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In catching up on Vividcon vids (only one more VVC to go, wah!), I watched Elipie and Kuwadora's I Can Make Your Hands Clap Power Rangers vid, which is a great pimping vid. It succeeded in getting me to want to watch the movie!

And the movie was so great!!

I really enjoyed that, just like Wonder Woman, the secret to their super powers was LOVE. Team love!

And the kids were funny and real - I like that they made the kids screwups in a Saturday detention Breakfast Club-like scenario. They spent some time exploring the power fantasy aspect, which was engaging as well.

It was nice that the kids were all different ethnicities (but of course the white guy was in charge) and that yellow and black rangers were no longer shorthands for their ethnicities, thank god.

It had just enough nostalgia to get your heart pumping, but it also undercut the nostalgia self-consciously so it didn't get too cloying.

Bill Hader was great as a snarky robot.

And Elizabeth Banks was SERIOUSLY CREEPY as Rita. I could not get over just how EXTREMELY CREEPY she was. 

(Also the Krispy Kreme callouts made me laugh every time.)
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Wonder Woman was amazing! It's everything that Captain America: TFA should have been. (How much more sense does Peggy make as the superhero! So much more!) No wonder, with the writer and director it had.

Steve and Diana were so cute, the London parts so funny, and I was happy that Diana proudly fights for love of mankind. From my livechatting:

11:33 PM fenlings: diana is jesus
11:33 PM fenlings: come to save the human race even tho we dont deserve it
11:33 PM fenlings: she gives us grace!
11:35 PM fenlings: i love that diana fights for love
11:35 PM fenlings: i love her

11:38 PM fenlings: oooh a new song by sia
11:39 PM fenlings: in the credits
11:39 PM fenlings: "To be human is to love
Even when it gets too much
I'm not ready to give up"
11:39 PM fenlings: thats right diana

Except, oh my God, Steve. )
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Somehow I was under the impression that I had seen all the new Narnia movies, but I was so so wrong. I had only watched the first one!

I have of course watched all the old BBC films, so maybe that's why I didn't remember I had MORE NARNIA to watch.

So I watched Dawn Treader and Caspian last week! 

WOW was Dawn Treader poorly directed, in comparison. Caspian's director was so much better. I really felt the awe of entering Narnia (Aslan take me away!!) and the pain of leaving it.

Also Peter being beat up by school bullies, miffed that they don't give him the respect he deserves as a king - I feel you, Peter. (Seriously, though, Pevensies in our world having secret skills is second only to never-came-back-and-ruled-Narnia fics in my heart. Shoutout to Burntcopper's fics!)

Caspian is supposed to be THIRTEEN years old, not twenty, but whatever whatever.

The Pevensie actors were good, and Aslan's How was well done. I found Lucy lounging on the Stone Table (!!!) a little offputting... The dwarves were great. Of course Peter Dinklage did a good job, and his relationship with Lucy was sweet. It was cool that Warwick Davis was the misled dwarf since he played Reepicheep in the BBC version.

Having Susan kiss Caspian at the end of the film was not cool. Don't make the subtext into text!! But the song at the end was great.

I do kind of see how people called the film racist. After they found Cair Paravel was in ruins, I caught myself going "Kill all the Spaniards and rebuild Cair Paravel!!!"

I was loling at how Caspian magically lost his Spanish accent in Dawn Treader. Also lol that none of the lost lords had a Spanish accent EITHER.

I feel like Dawn Treader rushed through all the islands with no emotional impact. BBC Dawn Treader Caspian in his billowing white shirt being tied up in ropes as a slave was so formative. Here the slave thing barely happened before there was a boring battle and it was over. And Caspian was never under any real threat of enslavement. 

The duffers island felt like it happened in two minutes. The beauty spell was well done, though.

Lucy actress was great, and Eustace was pretty funny. I liked that dragon Eustace showed that he had changed for the better by pulling the boat along. They SHOULD have put dragon Eustace more to use in the book.

The way the filmmakers changed the story to try to make it more Tolkien-esque was so terrible. What was with the random MAGIC SWORDS??? That was such a fake-ass quest. Like Aslan cares about swords, honestly. And like the Nothingness that was threatening everyone (is this the Neverending Story??) was so pasted on. Each island is supposed to be a discrete challenge on the overall quest for personal growth (and looking for lost lords). There doesn't need to be two other overarching plots of finding magic swords or defeating the evil Nothingness. Adding those things just clutters up the plot. 

But whatever, they're making Silver Chair next! And at the end of Dawn Treader, Eustace's mother calls up the stairs that Jill Pole is here to see him!! They'll probably have to recast Eustace for Silver Chair by now, but that's fine. I am excite!


Aug. 21st, 2016 07:14 pm
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Everyone needs to see this film omg. I have not been so amused by a movie in a long time. And so many celebrity cameos!

talk hard

May. 29th, 2016 08:55 pm
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Since I'm watching Mr. Robot now, I went back to rewatch Pump Up the Volume. Honestly, that movie was so formative; that scene where they make out is the best. I don't like the way it ends so abruptly, but I like that it ends "unhappily." Life before the internet was so terrible omg! Nowadays he would have a podcast and a donate button, or he would just talk to his friends online. And when the FCC started talking about how unrestricted broadcasting devolved to the lowest content, I was like just wait a few years, buddy. I'm shocked and appalled that there's like zero fics for this film, but a million for Heathers. I need more...
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Bucky's milkshake brought all the superheroes to the yard - too many, I think, but the film was still very enjoyable!

Rei wrote some interesting meta, and so did Abigail Nussbaum and company, and of course Redlettermedia's reaction. The Fanfare post has good stuff too.

Rei's thoughts on ghosts sparked some thoughts of my own. Tony's method of dealing with ghosts seems to be to rewrite them or exorcise them. He uses his VR machine to rewrite the memory of the last time he talked to his parents and exorcise his guilt. The film echoes this structure when it shows Howard's murder three times, each time rewriting it. Throughout the films, Tony has seemingly changed his mind about the use of power, and each time he sees power abused, he tries to rewrite history to use it in a different way. He's changed his mind about his weapons, his suits, government oversight, predictive policing... If you try to sum up his opinions into a consistent worldview, it can get challenging since he seems to change them each film. His consistency comes from his reaction to abuses of power. Each film, he is reacting to past abuses and trying to rewrite them, so his opinions will change based on what just happened. Like the TSA reacting to a shoe bomber with an inordinate security focus on shoes going forward, Tony is forever looking backwards and trying to exorcise the existing ghost, rather than prevent new ones.

Steve, however, deals with his ghosts by living with them. Steve sees each loss as personal, but just lives with the fact that you lose people instead of trying to rewrite the rules of the game to save everyone, as Tony attempts to. That's the root of their conflict in this film. Tony also tries to kill Bucky to "rewrite" the past, even though Steve tells him, "This won't change what happened."

Other thoughts:
  • Spidey was good - the best Spidey I've seen! - but out of place. Tony's interaction with Peter and Aunt May was similarly entertaining, but did it really belong in this film? And also, child soldier recruitment with no government supervision...? Also lol that the end needed to say "Spiderman will return." Like we don't have enough Spiderman already.
  • SHIELD doesn't exist lol. So much for Agents of Whatever.
  • Contrary to our fears, Steve didn't die! Nobody main died except for Peggy. :(
  • I need a Black Panther movie stat.
  • Where's Pepper? She could have cleared this whole confusion up in 1 meeting.
  • I loled at Steve's attachment issues when he held on to Bucky's helicopter with his bare hands hahaha.
  • That freezing scene was BS. Both from an in-story perspective - for chrissakes, Bucky needs counseling, not freezing and more damaging! - and from an audience perspective - the emotional reward for all of this struggle to keep Bucky alive and get him together with Steve is to... basically temporarily kill Bucky...
  • We needed WAY MORE Bucky and Steve relationship. Redlettermedia is right when it called this basically 2 films, and they wanted just the Bucky/Steve film. The Sam and Bucky road trip stuff worked so well, too. Save the civil war crap for the Avengers film.
  • That Sharon scene was out of nowhere wtf.
  • Some things that were right out of fic made me happy - Tony calling Bucky names like "manchurian candidate," Tony dealing with Bucky killing his parents.
Also Agent Carter was CANCELLED and I am DISTRAUGHT. Season 2 was SO GOOD ughh and unresolved.


May. 16th, 2016 10:07 pm
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I saw this the other day, and it is A++ as I expected! It only works because it's Deadpool, so I hope there aren't a lot of crappy imitators, but it really works! And it works because the core of the story is such a sweet relationship and such vulnerability and pain. Just rating a comic book story R won't make it work on its own - talking to you, Suicide Squad.
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I saw this film recently, and I really enjoyed parts of it. Of course, watching Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson chew scenery at each other was the real treat!!!

But I did enjoy the high school premise, and the actors - the human boy was super smiley and cute. It would have been such a good film with just three changes:

1. No curse. The family dynamics were interesting enough without a curse, and their magic was dangerous enough to serve as a discouragement for getting involved with any mortal anyway. The real conflict should have been internally with the magical girl CHOOSING between darkness and light. The curse takes away all the stakes for the characters since there's nothing they can do anyway. And that whole "once you go dark you can't go back" thing seems like a dire enough climax to the story without a curse!

2. No past lives. I did appreciate that they didn't use the same actors for past selves - that is always so weird and unnatural. But having their love "destined" again removes any stakes or choice for the characters. They don't have to have a reason to fall in love - they just do. And their relationship was cute enough that it should stand on its own. Also, the weird semi-nostalgia for the slave Confederacy was creepy.

3. Explain everyone's powers. I was so confused about what casters could and couldn't do. I was even more confused about black librarian lady who had seer powers, but couldn't use them? And was forced to become a caster librarian because of hereditary reasons - that sounded really creepy?? Explaining more about the dark and light side, and strengths and weaknesses of certain (inborn?) magical specialties would make the temptation of the dark side more interesting.

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I saw Ant Man a few weeks ago, and I keep meaning to post about it, but it was just so bland it didn't really make an impression.

I absolutely agree that Hope (or Janet!!! I love Janet!) should have been the Wasp protagonist and Scott the specialty sidekick. But that brings me to my main plot point confusion: what exactly is Scott's skill? The movie seems to say that he was a one-time computer hacking thief who got carried away and drove his boss's car into the pool. But then he suddenly knows parkour? And safe-cracking techniques?? How did his electrical engineering degree teach him those things? And why did Hank think he was good enough for the heist to contact him in the first place?

Oh, Paul Rudd. He's very likeable. But I just didn't buy that he was as stupid as the lines he says. He doesn't seem hapless - he's too polished. I needed more of a human disaster Clint Barton vibe to buy some of his stupidity. Like I would absolutely buy Simon Pegg saying to police "Wait I didn't steal anything! I was returning something I stole!" but when Paul Rudd said it it seemed like a line. Michael Pena, on the other hand, was a joy and delight and 100% believable. I wish we could have spent the entire film with Scott's friends.

The fight with Falcon was fine and so was the old timey intro (with fabulous CGI youthification of Michael Douglas), but if that's what Edgar Wright left over, it definitely wasn't worth losing him. Some of Edgar Wright's influence survived: The "Baskin Robbins don't play," the quick cuts of Hank's roundabout way of getting Scott to break in, the dog-sized ant at the end. Those were the humor high points, and I wonder what it would have been like if he'd stayed.
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It's been a while since I watched some of these, but I don't think I've posted about them yet!

Ningen Shikkaku
My overwhelming memory of this film is us repeatedly yelling at the screen for Toma to "Get a job!!!" This review pretty much sums up the problems with it. It's the tone of the main character's portrayal that makes it so impossible to sympathize with him - and I'm not sure whom to blame for that. I think the script needed to show his pain and past trauma incidents more so that we knew why he was depressed/self-medicating. And Toma could also have worked harder to convey how suicidal he felt all the time - think of how Domoto Tsuyoshi would play it. In fact, when that director Mitani Koki came on Domoto Kyoudai, he said he would want Tsuyoshi to play Nakahara Chuya, a doomed poet similar to Osamu Dazai (the author of Ningen Shikkaku). So I think a combination of casting and script issues were to blame.

Nou Otoko
An impressive turn by Toma as a psychopath, with a fairly convoluted plot. I was intrigued by the lesbian murderers, but everyone's motivations were kind of ??? Definitely worth watching, however.

Bokura ga Ita
My god, so boring. There were definitely not two films' worth of material here. After part 1, when we were getting ready to watch part 2, my friend exclaimed in dismay, "Wait, there's more?" This film is very good for MST-ing, I must say, and we got a lot of entertainment out of it that way. The part about Toma's mother was touching though, and Toma played that suffering well.

Honestly, it's hard for me to separate Bokura ga Ita and Hanamizuki in my memory, because they're both just like, pointlessly unhappy high school romances? I kind of found Toma sympathetic because he was a poor fisherman, but I honestly couldn't care about any of the main characters. And the parts in New York and Canada were fairly painful with the Engrish and the western actors.

Mole Song
What a fun ride. Takashi Miike has outdone himself in this frenzied and hilarious romp. Toma plays an incompetent police rookie who goes undercover in the yakuza. Tsutsumi has a hilarious role as a yakuza obsessed with butterflies. KudoKan wrote the screenplay, and you get all his best wordplay, Miike's directorial prowess, and Toma and Tsutsumi's comedic chops. Some of the fantasy sequences reminded me of Miike's Happiness of the Katakuris, one of my favorite films.

Hana Yori mo Naho
This is a truly excellent movie, and everyone should watch it. Okada plays a samurai who is intent on revenge for his father's death, but gradually learns the value of daily life. This may be my favorite Okada movie, although it has stiff competition. Okada is perfect casting for a "reluctant samurai." It is well written, well directed, and honestly beautiful. I should have expected that since it was written/directed by Koreeda Hirokazu, who wrote/directed one of my favorite movies "After Life."
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Helenish's review was spot on.

I lived, I died, I lived again! It was a fucking religious experience.

If you love yourself, please go see this movie.

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So I finally saw Fury Road, and it was entertaining! But I was confused at all the accents and Russian?? I thought we were in Australia.  It was kind of hard to understand all the words anyway. I look forward to the silent movie version lol.
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I saw a free advance screening and omg. I was laughing the e n t i r e time it was awesome. And the music was good too. Highly recommend.


Oct. 14th, 2012 07:47 pm
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All of a sudden, I have the intense desire to reread The Changeover, Enter Three Witches, and Being of Two Minds. ::scratches head:: I really wish there were sequels to these books...

Maybe it's because I rewatched Space Balls for the first time in a long time (still hilarious! still love Bill Pullman!), but I also really want to rewatch Krull and The Land of Faraway. What is it my brain is trying to tell me...
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1. Teen Wolf: So I have 4 rows of firefox tabs open with things I'm trying to make myself read. Between XMFC fics I can't face with the angst, HP Draco/Harry reclist fics which are huge and overwhelming, some spare long depressing Loki fics, what seems like the entire contents of shousetsu bangbang, and Auburn's huge but amazing SGA fics (which I will finish dammit!), all I want is MOAR TEEN WOLF. I followed the crowd and watched it all and am in the process of reading all the sterek. ALL OF IT. My favorite genre is Sheriff-finds-out! Followed by absent-from-Beacon-Hills-for-a-few-years-Stiles-comes-back-and-tries-to-negotiate-Derek's-previous-romantic-and-pack-rejection!
Followed by mpreg!Derek! Too bad the show makes noooo sense at all. At all. How do you logic?

2. Teen Wolf vids: These vids pimped me into the fandom. And these vids are good sterek vids!

3. Teen Wolf Cast )

4. Sterek: Despite Saucery's essay, I don't actually see any evidence for sterek in canon. The hottest canon moment was derek/jackson when Derek shoved Jackson against the locker to see his own mark on his neck. But her other essay helps to explain that fandom trend to make one pairing popular over others - by picking characters who are similar in some ways but complementary in others. Unlike other fanon couples like McShep, however, I care a lot about Stiles and Derek individually, so I can make them happy by smushing them together!

5. HAVEN SEASON 3 IS THE ACTUAL BEST I CANNOT HANDLE MY OT3 FEELINGS. Also, Nathan, stop being a jerk to Duke. I can't believe he got that tattoo without figuring out more about the secret society it belongs to.

6. Alphas )

7. Speaking of X-men )

8. Looper )
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Finally getting around to posting this! )

In conclusion, Jeremy Irons was the best thing about the series, as I expected. He was amaaaazing.
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Avengers was so awesome, and luckily I'd gotten in a Loki fic phase right before I went to go see it. Yay for it breaking records! I need to see the after credits scenes, though, since I left too early. But I have two questions that maybe I'm just really dumb, because I don't see anyone else asking them )
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So I was very resistant to the idea of going to see the 21 Jump Street movie, but I'm glad I did. )

Maybe one of these days I'll actually finish season 4...

Meanwhile I find I am unable to get the Han Solo song out of my head. (Do the trash compactor!) Maybe I'll try some Yugioh Abridged (thx, remix issue!) for a palate cleanser. (God knows that's the only way I'm ever going to watch that show.)


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