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We just saw Ioki and Penhall's crossdressing roommates story. What genre of fic will Jump Street tackle next?

Jump Street: The Hooker AU )

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It's been months since I watched Jump Street season 3 and intended-to-cap it. But, in a fever of vidding-procrastination, I have finally started actually capping.

First, up: The JV episode! "Swallowed Alive."

Everyone goes undercover in juvie. Why? Who cares! )

Whew, that took longer than I thought. I have more eps capped or about-to-be, so expect more soon!

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I just watched my first Man from Uncle ever! )

Vidrec: Polka Party by Waldo.
I especially liked "Ghetto Superstar," "I'm not sick, but I'm not well," and the Spice Girls song. Morden=Posh Spice omg! <3 The "Closing Time" vidlet wasn't that exciting, but I could *not stop* saying "Yay!" at regular intervals every time Methos and Joe appeared on screen. Such is the Power of the Multi-Fandom Vid. It makes us squee for every second our favorite fandom (Methos) is given in the vid, no matter how well-crafted a second. It's like we're competing with other fandoms for the title of "Most Worthy of Being Vidded." ::shakes head::

Jump Street, the Gaybasher Episode + PICSPAM ^_^ )

RL-ish update and Persuaders!update soonish.

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Fannish Entry!


Vidrec time! Xandra's QAF-Angel crossover "Touched."

Crossovers are really freaking *hard* to do, but she pulled it off, and she made it good, and more importantly, she made it *hot*. ::applauds::

Random school update: The vice-principal, during cleaning today, had the end of his tie stuffed into his breast pocket. I hid behind my laptop and laughed and laughed.

Jump Street Squee and Picspam )

The Sentinel OMG FINALLY! )

And, um,

Gay cowboys in love.

That is all.

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Today was a spotting familiar actors day! There was Brian Blessed on "Blake's 7" playing his standard "crazy man" character. Then there was John Rhys-Davies (Arturo!) on "Robin of Sherwood" playing a King Richard I really wanted to trust but who was ultimately EVOL OMG. And finally there was the Doctor from "Voyager" in Jump Street.

Ah, Jump Street. I really love the way that Doug and Tommy always kiss and cuddle Hoffs. And the way they all are so physically affectionate with each other. OMG the new captain paired Tommy with Hoffs instead of Doug, and Tommy was all whining to him "But I usually go undercover with Doug!" and I swear to *God* the new captain asked, "Are you two dating?" And then Tommy just smiled and didn't answer. BECAUSE THEIR LOVE IS SO OBVIOUS THAT STRANGERS CAN TELL WITHIN MOMENTS OF MEETING THEM OMFG.

Um, I'm afraid I succumbed to the lure of the screencap again. But look how pretty! )

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We take this time from our regularly-scheduled updates to bring you Jump Street picspam! Beware! )

I, uh, went a little crazy. I like the pretty pictures. Yes. )

Fraser vid is coming along more, but Fraser is still being recalcitrant. It's almost as if he didn"t *want* to be beaten and tortured and betrayed and abandoned...


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