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I see the crack has jumped from SGA and landed pretty solidly in Merlin fandom.

For as long as I've been in Western fandom, I could pretty much trace the highest concentration of crack in one fandom from Harry Potter to Smallville to SGA. Not that it was a purely linear progression, and that's only my pov, but it's interesting to look at what all four of these shows have in common.

When you compare Smallville with Merlin, as I'm sure is already being discussed somewhere, there are a number of similarities. Dark-haired commoner youth with Powers who must keep them secret while having a friendship with a fair young lord. The Commoner with Powers & The Elite (Rodney is science aristocracy.) seems to be a potent combination. Because of the interaction of two opposite kinds of power, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to all the Merlin crack. One of these days I'll get around to, you know, watching some of the episodes.

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Nora Roberts is uneven in the quality of her writing, but there are some books of hers I really enjoy. I like the Donovan series, but I think one of my favorite books of hers is Tears of the Moon, the story of the long-friendship-turned-romance of "the dreamy, musical Shawn Gallagher and the pragmatic, no-nonsense handywoman Brenna O'Toole." If I thought at all about why I liked this book, I had a vague notion that I was enjoying the reverse of gender norms in having a strong female handywoman. I've been feeling the mysterious urge to reread it for awhile now, and I finally did last night. This morning I realized that the reason I like this book is because Shawn is basically Tsuyoshi, and Brenna is basically Koichi. And this is how they fall in love.

I've been thinking recently about what all my favorite slash pairings have in common, and it turns out Shawn and Brenna share these qualities, as well. My thoughts owe a lot to Joan's hairy vs. smooth distinction. Some of my pairings, for reference (in smooth/hairy order): Heero/Duo, (Yamato/Taichi, Ken/Daisuke), Fraser/Kowalski, Brett/Danny, Hutch/Starsky, Koichi/Tsuyoshi. It seems that the hairy one is more social-friendly, more outwardly focused, and the smooth one is focused more internally, and then with a laser beam of focus toward the romantic partner. For some of these pairings, the characterization that gives the hairy and smooth ones those traits is a little more fanon than canon, but those are the characterizations I think of when I think of the pairing as one I enjoy. I don't want to go on listing a huge catalog of supporting examples, because that would be tedious, but it's just something to think about.

I've been thinking about this in regard to Kinki for a little while )

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So the other day I was putting away for real the blankets that I had previously kind of nudged out of the way of daily traffic. This involves taking futon bags down from the top doors of the closet, putting stuff in, and putting them back up. This also involves standing on a chair.

Well, since I added stuff, it was harder for me to lift the bags above my head (my arms no longer strong from throwing rifles everyday... ::single tear::). So I overbalanced, tipped over the chair, fell on the chair, and the futon bag fell on me.

Someone must have been looking out for me, because the chair actually broke in many many places to *cushion my fall*, so I was only a little banged up.

But now! Broken chair! For a lot of reasons, it would be easier for me to fix this one than buy a new set. So I ordered Gorilla Glue, had it delivered, and this weekend started gluing! And it worked!

I fixed the chair! \(^_^)/

However, caught up in my glue fever, I completely missed [livejournal.com profile] out_of_con_txt's trillian chat. Buuuuu. I shall quite enjoy all the fic, though! *^_^*

Thank God for shiny new distracting goodfic. When I get tired enough of rereading, bad things can happen. Helen, disturbingly good writer that she is, led me astray today when I was looking for a particular SG-1 fic on her webpage. ::facepalm:: I, uh, still am anti-SG-1! Hold the line! ...But leave the porn. OT4. Yes. All of a sudden, I found myself reading some of her NSYNC fics. I don't know what happened. I might have been influenced by this essay, which made my brain do nice postmodernist stretches and aerobics last week.

So while reading, I had to look up the pictures to see who the hell I was reading about, and even after seeing the pictures, they all looked the same! God, just typing those names in googleimage filled me with this black wave of shame. It wasn't so much the lingering media-fandom-influenced prejudice against rps as it was the extreme prejudice against NSYNC, or howthefuckever you spell their name. Because not only are they a boyband, they're a *ripoff* boyband of BSB. And even at age 10 when I actually liked New Kids on the Block, I knew enough to be ashamed of it, and whisper it in my friend's ear as this huge secret. So of course, now that I've read these fics, I had to save them, and let me tell you, writing "popslash" in the fandom category of the filename actually made me whimper out loud in distress. There's always further to fall. Hee.

Oh, BTW, does anyone have any personal recommendations for external drives of 300-500 GB? I found this one, but it's the same brand as the internal-made-external one that failed, got sent back, and had the new one fail again right out of the package (though to be fair, the ratings for that model were abysmal on amazon, which I wish I had known before I bought it). I'm really stuck on vidding until I can get more space. (200GB just isn't! enough! Hee.) I need space enough for temp files to work on multiple vids at one time, because otherwise when I get stuck I'm either forced to make the vid anyway, suckily, or have to delete the temp files to start another vid and maybe never come back to it (and if I do, have to go through conforming all the files again). I know, my life is hard, right?

I've been watching a lot of clips of Colbert and TDS at youtube and comedycentral.com. They are a balm to my spirit. And on Colbertnation.com, his bio reads that his wife bought him at a bachelor's auction. If that's true, that would be like a romance novel cliche come to life. Hehe.
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Again, stuck at desk. There's only so much working on fics, reading fics, and studying kanji that I can do.

My thoughts on OTPness and F/K/V )


Despite, as I said, a young flirtation with online HL fandom, I really came to online fandom through anime. But nowadays I can't get motivated to watch anime (IN JAPAN!), even ones I really liked before. Maybe it's just that I follow the slash and good, strong, compelling friendships, and I'm finding that more nowadays in, oh, SG1 and S&H fic, for example. And maybe since I'm not *reading* about the good stories in anime, I don't want to watch the good stories in anime canon. Even though I get recs from friends and hear about good new series and stuff. Who knew that DS fiction could be such a slippery slope? (Hah, says everyone about HP fiction who came into it straight from GW fic. ::wiggles fingers::) For example, I never even watched past the first episode of "Legend of Basara." Err, even when I was still *watching* other anime. (Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] kioku! I have it all dled if you want copies!)


I used to do a lot of theater, put on my own plays in elementary after-school care. Like our own versions of Fiddler, Sound of Music, Phantom, Beauty and the Beast, etc. My most vivid memory of preschool is acting out the beginning of "The Little Mermaid" with other girls. And I did community theater in middle school, and school musicals in high school and college. Now, some Nara ALTs are trying to put on a play: "Our Day Out," but it's like impossible to get the score or the film version or anything. Bah. It's British, and we're all supposed to be Liverpudlian, so I guess I'll listen to a lot of Beatles and do my, err, *homage* to a British accent. I'm Linda though, so I get to be slutty and in love with Sir. Too bad I didn't bring any short skirts...


I used to also wear a lot of jewelry in elementary school, but I never wear any nowadays. My mom wears a lot of jewelry. But. It just feels like too much work to coordinate. Like in high school, I used to have these outfits with matching hairstyles and accessories, matching makeup colors and styles, and matching jewelry. God, but it's exhausting even to think about.


Goddamn. I want to go home in August, but.

Fucking Obon! Screwing up my ticket prices to go home. ::raises fists:: OBOOOOOOOOON!


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