Dec. 11th, 2009 06:51 pm
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Just want to reiterate that fandom fails for not alerting me to this extremely sparkly man before this. (His costumes have electric lights in the crotch, you guys.)

Also, [livejournal.com profile] c_regalis alerted me to the real reason Callum likes golf: being molested in a kilt by David Duchovny. Finally, a reason I can understand!

I'm finding Neutraface useful in paperwriting!
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Too bad about Adam losing Idol (not that I watch Idol), but now he's free to be his badass awesome self successfully.


Okay, seeing as I've read (and read and read) everyone's reaction posts, my viewing of the Star Trek film (it really doesn't have an actual name??) was a little biased, but here is my obligatory reaction post. )


Why did no one tell me that Julie was so hot?? Only NOW do I find out he's called the Japanese David Bowie and the pioneer of visual kei. Fandom fail! I knew he was famous, but I pictured the Tigers as like early-'60s Beatles, drawing crowds of screaming girls while not being very hot.

But Koichi's performances of Julie's Darling are hot (starts at 27:30). Hello jewelry and sultry looks. (I've really got to finish Tokikin.) And they reminded me of the cute way Koichi acts around Takuro-san. (BTW Takuro-san is totally hot with long, non-fro hair, wow.)

And so what with those performances and Toma's performance I was inspired to look for the real thing. Here's one - you can't really see it well in that one, but he does this totally limp-wristed thing on the chorus...

But this other song is so freaking hot. Talk about to-be-looked-at-ness. Not to mention queer coding and androgyny. Sailor hat! Jewelry!! Fanservice! I think it's impressive that he makes it obvious that dog-tags and hat-badges are just another form of jewelry.


I finished Hitotsu Yane no Shita season 1 in my great quest to watch everything Nojima Shinji has ever written, and omg. It was good! An-chan reminded me of Nagase in Mukodono, really weepy and hot-blooded and family-oriented. The gags did get a bit much and so did the melodrama, "accidental sighting" coincidences, and gender roles. There was some overacting too. I can tell that Nojima Shinji's writing has improved, but this was a real fun ride. Now I want to watch season 2! Except if I don't watch it I can keep my illusion that it will give me my two-brother-one-woman marriage. My OT3s are always so doooomed. ::clings to Concerto::

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So last night I happened across some W-INDS THREESOME PORN, which I fangirled dutifully read as a part of my continuing J-pop self-education program. Then today while recording the listening tests, a spare desk in the recording room had this to say: )


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