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Even with watching Colbert and TDS sporadically, I'm probably way behind on my current events, but I was reading about some of the the shit that Bush is doing, and I saw this scathing anti-war flash, which reminded me of Aja's post on Southern Conservatives, and then I was rehashing some old stuff about the media and Colbert.

All of this led to me buying a Stewart/Colbert '08 T-shirt. My boobs are my billboards!

I recently bought a 500 GB Maxtor internal HD as well. I HOPE IT WORKS OMG. After the past two Western Digital ones I got just totally failed and were retarded, I am so LEERY of entrusting my data!

I had heard about this Korean movie, The King and the Clown, a while ago, but I *totally* forgot about it. Until eagle-eyed [livejournal.com profile] glaphix found it being released on Silent Regrets and told me about it YAY. I really enjoyed it, even if I enjoyed the beginning half more than the later half, and the ending was kind of lame ambiguous. It was just *such* emo porn, and gayness and prettiness and awww.

Hm, I've been thinking about doing some baking. But of course there are like zero mixes in the store, and my microwave/oven only goes to 250 degrees. Today as I was leaving work, I realized that that was probably 250 degrees Celsius, which is a much better range of temperature. I don't know why the concept seems so odd to me, but it's just *completely* foreign to think of cooking in Celsius!

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Yesterday I watched a movie called Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] otakucat2 for telling me about it. It starred Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer, who plays a guy called "GAY PERRY," and it was just the best. thing. ever. They had such great chemistry, and they did such a good job acting and the script was hilarious and self-referential and fourth-wall-breaking and AWESOME. I love it when actors I love do good projects and play characters that I can cheer for (hint hint, Callum). And I haven't seen them in anything good since... hm, Downey, Jr. since "Restoration" and Val since... uh. "The Saint"? So, wow. YAY. It was seriously REALLY FUN to watch, so you should all go download it RIGHT NOW.

Go on, I'll wait.

Speaking of fun to watch, [livejournal.com profile] mysticfive linked to this Folger's commercial the other day and it just. It gets better every time I watch it, and the song gets stuck in my head liek yay. It's like a campy reenactment of a 70s musical, only parodying it at the same time and wheee. Sunbeams are people too!! Really... happy people.

[livejournal.com profile] minotaurs was talking about this Star Trek fan-film series where there is gay kissing, and this fills me with GLEE. I'm watching it from the beginning now, and the acting and writing and cinematography is mostly hilariously bad. The people who are hot and can act are woefully underused and killed off and recast and WOE. Though the new Wesley is hot and a good actor (comparatively!). Mmm, bald Wesley. (Though they should make him completely, Lex-level bald, and at least like include a throwaway explanation for how he lost his hair. It would be so easy, but I guess they're too lazy for things like continuity and shit. Like seriously, what is this characters appearing and disappearing with no explanation crap?) Some of the plots are good, however, and the CGI is first-rate. It's campy fun yay. Witness this bad-guy Dementor-rip-off who's wearing a blanket. On. His. Head. Hee! )

It's apparently a spin-off of another Trek fan-film series. I didn't even know those homes were there! (OMG bad commerical reference, sorry.) Anyway I finished the first season in a gleeful mini-marathon last night, complaining happily all the while about the acting and writing, and I still haven't gotten to the gayness, but I'm not in a hurry when I know it's coming. And I'm happy that this is distracting me from New Voyages' slow production. So go! Watch! Bad gay television! What more do you want? (Sentinel fans, I'm looking at you.)

I watched Star Trek VI a while ago, and speaking of bad gay stories oh my God. Like I don't know how I totally missed the fact of this movie's *existence* before, but I'm kind of glad I did. I mean, everyone hates on V and, yes V is uneven, but that means there are bad parts *and* good parts.

VI is very consistently BORING and bad and out of character and just *stupid*. The *dialogue* is some of the worst I've heard. Christ.

The best part of the movie was that Red from "That 70s Show" played this crazy Federation president. )

And then Odo was a warmongering Federation General ) who briefed the president using a giant flip chart on an easel and a POINTER. In the TWENTY-THIRD CENTURY, people. In Federation Headquarters. Yeah. The movie was just that bad.

But there were some nice K/S moments. And when Spock was smacking that sideburn-shaving Vulcan bitch around and raping her mind... Guh. Jesus, it's so hot whenever Spock touches *anyone* with intent, much less with intimacy and violence.


I was just thinking about how often I watch a show only after reading the fanfic. It's strange, with movie adaptations of a written story, I have very strict rules for myself that I'm not supposed to watch until I read. I break the rules, especially for classics that I'm too lazy to read, but I always feel guilty when I do. The sequence of reading first and then watching is always set in my mind.

But with written adaptations of televised stories (fanfic), I don't have those same scruples. Sometimes I read fics and hear enough about the source that I'm drawn to watch it. (Sometimes, like with SV and SGA, I know the source can never live up to the fic.) But I think in those cases that I'm actually measuring the show against the best writing and characterization of the fics. I'm treating it like a (sometimes bad) adaptation of a written work. How odd that I never noticed before!

Sometimes it's an enriching experience, leading to more fan activity. Watching Due South after reading the fic was like watching the LotR movies after reading Tolkien, where the canon changes are interesting rather than frustrating. But sometimes watching the source is like watching "Earthsea" after loving the books for half my life: disappointing, frustrating, or outrage-inducing.

Speaking of which, Boy told me that Miyazaki's son is doing an Earthsea movie soon as well. Here, go look. Trailer here.

WTF Cob is a chick?? Ohhh man.

Even the character designs make me mad. Earthsea isn't soft and picturesque and rounded. Earthsea is *dangerous*. Also, again with the random hair color changes (*They* have no excuse. It's *animated*.) AND no people of color GRRRR and no *scars* on Therru. Ack. ::waves hand:: I guess I'll wait to see it to make a final judgement, but gah.

Don't fret! More Jump Street picspam soon!

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So the other day I was putting away for real the blankets that I had previously kind of nudged out of the way of daily traffic. This involves taking futon bags down from the top doors of the closet, putting stuff in, and putting them back up. This also involves standing on a chair.

Well, since I added stuff, it was harder for me to lift the bags above my head (my arms no longer strong from throwing rifles everyday... ::single tear::). So I overbalanced, tipped over the chair, fell on the chair, and the futon bag fell on me.

Someone must have been looking out for me, because the chair actually broke in many many places to *cushion my fall*, so I was only a little banged up.

But now! Broken chair! For a lot of reasons, it would be easier for me to fix this one than buy a new set. So I ordered Gorilla Glue, had it delivered, and this weekend started gluing! And it worked!

I fixed the chair! \(^_^)/

However, caught up in my glue fever, I completely missed [livejournal.com profile] out_of_con_txt's trillian chat. Buuuuu. I shall quite enjoy all the fic, though! *^_^*

Thank God for shiny new distracting goodfic. When I get tired enough of rereading, bad things can happen. Helen, disturbingly good writer that she is, led me astray today when I was looking for a particular SG-1 fic on her webpage. ::facepalm:: I, uh, still am anti-SG-1! Hold the line! ...But leave the porn. OT4. Yes. All of a sudden, I found myself reading some of her NSYNC fics. I don't know what happened. I might have been influenced by this essay, which made my brain do nice postmodernist stretches and aerobics last week.

So while reading, I had to look up the pictures to see who the hell I was reading about, and even after seeing the pictures, they all looked the same! God, just typing those names in googleimage filled me with this black wave of shame. It wasn't so much the lingering media-fandom-influenced prejudice against rps as it was the extreme prejudice against NSYNC, or howthefuckever you spell their name. Because not only are they a boyband, they're a *ripoff* boyband of BSB. And even at age 10 when I actually liked New Kids on the Block, I knew enough to be ashamed of it, and whisper it in my friend's ear as this huge secret. So of course, now that I've read these fics, I had to save them, and let me tell you, writing "popslash" in the fandom category of the filename actually made me whimper out loud in distress. There's always further to fall. Hee.

Oh, BTW, does anyone have any personal recommendations for external drives of 300-500 GB? I found this one, but it's the same brand as the internal-made-external one that failed, got sent back, and had the new one fail again right out of the package (though to be fair, the ratings for that model were abysmal on amazon, which I wish I had known before I bought it). I'm really stuck on vidding until I can get more space. (200GB just isn't! enough! Hee.) I need space enough for temp files to work on multiple vids at one time, because otherwise when I get stuck I'm either forced to make the vid anyway, suckily, or have to delete the temp files to start another vid and maybe never come back to it (and if I do, have to go through conforming all the files again). I know, my life is hard, right?

I've been watching a lot of clips of Colbert and TDS at youtube and comedycentral.com. They are a balm to my spirit. And on Colbertnation.com, his bio reads that his wife bought him at a bachelor's auction. If that's true, that would be like a romance novel cliche come to life. Hehe.


May. 19th, 2006 06:33 pm
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So I was watching more Star Trek season 3...! )

I'm actually considering vidding Spock to Fiona Apple. Somebody STOP ME. And by "stop" I mean hit me over the head with a better Spock vidbunny, because this is seriously the best one I've been able to find so far. Fiona APPLE. Because everyone knows Spock is secretly a whiny emo chick. God. God.

Worky! )

ALT Rap. Hehehehe.

This is your Star Wars on English club. Oh Jim in Japan, I wish I had your fun school!

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David's Oedipal complex is SO WOOBIE AND LOVE.


For those of you who have yet to see our reigning Olympic gold medalist in action. I have to say, I'm not much of a Plushenko fan (though his spins are *beautiful*), but I adored this, at least what I saw through my fingers. He outdid Candeloro! Hm, I wonder where this was. I totally missed the Olympics this year. Oh well.

This makes my little Japanese culture, slash, and gender studies brain SO HAPPY.

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First off, two Hercules vids - no, wait don't run away!

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Kubulla

This vid is awesome in the way that T. Jonesy's Star Trek vid to "All By Myself" is awesome. It's so cheesy that you cheer for it. (BTW, watch for Hercules' Mary Tyler Moore flip and Autolycus' mini-speedo tan lines. Hee.) It takes every romance novel and slash cliche and just revels in them, completely seriously. It might not be a *great* vid, but it sure is enjoyable.

Holding Out for a Hero by Marycrawford

In the same vein, this vid takes those romance novel cliches and pokes fun at them, while still shamelessly enjoying them. Plus, the Widow Twanky is always good for a rollicking fun time. (God bless you, Michael Hurst. As far as I'm concerned, you deserved the Order of Merit for that alone.)

...Man, all of this is rekindling all my love for Iolaus.

On a funnier note:

A clip of Richard Simmons on Whose Line

The whole episode

God, how I adore Whose Line. It's the only thing that makes me laugh uncontrollably, like flailing and hitting things and falling off chairs and rolling on the floor. So yeah, I can't take too much at once. Ow, my abdomen.

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I just... I don't know what to say...

Wow, internet. Thanks?

I have the uncomfortable foreboding that these will end up in some bad Due South fic now. (Oh Turnbull, there is such a thing as *too much* patriotism.)

And I had no idea that crocheting was so controversial.

Burninating all the... vaginas?


Feb. 15th, 2006 05:25 pm
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These things have had me *hurting* myself laughing lately:

Highlander the movie, reenacted by bunnies

"Feel the stag."

"I feel it!"

Brokeback to the Future!

"Who the hell was Clara?!"

(Heh, I love how *tragic* they make Doc. And the whole thing is totally worth it just to see the ending title.)

"Lazy Sunday"

"You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we're dropping Hamiltons!"

(Heeeee. Historical Humor=Love. Quick, someone reference the Teapot Dome Scandal!)

Oh, I read the sequel to Howl's Moving Castle. It was similarly cute but forgettable. But now I can *really* see the movie with a clear conscience.

In my Dire Illness, I've been rewatching My Beautiful Laundrette, Men with Brooms, and Wilby Wonderful. I guess this is my version of comfort food.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 12:34 am
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Boy's College Roommate showed us this sushi video in Tokyo and it's too funny not to share with EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. ::flails with love::

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I just heard some really loud noises outside. I looked outside and there were motorcycles repeatedly revving and driving up and down our little street. It's 12:27 AM. Not that I mind; I'm awake. But I think they might be bousouzoku, which makes me happy because they're something from my Japanese Culture class that I haven't seen yet. (And okay I still didn't really see them - it's dark out. I saw their motorcycle headlights.) But it's funny that they're here in my semi-rural suburb. This makes me want to go outside and like be a participant observer, ask them questions, etc. Good thing I am too lazy because they are probably dangerous.

But. Japanese teenage rebellion is just so *cute* somehow. I think it's because they just try so *hard* to be tough. To *look* tough. Like that one article about Japanese fashion that I read awhile ago. How they appropriate the markers of disadvantaged youth from other countries, but really are affluent. But that article makes a good point when it talks about consumer culture vs. delinquent culture. I guess the bousouzoku were just "keeping it real" by terrorizing the neighborhood and waking everyone up. Heh. I wonder if they're local. I wonder if they just randomly wandered here or if they purposefully came to a suburb from like Osaka or something. They are *committed* to their delinquency. Hee.

ETA: Oh, I hear sirens now! It's kind of stupid that they basically doing this right in front of the police box (which is not far from my apt).

More ASH

Nov. 28th, 2005 07:05 pm
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Little Britain inspired me to look for more things ASH. And [livejournal.com profile] vampirefever helpfully uploaded a video of ASH as Frank in Rocky Horror here. If you haven't seen it yet, extreme awesomeness awaits you.

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Okay, all my J House homies, this is for you.

[livejournal.com profile] kextrii, you should learn the words to this and play it on your guitar. You know you want to.


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The Polar Bears almost made me lose the Will to Vid. My God. It took that whole zoo thing to the next level, and beautifully. This is one of those vids I want to show to the creators/actors, and say: "This is fandom."

More on vidding )

I've started catching up on House second season in order to get to the Episode of Gay that everyone's talking about. 201 was already pretty gay, IMO.

House+Wilson: "Bros before ho's!"

House saying how Chase's mouth is so pretty that the inmates will open up to him. Hee, yeah.

Maybe I'll watch that strip club Smallville episode. I am a little curious, [livejournal.com profile] jekesta...

Ack, I have so much stuff to watch that's already downloaded and burned. It's not even funny. God. Instead, what do I do with my time? Read a depressing Faculty rape-recovery giant epic WIP. Because I am SMRT yo.

Speaking of fics, the Others fic is...coming along...slowly... ::hunts for a beta::

I came across this article by chance and was just fascinated. I couldn't stop reading. It's about nature vs. nurture and a boy who was turned into a girl and how gender and sexual orientation are really biologically IN THE BRAIN OMG HOW COOL GO READ IT NOW.

I was rewatching the good parts of the newest Pride and Prejudice. Man, it's so hot. Colin is angstier and Olivier is posher, but this Darcy is *sex*. And this film is just *pretty*. Pretty pretty cinematography. But when I was rewatching the scene of Elizabeth exploring Darcy's desk at Pemberly, I noticed all the statues of Greeks and gods. It made me think of Resonant's "The Teeth of the Hydra," and how, in that form of classical education, to some extent fandom and education were *the same thing*. )

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Oh, Due South. How much do I love that there's an entire gay sex *section* in the bloopers. OMG. Hello RPS.

Erm, *speaking* of RPS. Weeeell, I was surfing lj and came across a link to this and this, two Lotrps by Calico. (They disappeared off the real web *right* after I read them - is this a sign??) And okay, I mean, I've read Calico in other fandoms and liked her. But this? Is 150K of well-written, scorchingly hot gay orgy and really, I ask you -



I *used* to have lines. I *did*, scroll down and you'll *see* them. But I think just coming across the mention of the existence of a Lotrps Technopunk AU broke them. I HAVE NOT READ IT YET. The concept of Lotrps AUs make my brain hurt. But technopunk Orlando? Um, yes, please.

OMG. ::rereads entry and headdesks:: I cannot believe myself.

Well, it was only the one time, right? I can stop whenever I want to! Really!


The vid is being recalcitrant like a constipated mule, and the flying vidbunnies hitting me in the face every freaking *two seconds* aren't exactly helping me achieve vidfarr. Gah. Also, Premiere is STUPID. I hope this weekend the vid will stop looking like crap. Magically. Yes.

This Harry Potter dance troupe performance makes me HAPPY LIKE A SHINY SPARKLE. It's enough like my experience in musicals, dance, and colorguard to let me recognize good *performance* and choreography and OMGSTORY when I see it. I am a dork. But the H/D eyefucking! The genderfuck inherent in the system! (They're all girls, I think. Stay to the very end for the OT3.) And the conflict is resolved by having Harry and Draco shake hands and kiss and make up! YAY. I know some random high school dance show shouldn't make me this happy BUT IT DOES! ::dances along::

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Today was the city bunkasai and I helped out with English activities--man, little kids are adorable and fun but exhausting. And it was raining and crappy all day. Met some nice people though. I didn't realize people from Singapore all spoke such good English. The woman I met today said she was bad compared to her countrymen, and she had like no accent. She invited me to New Years dinner after meeting me once! She was really easygoing and nice, and has three little kids (wow) and can't work because she and her Japanese husband live with her in-laws and they are very traditional. I encouraged her to rebel. ::sows seeds of dissension::

Kids at school continue to be alternatively obnoxious and silent. There is a *lot* of amusing Engrish. And the Foreign Language Voice (we all have one) for English for a lot of Japanese men happens to sound a lot like Donald Duck. (Speaking of Donald, I assume you've all read about Mickey Mouse trying to commit suicide.) It was so hilarious when the Principal gave the opening speech I wrote for him to give at the Speech Contest--he used to be an English teacher--in his Donald voice (It actually sounds more like the Impressive Clergyman in Princess Bride. OMG.) and couldn't pronounce the word "enthusiasm." My God, I was *shaking* in my chair trying to keep from laughing, the poor man.

I saw a heapload of my kids at the bunkasai today, but I only recognized most because they waved to me first. They're really friendly. I recognize a few faces, but 4 schools is a lot of kids, and they look different out of uniform. I saw one girl today that I did recognize, but she looked so grown up out of uniform. She had a newsboy cap and one gold dangly earring of a nested square-circle-triangle I think. I saw one woman selling food with humongous leonine blond hair. I was like WTF the eighties can't really be coming back can they? Because that earring and hat was right out of Jump Street, or something I'd wear in elementary school (only I'd wear two earrings).

Boy is far away in Tokyo for good now so I am lonely like a wombat. And all the chores he usually did as a houseboy are not magically done anymore. I need to enter vid-farr, but work keeps getting in the way. Oh, well, at least I can write (crappy) fic at work still.

I need to study Japanese but I am too lazy. Buuu. I can usually understand regular conversations in person, but that's about it. I got a telemarketer call yesterday from AU/KDDI, and they wanted to combine some bills or something but it was really hard for me to understand him (because of my sucky Japanese) and all the forms seem very complicated and I would have to ask a teacher, and it probably would save me a *little* money, but I'm always one to choose convenience over price. He's going to call back though so now I feel obligated. I got another telemarketer call the day before from a man who spoke extremely slowly and identified himself as "sono denwa wa roboto denwa desu." Hee. At least they're honest about it over here.

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In which I fangirl Warren Peace )

In which I attempt to explain how Dumbledore/Dobby and Hermione/Godric can coexist without comment. )

OMG Sulu is gay. I did not think it was possible for my love for George Takei to grow any greater.

In which I present my random Numb3rs 205 reactions )

Robin of Sherwood is so pretty that capping it wouldn't do it justice. It's pretty in context and in motion and with the Clannad and ::waves hand at screen:: go watch it!

Random actorspotting: Joan of Arc in Forever Knight is the bank robber chick from Due South Free Willie and Vault. And Weir from SGA is the vampire who went into the sun and left behind that doll.

In which I ask: Is the Bondage Mountie James Allodi? )

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These pics of Viggo and Elijah--go all the way to the end to get to more--made me curl into a ball in front of the screen and emit high-pitched squealing noises. There may have been words in there too, but not in any recognizeable language. THEYLOVEEACHOTHERSOMUCH! I just-- ::stares:: Theirloveissoobvious it makes me lose all reason! My brain literally cannot function! But!


I do NOT read RPS! (Except for when I read a little to make sure I don't read it.) *Especially* cracked-out vaguely stalkerish RPS like lotripping. I have LINES!

Of course, that doesn't include Callum RPS. I love that! But that's *different*. It *is*. It's Callum. ::pets Callum's spiky head:: I wonder what the Callum RPS equivalent of a tin hat would be. The metal bracelet? For Paul/Callum. And the Hugh Dillon ring for Callum/Hugh. I don't think of it as a "Hugh Dillon's band" ring. To me, whenever I see it it's a symbol that they're married, and that it marks Callum as Hugh's property--jesus christ fucking *guh*. Which is why Paul won't let Callum wear it on Due South. Yes. ::admires own RPS jewelry::

Veronica Mars 203! )

So! I saw The Brothers Grimm. Yay Terry Gilliam! Sooo funny and grate! And the brothercest. Let me rephrase: THE BROTHERCEST! It *leaps* off the screen more than in Lost Boys and Harry Potter and Numb3rs and Supernatural and ANYTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER! ::dances:: 'Twas frelling awesome! And the OT3 was tasssty too.

Comment and tell me where either my lj name or my shiny new current desktop comes from and you get Points and Virtual Cookies. Be the first to comment and correctly tell me where they both come from, and you get a picspam of your choice. Pretty easy IMO, and no fair peeking at other comments!

I have now decided that the Others OT3 fic is the first of a trilogy. God help us. ::quickly rewatches the rest of canon::


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