*. )


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