Sep. 11th, 2016 03:01 pm
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Watching the Bun Bu Buun with Toma, Toma really reminded me of Nakai-kun. He seemed even more adult than Kinki! He kept the conversation going, took care of everyone, naturally tsukkomi'd Koichi lol.

It's too bad he never got a group, because I think he would make a great leader like Nakai-kun. Of course, with the way all the groups are imploding, maybe it's good he didn't debut.

Johnny-san is really amazing though - he picked Kinki out from just their photos and resumes their sisters sent in when they were 12. Maybe that's the problem with the younger groups - or at least the group member choices: that Mary or Julie was choosing instead of Johnny. There's been so much wasted talent since Takki on down. And even in large groups like HSJ that guard against losing members by having a million members - how are they (or we) supposed to feel any member ai in a group like that? (Can you tell I miss 4 Tops? ;_;)

Anyway Toma's been so active I have a lot to catch up on. But I really want to see his butaiiiiiii. WHY are there no videos of it?? ;_; Written by KudoKan! And Toma also has my SMAP feels. That's right, RIKAI DEKINAI.

At least we still have Tokio.


Sep. 7th, 2016 12:36 am
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Ugh, I heard the news about SMAP disbanding, and I keep remembering at random times of the day and then having a sad.

Nakai must be devastated.

Uggggh, I don't want it to happen!!! Can't they just suspend activities?? That way they can still do a few things later if they want to and keep their SMAP identity. Individual activities are not the same! Where will I see my favorite crossdressing Nakai-kun flirting with other SMAP members now?!

Damn this manager drama. And telling us with a FAX was so low class. When Mori left, when Kimura got married, they had the decency to announce it to us themselves in a concert.

At least Kinki will "always be around, always stay together." They BETTER.
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I recently watched K and L con, and I was literally sobbing from hysterical laughter during the MCs. I frequently had to stop to breathe.

And they sound REALLY good vocally - plus I was surprised how much I liked L album.

All this is a reminder to myself that I should watch more cons and not be intimidated by the length.

Now all that's left is... US con, H con fancam, M con, Kimi mo Domoto Family, and J con dvd.
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Taking a break from crying about Hamilton, I was completely blindsided by the news about Bowie...

And today, watching Lazarus, I felt like this little girl, totally unable to cope with the reality of aging and death.

Our Hannibal watch continues apace, but we are deep in s2 prison territory, so there's not much relief to be found there, although Cleolinda tries...

And now I hear SMAP is breaking up?? The management needs to get their shit together and stop all this backstabbing of each other, ffs. The one thing that made me laugh when I was deathly ill with a cold recently was rewatching the SMAP Saiban. :(

On the Star Wars side of things, I'm totally enjoying all the OT3 fics!!! And the What if Ep III Were Good finally came out! I shall now edit my memories of these films accordingly...

Hey guys

Oct. 4th, 2015 10:11 pm
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Remember when Koichi called into the radio and "confessed" his gay feelings for Tsuyoshi? Because I had forgot and it's terrimazing.
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Abunai Yakai with Toma and Ogushun.

OMG the first question Sho asks Toma and Ogushun: "You two go out together in your private life too, right?"

The bit about their mails was SO CUTE omg Toma really is Ogushun's Tokyo bride. My friend was worried that Ogushun might be doing the same crazy drinking with his friends even after his marriage, but it sounds like he's calmed down. (The part where he was jealous of when friends that he introduced went drinking without him was so cute as well.)

And the bit with Sho and Toma was really adorable. (Forever mad at Mary or whoever for not picking Toma.)

Yes, I am 8 months late on this...

I just watched the end of Craig Ferguson 8 months late, too... Now my dream of Alan Cumming on Craig will never come true.

What are we going to do without Jon Stewart or Craig? At least we will have Colbert!

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1. JOHNNY IS MARRIED. I stop checking skating_meme for *three months* and Johnny gets a boyfriend and gets married! I AM SO HAPPY. God, I hope it works out. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. And Johnny has gone back to Galina and is making Sochi noises! And SOI is no longer sponsored by Smuckers, has dropped Evan for asking too much money, and Evan is not competing in the Grand Prix because he wanted too much money from the USFSA. USFSA publicly tweeted congrats to Johnny's marriage while USFSA favorites have been backlashing Evan.


I don't even care about skating_meme's wank/backlashing/concern trolling, the Russian wives' crazy, Tara's charity debacle, Moskvina's show kerfluffle, the Korean fans, Johnny's constant triggering of my embarrassment squick, and Ueli chained up in Stephane's basement. I don't even care.

Johnny is *married*. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I keep remembering and being ridic happy.

I might even watch an event or two. If America's field weren't so pathetic and meme weren't so dead...

Also, it's hilarious to go to meme now and see the Johnny/Stephane find & replaces of fics that I just read in XMFC.

2. I will never be done with XMFC fic. I am drowning in fic, in reclists, in WIPs. Thank God for or I would be drowning in tabs as well. But aside from a few fluffy fics, most XMFC fics are soul-destroying and NOT happying, which is why it's good I have:

3. COUNTDOWN. How amazing/hilarious was Countdown!? Sato falling on his ass! Andalucia! Matchy being a BAMF! K8 as crazy food! Tsubasa's hilarious face! KinKi being deadpan. Arashi being awesome performers! V6's HILARIOUS SEX SONG WHAT. The tiny junior group from Utena whose sex song is also WHAT in a far more horrifying way. Toma and Pi clearly having their own ~private~ NYE celebration away from Countdown. (CDTV!Pi said he was spending it quietly at home! Clearly this is secret code, as the song goes.)

4. Heikeha! They took over a SCP episode and did a concert! Yara's black hair is cute. The only new song was their version of Garasu no Juudai. I have to say, Taichi is a genius. I usually HATE easy listening and jazz. But his arrangement, oh my God, makes me so turned on. Those sweet jazz sounds.

5. KinKi's hilarious new PV. It is about an oddly shaped rock. As in stone. No really.

[ profile] inseiko's thoughts are dead on. I have not actually read the lyrics yet, but my deep thoughts on the PV can be found here. )
A++++ would LOL again.
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OMG Sakamoto looks like a dirty bandit. IT IS SO HOT. [ profile] misosiru called him Zorro! (I used to be a huge Zorro fangirl so it's not surprising that I love it.) I want him to have ALL THE SEX with Nagano and hide it from the rest of V6! ALL THE SEX.

Ahahaha, the Leader x Leader duet was great! Good times.

Tokio's new song is good! Gussan was wearing a skirt! (Of all the Tokio members to be wearing a skirt...) Maybe he let his Oneemans style him!

Why is Uchi singing with KUNTT? I'm so confused - I've been out of the JE loop for too long.


The everyone-sings-each-other's-songs part was pretty disastrous. Wow.

Nino is really gay and adorable. When did that happen? And OMG Arashi's ridiculous dances and catchy songs. I'm glad to see they're keeping it up. But I'm kind of shocked that Johnny let them host Kouhaku. I guess they're the new SMAP.

THE TAKKITSUBA FLYING DUET. AHAHHAHA. GAY. OMG I bet that was Tsuba's idea. The end was so cuuuute.

LMAO TSUYO HUGGING KOICHI on the "boku ga iru yo" part of Family. I melted, he's so sweet. But Koichi looked like he feared another kiss attack lol.

Matchy seems like he's still going strong, which I admire, even if I don't entirely like him.

Nishikiori sung well and lol his adorable juggling, but he should sing a different song next time! He always sings that one! And wear less extreme stage makeup...

Oh, God.

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:22 pm
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So after falling headlong into an intense flirtation with ontd_ai, I am falling back into skating, and it's all ontd_skating's fault! How can I resist Johnny's reality show and Stephane's intense adorasexiness?? All the skating and embarrassing interviews I need in one convenient location with no icenetwork subscription fee! I also finally fixed the Tivo to record skating, and, uh, yeah. What with the Olympics and an intense deadline at work, and keeping up with ontd_skating only, I haven't touched flist in like a month. Now I'm scared to so, like, did I miss anything? Anything exciting happen?

I promise I'll look at domotokyoudai at least soon. (bad mod) I have to post my kinki index, gah!

In other news, I am at the beach for a week vacation yaaay!

Hm, even though Glam RPF doesn't include Ohno/Celski, I think I will follow astolat's suggestion and tag this semi-appropriately, especially with all the merged fandom Lambert/Weir that I want to be written. Christ, Gaga really is Godga in this fandom. Like the Queen of Louisiana or something.
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Okay maybe kind of like a boyband, but I'll take any harmony from JE, and they sing it RLY WELL. I want Heikeha concerts! With all the Tsurugi no Mai crazydancing of last time with the grown-up awesome chords of this time! Sakamoto's voice! Taichi's face!
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It's only the second day of J con, and KinKi have already kissed again! And it's not even somebody's birthday! Between kissing and the dildo-shaped penlights I'm not sure how the Birthday Concert will top this. Err, so to speak. But where is the FANCAM?
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Linky! Best Artist V6+K8 )

Okay, epic inter-group interactions need to happen MOAR. Especially since what I saw of the Sports Day was, well, not as epic as I would have liked. (Should I watch more? I just watched the Nakai and Koichi clip. Tell me if I'm missing out.) Are we even having Countdown this year? (K8 not at Countdown is really lame...)

ETA: Tokio give some mellow tunes yo. Leader's hot hot intro guitar! Gussan's hot new hairstyle and managing to look awesomely naked in that shirt! Nagase's glasses! Taichi's emoting! Trumpet backdancing! Performing in some kind of ~crystal cavern~! FIRE! Good editing in general, Best Artist Director. And Tokio sound really good! If this is all live, like I think it is, I am really fucking impressed. ...But boring new song is kind of boring. MABO HITTING SHO IN THE FACE. I CAN'T EVEN. TOO MUCH AWESOME FOR WORDS.

ETA2: Koi no ABO, stop being so catchy. Seishun Amigo, stop making me like Pikame again. Junno, stop looking so hot and uke in that plaid skirt and ripped sweater. Arashi, stop overwhelming me with the sheer awesome force of your being. I am sticking to KinKi with a side of senpai only, or I'll never have time to sleep!

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So I was watching TV on the actual TV (a rare occurance), and I saw a few minutes of Star Trek: Enterprise (an even rarer occurance) when who should appear on the screen but ANDREAS KATSULAS. His beautiful face and voice and oh. After only one glorious moment though, the show cut to commercial. Then when I flipped back I swear to God I came in on the tail end of Archer and Trip having an emotional lover's argument. Cut to credits. Oh, well.


I watched all of Saigo no Koi in like one day. My God, those subs were off, often saying the exact opposite of what they should be. But baby Nakai did a good job, a little over/under acting, but mostly good and intense. Hee, he must have been SO EMBARRASSED at the love scenes, but that nervousness was in character at least. I really loved his character. <3333 And of course Tokiwa Takako was good. As for the writing, well... The exposition was shaky, the story tugged at my heartstrings, and the ending was pasted on. Yeah, pretty much everything you'd expect from Kitagawa Eriko.


My aunts visited recently and redid the garden, and then invading neighbor hordes came in to check it out, when they weren't spying on my aunts from their own yards. OMG! GTFO! ::hides:: And what's worse, digging up the yard gave rise to more invading hordes of the small buggy kind. >.<


SDK: Koichi's large handkerchief. I died. Aw, he's so adorable and delusional.

The Bonnie mention was an odd and interesting moment. They cut something out there, probably just more of them hemming and hawing, trying to remember, but Koichi being clueless is always cute.
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But Tsuyoshi's face when he thought the psychic was saying that Koichi was going to marry soon. That face was the main つぼ of the Korean episodes for me. That and ENARI-KUN I LOVE YOU STAY ALWAYS.

See what I mean? )

I finally finished season 3 of Who (thanks to the ever-persistent meemeration) and finally watched the whole TW episode with the Spike kissing and not just clips of it. Wow, can I just say that that was really really hot. Made me all squealy! Oh, TW, such fanfic onscreen. What Angel SHOULD have been ahahah. And Jack on Who was just too awesome. Unrequited lovers of the Doctor unite! Jack and Martha all cute together. Jack all "I did it in your honor" awwwww. FACE OF BO. Ahaha, I can so see Jack calling himself that as a black joke.

I've been rereading a lot of TOS fic, which is giving me dangerous thoughts of starting to watch TOS or B7 or Jump St or Robin Hood again. (WESTERN FANDOMS WHUT?) Also, I've been giving [ profile] yinghung some videos from my short kpop phase (oh the shiny gay).

But yes. Kinki! Translating! Watching the things I've downloaded! Catching up on JE! Watching concerts in chatrooms! Getting organized on Dreamwidth! I shall... get on all those things.

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Too bad about Adam losing Idol (not that I watch Idol), but now he's free to be his badass awesome self successfully.


Okay, seeing as I've read (and read and read) everyone's reaction posts, my viewing of the Star Trek film (it really doesn't have an actual name??) was a little biased, but here is my obligatory reaction post. )


Why did no one tell me that Julie was so hot?? Only NOW do I find out he's called the Japanese David Bowie and the pioneer of visual kei. Fandom fail! I knew he was famous, but I pictured the Tigers as like early-'60s Beatles, drawing crowds of screaming girls while not being very hot.

But Koichi's performances of Julie's Darling are hot (starts at 27:30). Hello jewelry and sultry looks. (I've really got to finish Tokikin.) And they reminded me of the cute way Koichi acts around Takuro-san. (BTW Takuro-san is totally hot with long, non-fro hair, wow.)

And so what with those performances and Toma's performance I was inspired to look for the real thing. Here's one - you can't really see it well in that one, but he does this totally limp-wristed thing on the chorus...

But this other song is so freaking hot. Talk about to-be-looked-at-ness. Not to mention queer coding and androgyny. Sailor hat! Jewelry!! Fanservice! I think it's impressive that he makes it obvious that dog-tags and hat-badges are just another form of jewelry.


I finished Hitotsu Yane no Shita season 1 in my great quest to watch everything Nojima Shinji has ever written, and omg. It was good! An-chan reminded me of Nagase in Mukodono, really weepy and hot-blooded and family-oriented. The gags did get a bit much and so did the melodrama, "accidental sighting" coincidences, and gender roles. There was some overacting too. I can tell that Nojima Shinji's writing has improved, but this was a real fun ride. Now I want to watch season 2! Except if I don't watch it I can keep my illusion that it will give me my two-brother-one-woman marriage. My OT3s are always so doooomed. ::clings to Concerto::

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Last night I finally cracked the code to this Japanese Kinki TsuKou fic website.

I win the internets.

And then I found a lot more with google and this ring (thx [ profile] lullabyeforyou!) Aaaah, I dunno if I have time to read it all.

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I've been haunting the Chinese boards about Kinki's latest and sadly obscured kiss. )


My inner monologue sounds like the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Fancam? Fancam fancam? Fancam! Fancam?

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These quotes are what I translated from, so there might be errors. But I did recognize a few of them as being correct, so I know they're not all fabricated.

Translation )

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I need BIGGER SCANS so I can READ everything. It's like all this stuff is happening that I can't SEE grrr. But from what I see here it's FUN.

Tsuyoshi's hair is fabulous, he looks like a lesbian! He looks stunning, reminds me of KD Lang, and so PRETTY. Koichi looks great and princely as usual.

Also I happened across these quotes the other day, and they made me all [Shazna voice] MELTY LOVE! [/Shazna voice]

Like I remember some of these being said, but in context they didn't seem so SOPPY. But they TOTALLY ARE. GOD. The love is like DRIPPING OFF THE PAGES HERE. And this is only Tsuyoshi's comments about Koichi! The complementary list is sure to be equally outrageous IF NOT MORE. (Oh, did anyone want a translation of those quotes?)

Thank god for Chinese fans, is all I can say. (I feel sometimes that I should learn Korean and Chinese just to get my Japanese fandom stuff, which - there must be some magic Japanese sites I'm missing. I just read a few blogs, but they're all WORDS, no GOODIES. And omg has someone figured out this password? Because I failed. A lot. Or point me to some more accessible J禁 fic sites...)

What is going ON with this New Year's concert. Tokyo simulcast. CRAZINESS. WHY DID I HAVE TO GET INTO KINKI AFTER I LEFT NARA. FAIL.

ETA: Wow, they really are such monkeys. The impersonators are right.


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