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I love House. Don't get me wrong. But it kind of pisses me off how he makes such a big deal out of his leg. Or maybe how the writers make such a big deal about his leg.

I mean look at Joe from Highlander. Here's a man who's actually missing *both* legs, and he barely even acknowledges it. I mean, the writers show us the story of how he lost them and how it affected his life. And we see him with his cane and obvious prostheses all the time. But neither Joe nor the writers ever make a big deal out of it. Life goes on. (Even dystopia!Joe's problems seem to center more around his booze and disillusionment than his wheelchair.) Joe still keeps up with Mac fine, sometimes to Mac's chagrin (witness the Scotland trip).

It's just. Granted, House is an expert on medicine. But Joe is an expert on *immortals*. Now tell me who has more of a reason to feel irrationally inadequate?

(But maybe there's a time factor as well. House only got his injury a few years ago, and Joe's legs have been gone at least 20 years.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while Joe may be physically even more crippled than House, I don't feel that he's nearly as *emotionally* crippled. And maybe both House and the writers are trying to externalize House's emotional disability by making such a big deal out of his leg.

Sometimes though, I just want to tell House to quit being bitchy and get over it. ::channels inner Stacy::

Go open a bar somewhere with Wilson. ::smiles::

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OMG Sulu is gay. I did not think it was possible for my love for George Takei to grow any greater.

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Robin of Sherwood is so pretty that capping it wouldn't do it justice. It's pretty in context and in motion and with the Clannad and ::waves hand at screen:: go watch it!

Random actorspotting: Joan of Arc in Forever Knight is the bank robber chick from Due South Free Willie and Vault. And Weir from SGA is the vampire who went into the sun and left behind that doll.

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