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I finally caught up on Numb3rs! I was kind of MEH about it earlier, but I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging this season is.

You know it's progressed to the point where I'm mostly watching this show without any slash or shipper goggles at all. I'm watching gen! And I'm liking it!

Don at the end of 307, all dumped and sad, and Charlie and Dad staying up with him. AW. The FAMILY LOVE.

I hope I'm as cool as Allan when I'm old. Happenin' Senior Citizens represent.

You know I really didn't like the idea of Larry and Megan when they started to be a couple, but THEY GOT ME. I can't resist such *adorableness*. My God. HEART.

Charlie and Amita were somewhat hot together! For a few seconds! Amazingly! For two such hot people they're usually so awkward and chemistry-less with each other that watching their "romantic relationship" onscreen is painful. But that impulsive kiss actually made things not so bad. I just--do they have sex? Ever? If they do, why don't we see any of it or hear about it? Like we do with Larry and Megan (and the pimpdaddy naked Don in 307 woohoo).

Charlie at the end of 310. Awwwwww. He's all abandoned and sad and LOVING LARRY.

But even that love comes right after Larry gave him help in his math problem. It's interesting when you look at Charlie's relationships, the only person he's really unselfish with is Don--the only person who can give him nothing in return.

He's such a little diva, but I love him! And he's pretty! You know, in a show full of HOT PEOPLE and people who LOVE MATH, I expect to see SOMEONE having sex and writing equations onto skin, dammit!! Why does my math show not satisfy my math kink?


Sep. 29th, 2006 10:15 pm
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I just watched the Numb3rs premiere, and omg, Charlie's hair looks good, but he's all weirdly tan and chipmunk-cheeked. WTF. And Don's hair is too short! The whole Amita/Charlie thing was SO AWKWARD AND WRONG. It always is. Why don't they just give up on it already! And then Charlie saying to Don that he doesn't want the same things as Amita and he really wants his brother. Obviously! OTOH, Larry and Megan totally surprised me by being ADORABLE AND AWESOME. Maybe Larry will move in with Charlie now. I kind of really want to see Alan have a swinging pad.

I also watched the Veronica Mars season premiere, but oddly, I don't have any thoughts on it. Aside from the witty banter, it was kind of meh.

Now on to SPN and House!

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(And, God, *Eithiopian*? After [livejournal.com profile] glaphix's Eithiopian restaurant horror stories, the date is SO MUCH MORE TRAUMATIZING. ...Dude, all they talk about is work! Mass murder is so romantic omg!)

And MEGAN. Stop with the SLUTTY CLOTHES at work! Jesus. Or else make all the other agents stride around in tank tops and tight pants. ...That'd be good, too.

Hah, Don being all "I'll help you out: I'll get on my knees," to Charlie? Best part of the episode.

Who wants to write me some angsty high school Charlie fic now?


Feb. 23rd, 2006 08:24 pm
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I went to tv.com to look something up and came across this shocking promotional photo. )


Charlie looks shocked, too. Did Don just goose him or something?

Ah, first season brothercest. Those were the days.

I've actually been very pleased with Numb3rs of late. Amita got actual character development. THE MIND BOGGLES. And Charlie's hair has resolved itself into a fairly attractive nimbus (finally). I may be slightly obsessed with his hair. Okay. At least I don't have the hots for Don's forearms like apparently everyone else in the fandom. I still miss Wade though. She was *smoking* hot as Terry, and made the character seem like a real person too.

And oh my Jesus is the Charlie/Larry going strong. They are *married* now. [livejournal.com profile] jekesta was so right. Just the constant flirting and shippiness and *happily marriedness* of them and the way they tease each other... I mean, I'll always like the dirtybadwrong of the brothercest because of the built-in angst, but the Charlie/Larry the show is giving us is just so delicate and complex and *grown-up* a love... Aw, it's just so sweet. Dotty professors and their mathlove, holding chalk-covered hands. <3

Pictures! Naturally, after that promotion photo I went to look at the other Numb3rs pictures on tv.com and this is what they showed me. )



That's like, Rob Morrow's *default picture* on tv.com. Like when you look up an actor's name, "oh Rob Morrow that name sounds familiar, I'll probably recognize his face, hello tv.com... buh?"

He could not look like a bigger dork if he tried. Man, he looks like he belongs at a *Weezer concert* or something. He looks like my *little brother* (who is, hi, thirteen, has a myspace account, and is in a self-proclaimed emo band, God love him.) Standing there with his legs all *braced open* like a cowboy. And even my brother never wore a fugly sweater like that.

...DORK! I think I need an icon. Oh, man.


I just ate gyoza. Twelve of them. Um.

I was cooking them, right, (actual cooking! go me!) and they come in packs of 12 and I was like "Oh, I'll just eat 6 and put the other 6 in the fridge for later," but apparently NO, gyoza are like *Pringles,* and even *with* rice I just couldn't stop.

And now it seems that I've developed this concrete association between gyoza and [livejournal.com profile] otakucat2 because she likes them so much, so I was sitting at the kitchen table eating and moaning things like, "Food of the gods, oh my God, Hada, you need to eat these--"

And seeing how my dinner usually consists of, um, bread? Maybe a pastry? Sometimes a sandwich? (I don't want to spend time away from the *computer* doing things like, oh, *being in the kitchen.*) this gyoza binge is a BIG DEAL for my stomach. Yay.

My birthday was yesterday, and a student baked me cupcakes (so cute!), a teacher gave me a tin of pastries, and many people wished me happy birthday in writing. (It helped that we had just done an ichi-nensei birthday lesson.) Now I am older! I successfully pushed the earth around the sun for another year!


The Methos vid is about halfway done. Yay! (OMG forget that "short song" stuff I was saying; three minutes is a *long time.*)

I can't stop reading SG-1 fics. Someone help! I don't even like this show!

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Bill Nye! On Numb3rs!


I think my brain exploded from the strain of combining two things I love that so obviously do not belong together. I was flailing the minute I saw his name in the credits.

It was so cute to see Bill Nye try SO HARD to like, ACT or something. They even tried to give him a character name and then he was all "CALL ME BILL" ::WINKWINK::

ME: OMG ::dies::

But he just slipped into his usual patter, and you could tell that he tried to tone it down? Act professional? But he still sounded like he was explaining things to four-year-olds. God, I love him, but he shouldn't try to be anything other than himself.

Also, Charlie: Cut your hair! No really. Go back to first season hair, I'm begging you.

Sometimes your hair doesn't look bad - sometimes it even looks *good*. But then there are those times where it looks like you're wearing a set of greasy plastic snakes on your head. And first season hair *always* looked good. So please. For our sakes.

Okay. I have this recurring dream of the Big Gay Due South Movie.

Where like Fraser and RayK have to team up together again on another case (after, as in an interview PG said he thought would happen, Ray had wandered back to Chicago after the quest).


Lots of angsty fucking. And kissing up against walls. Slow, at first tentative kissing, with emotionally charged silences. And flashbacks to the quest and the gradually-revealed big gay relationship crises that drove Ray back to Chicago.

So, in my head, it's like in My Beautiful Laundrette, where the reason for their angst and obvious discomfort being partnered with each other again is not revealed until like halfway through the movie with a flashback to the questsex or sudden kissing after someone shoots at them or something.

And obviously Fraser starts in the North, pretty happy in a small town posting, part of the community, and then the case goes to Chicago (it can be some kind of Canadian political thriller case, okay Paul?), and then both he and RayK follow it back to Canada.


Well at least that's implied by the fact that RayK just stays in Canada with Fraser. That kind of married, not like...ceremony and justice of the peace married. (That's left for the post-movie fanfic.)

Meanwhile I'm thinking RayV and Stella are either away in FLA or RayV is around Chicago and he and Fraser get to visit, get closure, cry manly tears about Victoria, etc. (Though hey, apparently group sex is legal in Canada now so you never know, maybe the foursome will...okay that kinda squicks even me.) But hmm I guess he could be RayK's partner as well, though I don't know how well that would work (shut up, Ray/Ray fics).

It's a very nice fantasy? But I know it will sadly never come to pass. I mean, CKR's played a gay character, and there was the blooper fake buttsex.

And in an alternate dimension where PG isn't Mr. Canada, poster boy, and Due South isn't the most popular Canadian TV show ever, it might could happen.

But frankly, I'm not sure I *want* a Due South movie in reality, because it *wouldn't* be the big gay movie I want it to be, and it would introduce new canon to Joss every lovely post-cotw fic that has become *my* canon.

So I'll just be content with the movie in my head.

In other news, I've been plowing through the Sentinel (THANK YOU FATHER, YOU ARE THE BESTEST MOST FAVORITEST PARENTAL UNIT UNTIL I GET MOM'S JUMP STREET) at an alarming rate.

Conclusion: SO MARRIED, yes. Like I just watched the ep with that black Amnesty International chick, and she had more presence than anyone in the episode. I really liked her, and I could totally ship her and Blair...in an alternate world where Jim is dead or never existed. Because as long as Jim and Blair are alive, they have to be together. I mean, *no one* could watch this show and think that they could live happily ever after separately.

Also, they are PRETTY and GAY. Blair's eyes sometimes, are actually, um...violet. (Oh, the bad Duo fic flashbacks - save me!) GOD I'm so ashamed, but I can't resist the Garett love! PRETTY. (Jesus, now I really can't stop comparing J/B to bad 1x2 fics...I feel so dirty.)

It's really obvious when they're ad libbing and it's always just the cutest, funniest thing ever. ::snugs::

But most of the episodes' plots seem annoying and...unimportant. Who cares about the stiff of the week - I want more character and relationship development.

And then even when there is an affecting plot that tells us something about the characters (like the plot of every other episode where OMG BLAIR IS A KIDNAPPED ANTHROPOLOGIST IN DISTRESS AND JIM HAS TO RESCUE HIM YAY) the episode seems oddly unfinished. Like the elevator episode...there was no emotional reunion between Jim and Blair after that harrowing experience where Blair thought he was going to die, and Jim thought Blair *had* died. There were just some wisecracks and OMG the scripted wisecracks on this show are SO LAME GAG SPIT. I feel really sorry for the actors trying to make them funny because...they're just really - not.

I guess every episode seems unfinished because I'm always waiting for them to kiss or hug or something. They're right on the verge ALL THE TIME (hello bloopers). And it's kind of exhausting to constantly anticipate, constantly be about to see it...and then have them make some lame wisecrack or do some boring detective work or chase scene.

It also pisses me off how little camera focus Blair seems to get. He's always sharing the frame with someone or in the background of a shot. In my mind, this should be The Blair Show, with Jim and Simon. Instead, they waste time on all these one-episode characters and blah. Who cares.

I just watched the ep with Lilah! Wow, Lilah gets to kiss Fraser, have sex with Jim, and *fuck* Wesley (up). We should be taking notes, because this actress obviously knows what she's doing.

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In which I fangirl Warren Peace )

In which I attempt to explain how Dumbledore/Dobby and Hermione/Godric can coexist without comment. )

OMG Sulu is gay. I did not think it was possible for my love for George Takei to grow any greater.

In which I present my random Numb3rs 205 reactions )

Robin of Sherwood is so pretty that capping it wouldn't do it justice. It's pretty in context and in motion and with the Clannad and ::waves hand at screen:: go watch it!

Random actorspotting: Joan of Arc in Forever Knight is the bank robber chick from Due South Free Willie and Vault. And Weir from SGA is the vampire who went into the sun and left behind that doll.

In which I ask: Is the Bondage Mountie James Allodi? )

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I've started work on the Twitch City vid, because c_regalis demanded asked so nicely. I think I've conquered some of my long-standing issues with Premiere too. I can now import xvid straight from the source by changing the 4cc header to divx, divx, and it works except it won't preview the footage when I drag the ends of clips. I figured out how to change the project frame size too by switching to Video for Windows instead of DV. Hmm, maybe that's why the dragging preview isn't working. I found out how to compress to xvid and divx from Premiere too. So I'm slow. But this should make vidding easier and better-quality in the future. Soon Premiere will serve me instead of the other way around. So yay.

And now for some Star Trek. Um, picspam. )

The hooded man )

On to Numb3rs 204! Now with picspam. )

Next: The Kashiba bunkasai and assorted RLishness, the Others fic maybe sometime this year, and ditto for the Twitch City vid. Comment to my last post if you have a vote for my next vid after this one.

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Okay so I was serious when I suggested "Last Sasketchewan Pirate" for part of the proposed pirate colorguard show a couple months ago. But now that I listen to it again, I think it is maybe too...um...*rollicking* for a guard show. Or something. I mean, I love the Arrogant Worms (and DaVinci's Notebook, too, come to think of it), and have for like 2 years now, and when I played their songs for my grandma and aunts in Vermont they loved them too (their humor crosses generational boundaries!), but maybe another kind of song is a better choice for a guard show. Still glad to have spread the Canadian love to guard peeps tho. ^_^ Haha, that reminds me, I wanna see that really dumb looking movie about a Vermont police force where they like, chug maple syrup, etc. It looks so amusing, both intentionally and not.

On a different note, I was watching Numb3rs 107 last night, and Oh My God, people, the incest WRITES ITSELF.

Like seriously, I was all for the incest before (hell my first introduction to the show was reading "Parallel Connections"), but I thought it was more of a "Here are two hot guys in the same show who know each other...that automatically equals slash! Just disregard that whole "related" thing." But NO! I swear, after watching this episode, I really believe that it's canon!

CHARLIE: Why did you never tell me that you cheated on me-- I mean, were engaged to this h0r? ::TEARFUL LOOK::

DON: I didn't know you CARED! ::manful suppression of emotional turmoil::

CHARLIE: But I'm your lover-- I mean, brother!

::emotionally charged silence::

DON: Yeah we were engaged and everything, but *family first* right? But uh, not in any kind of wrong way, because you and me, we're from *different worlds*.

CHARLIE: Different worlds.

DON: Yes! I mean sure we grew up together and now practically live together and work together and, okay! Not so different worlds!

CHARLIE: ::tremulous smile::

And then they sit watching TV with the kind of careful silence that involves not talking about something really painful. Which, granted, for Don is losing his fiancee. He *chose* Charlie and his parents as his family instead of trying to create his own family with a new wife.

But what I don't understand is what *Charlie* is so upset about. (After bringing by the box at 2 AM WTF Charlie! That also speaks to the urgency of his emotional state and the fact that he seems reasonably sure of a positive reception at this hour. And also I guess his desire to have this discussion privately with no chance of interruption.) Charlie is the more emotional of the two in this scene, and I just can't figure out why unless it is the SEKRIT LOVE that he has for his brother. That whole "different worlds" thing is such a laughable attempt on Don's part to excuse and perpetuate the distance between him and Charlie. And why would he *want* to do that unless he had a SEKRIT LOVE for his brother that he felt ashamed of, but he also felt ashamed when he hurt Charlie. Like I really can't imagine what the actors were thinking their motivations were if it had been something other than TWU LOVE. Really, I just...::shakes head::


I can *totally* see how "Parallel Connections" picks up from here. SQUEE!


I haven't read anyone else's wank on the episode, but maybe I'll go over to TWOP and see what they had to say.

On a different fandom note, I HEART VERONICA MARS!
Okay so I'm a little late, but after finishing all the episodes, I'm really impressed with the way they made me *like* the fast switch in the show's OTP from Duncan/Veronica to Logan/Veronica. To get my VM fix, now I've started reading some VM fic, and the first two authors I've read are *amazing*. Passionflows and juliette (sinaddict). I would think that they're among the best in the fandom, but if they're just the normal quality in VM fic, I have to read a lot MORE! ^__^ And I am now in love with the OT3 of V/D/L.

When I compare this to Buffy, Buffy also made me like the switch in the show's OTP from Bangel to Spuffy, but that was not part of the original plan for the series, I'm sure. And I just can't get into the OT3 of B/A/S, mostly because I just don't want to *see* any more of Sarah and David. So I've never read that much Buffy or Angel fic, which I know is just me ignoring some awesome fic that I have bookmarked. But I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the show the way it is, even if there is a huge world to explore and that's pretty much the only way I'll get to see my favorite dead characters.

Oh, Whedonverse! I finished Firefly and it was verra good yay! I can't wait for Serenity! Maybe this movie will mean the series continues. I'm so sick of all my shows being cancelled and not being able to do anything about it. But I love Firefly, my dead gay show where the acronym CSI does not mean stoopid crime show. ::hearts:: Those blue hand people remind me a lot of PsiCorps. Only creepier with no redeeming Bester snark.

On a Real Life TM note, Japan is HOT. And I am NOT GOOD at Japanese. ::cries:: I need to study kanji. But I am too lazy and cannot resist the lure of computer fun. Wheeee.


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