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THANK YOU OC. For making Ryan all beat up and dysfunctional YES.

Also I think this is the first time that I've been *convinced* that canon is inevitably pointing to Ryan and Seth having *lots of sex* very soon. Jesus. Where are the new fics?

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Wow, okay. I am *impressed* by the end of this season on the OC.

They pulled out their cool editing and soundtrack tricks. But most of all, they remembered that the series is best with Ryan (and Seth) in pain. (Damn, that scene where Ryan didn't invite his mom to graduation.) And also with Ryan being violent. Yay. Him and Volchek going all alpha-male and savagely fighting about Marissa. And it's cool how Volchek is like an almost-Ryan, like if Ryan had a little less morality. Like his brother. As it is he has just enough immorality to be hot and just enough morality to be woobie. (But totally fabricated dating and then break-up for Theresa! Annoying! Stop doing that, writers!) And a big hurrah for Sandy finally getting his head out of his ass. It always bothered me that he left his public defender job. It's who he is!

And Marissa might not be dead! It's possible! (Though it's Ryan's stupid male ego that crashed the car anyways.) I feel like I want her to be alive and a possibility because no one makes Ryan hurt like his mom and Marissa. And the show hasn't given me any other coupley option to root for with Ryan other than Ryan/Seth. (And BTW did you catch Seth's I love you to Ryan?)


I had a conference in Kobe for work last week. It was mad fun and Kobe is beautiful. It's only like an hour and a half away, so I'll have to go there again and sightseeeee. We had dance parties in the street (you know how the bands always play at the train stations) at Sannomiya Station, and we were so awesome that the cops came to break us up. (They never do that for the street breakdancers in Osaka!) Some Japanese salarymen thought my twisting ability (for "Twist and Shout") was "sugoi." LOL. I met lots of awesome JETs and made new friends and started really using my keitai address book. So handy! (Yes, Boy, you told me so.) I even put my random mad karaoke practicing to good use and conquered "Suerte" in karaoke. So fast! So Spanish! Then Ryan from W&M spouted interesting and scary conspiracy theories at me on the train home about which he's apparently written a book! Hm, I did learn some cool teaching stuff at the conference, but with four schools it's really difficult for me to do lots of it. I always feel so scattered.

The conference kind of took it out of me though. I was all set to do the Turnbull vid right before the conference. It's all clipped (which is not the way I usually vid), but Premiere is being slow, and I just can't get inspired to actually *vid* it. I feel like even reading other people's ljs is too hard right now. I know, right? How lazy can you be? But I guess I'm more interested at the moment in listening to and watching stories than in discussions. These things come in phases. I need to recharge from being so awesomely social and vivacious. Well, for me. Hee.

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I've started watching The OC again because [livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever said it was good again. It's really not.

When Ryan is *in pain*, when he is on the outside looking in, when he is continually doubting his own self-worth and pathetically grateful for every scrap of affection but too proud to show it, when he is *bleeding* and raging and furiously hopeless. That's when it will be good. That's what made the first season good. Then they went back there for the second season premiere and got my hopes all up only to crush them with the pile of UTTER CRAP that was second season. Not that I watched much of it.

But I decided to start again with the ep where Ryan puts up the punching bag (307) because the description sounded hot. And yes, that was like ten episodes ago and those 90 seconds of punching bag are STILL THE BEST SCENE so far. God. (Although Marissa's sex with Volchok came close. The way it was shot - wow. Hot.)

And okay, the show has done well with the Seth angst at least, I'll give them that. His CUTECUTEADORABLE barmitzvah video with little dorky Seth like little Lex when none of the kids came to his party.

But let's face it: I'm here for Ryan.

Although I do adore Summer and Seth and their relationship. I love how real they are and their snark and snuggling. (Although CHRIST if ONE MORE PERSON on that show mispronounces "yakuza" I am going to choke a bitch. It not yaKUza or yaKYUza. It is YAkuza. YAkuza! (Like poor "ShiZUka" Arakawa. A name that means quiet (SHIzuka) made to sound like baZOOka.) U-syllables are UNSTRESSED OMFG. And I don't buy that Seth is such a BIG FAN and doesn't know how to PRONOUNCE THE GENRE NAME. JESUS.) Ahem. < /rant >

But seriously, comparing Sethummer to Ryan and Marissa, it's painful how Ryan and Marissa fall short. As a viewer I can always feel Seth and Summer's connection. I can feel that they care about each other. Ryan and Marissa, the epic, tragic romance - I mean, they set the relationship up for us to expect some Heathcliff/Cathy depth of connection here, and it's not even measuring up to *Sethummer*. Ryan and Marissa had more of a connection back in first season when they weren't going out than now when they are. They never touch each other, never talk to each other, never tease each other. It's like they're strangers. It's *weird*. First season I totally believed in them, mostly because I'm a sucker for the rich girl/poor boy archetype (I BLAME YOU JOHN HUGHES.). Now I'm just REALLY TIRED of these bland pod people, their lame, repetitive, self-indulgent drama, and the ANNOYINGLY CONTRIVED plot-device characters that appear just to threaten their relationship.

Also Sandy and Kirsten! Yay with the good marriage. But WTF is Kirsten still doing UNEMPLOYED?? The original career woman? She is *sober* now. *She* should be running her father's business, not allowing Sandy to compromise his ethics (HI WHAT THE HELL SANDY. STRIPPERS???) Even if there's some plot point I missed that precludes her running the Newport Group, she should be doing something more challenging than *catering* or a *dating service*. I REALLY REALLY LIKED the power dynamic between them first season, and having Kirsten become a Newpsie housewife just RANKLES.

Also not to be shallow (HAHA ON THE OC) but Ryan is *not as hot* now. His hair is *shorter* and his nose is *bigger* and just - ::waves hand::

But hey, this show is always good for the MOMENTS OF UTTER GAY.

-Seth *rolling around* in Ryan's empty bed omgwtf while talking phonesex to him on the phone.

-Marissa and Summer sleeping in the same bed. For months.

-This whole exchange, which proves Summer's awesomeness:

Ryan: So we'll be in Northern California, you'll be in Rhode Island. (Marissa touches Ryan’s arm)

Summer: Uh-oh, you and Seth are gonna have'ta do the long distance thing, you better not cheat on each other!

Ryan: Yeah that’s college, things happen.

Seth: (to Ryan) Are you questioning your sexuality?

Ryan: No, you could see how -

Summer: Have some toes. (wiggles her bare toes at Marissa)

-And then, just last episode, Seth perving on Volchok:

Summer: What does she see in that guy? He's so dirty and greasy.

Seth: He's got good abs. Women like abs. I've got a sixpack myself. I know.

Summer: Oh, Cohen, those are your ribs.

Seth: Oh. Well listen, let's just not tell anybody anything.

Summer: Alright. Heads down, lips sealed, smooth sailing.

Seth: He's also got really defined triceps. I like that.

O.O    Just, they had totally moved on and he *jumps right in there* again with the physical appreciation of Surf Nazi. "Hey, girlfriend-mine, I like defined triceps on boys!" And Summer's all cool with it, whatever. I love him and Summer SO MUCH sometimes. Mainly because I suspect they come off so much better in comparison to the other characters.


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