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Wow, so glad I have a DW. Remember, "For the rest of the year, creating a Dreamwidth account will not require an invite code: just visit the Create an Account page." The culture at DW is amazing, and I'm so glad we have it.

Oh, God.

Mar. 31st, 2010 10:22 pm
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So after falling headlong into an intense flirtation with ontd_ai, I am falling back into skating, and it's all ontd_skating's fault! How can I resist Johnny's reality show and Stephane's intense adorasexiness?? All the skating and embarrassing interviews I need in one convenient location with no icenetwork subscription fee! I also finally fixed the Tivo to record skating, and, uh, yeah. What with the Olympics and an intense deadline at work, and keeping up with ontd_skating only, I haven't touched flist in like a month. Now I'm scared to so, like, did I miss anything? Anything exciting happen?

I promise I'll look at domotokyoudai at least soon. (bad mod) I have to post my kinki index, gah!

In other news, I am at the beach for a week vacation yaaay!

Hm, even though Glam RPF doesn't include Ohno/Celski, I think I will follow astolat's suggestion and tag this semi-appropriately, especially with all the merged fandom Lambert/Weir that I want to be written. Christ, Gaga really is Godga in this fandom. Like the Queen of Louisiana or something.
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I finished my papers! In a few weeks, barring disaster, I shall be MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE LITERATURE.

Now I will have more time to spend with all of YOU. Yes, be afraid!
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Aaah, my mom just broke her wrist and I have to take her to lots of doctors stuff, plus one of my giganto papers is due sooner than I thought (HI, WEDNESDAY), and yeah, don't know how much gainful employment is going to happen this week (I don't really care).
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So I was watching TV on the actual TV (a rare occurance), and I saw a few minutes of Star Trek: Enterprise (an even rarer occurance) when who should appear on the screen but ANDREAS KATSULAS. His beautiful face and voice and oh. After only one glorious moment though, the show cut to commercial. Then when I flipped back I swear to God I came in on the tail end of Archer and Trip having an emotional lover's argument. Cut to credits. Oh, well.


I watched all of Saigo no Koi in like one day. My God, those subs were off, often saying the exact opposite of what they should be. But baby Nakai did a good job, a little over/under acting, but mostly good and intense. Hee, he must have been SO EMBARRASSED at the love scenes, but that nervousness was in character at least. I really loved his character. <3333 And of course Tokiwa Takako was good. As for the writing, well... The exposition was shaky, the story tugged at my heartstrings, and the ending was pasted on. Yeah, pretty much everything you'd expect from Kitagawa Eriko.


My aunts visited recently and redid the garden, and then invading neighbor hordes came in to check it out, when they weren't spying on my aunts from their own yards. OMG! GTFO! ::hides:: And what's worse, digging up the yard gave rise to more invading hordes of the small buggy kind. >.<


SDK: Koichi's large handkerchief. I died. Aw, he's so adorable and delusional.

The Bonnie mention was an odd and interesting moment. They cut something out there, probably just more of them hemming and hawing, trying to remember, but Koichi being clueless is always cute.
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"The deconstruction of identity is not the deconstruction of politics; rather it establishes as political the very terms through which identity is articulated."

The way Judith Butler writes makes me so hot and bothered.

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I just got back from the Leaving Ceremony for all the departing ALTs at the 県庁. (I still can't quite believe I'm really going home. I feel so sad when I think of them cutting up my gaijin card. But happy when I think of seeing people!)

The Governor made a long speech that was really good in excellent English. We were all really impressed. Apparently he speaks French, too. It was a very formal and Japanese ceremony where he gave certificates and stuff to all of us. They were filming it for some reason, so maybe I'll be on NHK!

It was kind of hilarious how the Japanese 課長 would say a sentence in Japanese and then at the end give a direction like "stand up" or "bow," and some of us would start to do it, but then no one else around us was doing it so we'd stop. And then Josie would say the same thing in English, and then we could all do it together. When the 課長 said 「ご起立」、Patrick stood up first and proud... and then sat back down. And Tom kept doing these mini-bows--like a robot that got stuck--until Josie said "bow" in English. But I think we did well. Apparently last year when people got up to get their certificates, there was a lot of bowing in the wrong places, like a Three Stooges movie.

Lucas made a speech on behalf of the leaving ALTs, and his accent was pretty strong, but in a cute way. He got through some pretty formal Japanese (He said he had help making his speech.) and was generally Lucas-awesome with a newly shaved head from Ultimate Frisbee and his sideburn-beard thing (what do you call that? the one with no moustache?) that made him look kind of like an Amish skinhead.

Afterwards we were taking the elevator down from the meeting room, and there were about 4 ALTs and 4 Japanese salarymen in the elevator. At the last minute, Tom abandoned the people he was talking to outside and jumped in the elevator. Then in typical Tom sarcastic style, he said, "I bet they're like, 'Get off, fat gaijin!'" they referring to the salarymen. Which is even funnier because Tom is like the skinniest boy ever made. And the salaryman ojisan next to me said 「そんなのゆってへん!」 ("No one said that!"), and then everyone laughed.

We went out to lunch afterwards, about 14 of us, and there was a really good buffet for only 900! It was awesome. I met a third-year, Sean (He just doesn't go to many JET activities so I haven't met him before.), who it turns out lives really close to where I live in America and might be going to the same grad school. So that was pretty cool. I'm always in really high spirits when I'm with a bunch of gaijin because there's that instant gaijin bond. I wonder if I'll expect that when I'm back in America. Like, just expect strangers to be friends with me because we're both American. I think I'll definitely be more social, at least at first.

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Lately I've been feeling like I should experience Culture, since I'll only be here 2.5 more months. The Golden Week beach trip to Shirahama was really fun. So this weekend I was doing things! )

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So I saw a Takarazuka production. )

I went with two just-graduated girl students. One of them has a mother who is a *huge* fan, and a little sister who likes Takarazuka too. She cried when the main woman committed suicide, hee. I was mostly just rolling my eyes at the contrivedness by that point. After we went to the show, we went to Umeda and played in the Hep Five mall, riding the ferris wheel and doing purikura. It was fun. I used Japanese all day, but I feel like my Japanese was sooo bad. Christ. We made tentative plans to go again to watch "Elizabeth."

Speaking of musical theatre, I highly recommend "Jerry Springer: the Opera." It's on google video. Go! Watch! Fly, my ducks!

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I've been UNABLE to break away from drama-watching as of yet. It kept going all through aunt and cousin's visit (nice to see them, but rainy weather buu). Luckily my three-day enforced stay in Yokohama (fun!) that ended yesterday has made me take a little break at least, but who knows how long that will last...

In roughly chronological order )

Oh speaking of haircuts, I got my hair bobbed in Yokohama! It's kind of chin length now wheee. The hairdresser dude was totally fun and cute, and got me a little drink service of juice and shoulder massage included along with the shampoo for only 3780! My friend got hers cut at the same time in the same shop but with a surly woman, and got none of the services but paid like 5000. Lame. I think this is my first time having a man cut my hair (yeah I don't get it cut that often), but maybe I should stick to men now! I asked him why Japanese men (him included) had that LARGE spiky hairstyle. He said he didn't really know... It must be fashion brainwashing! Like all the 80s fashions I see coming back now (nooooo).

Before that I also got this like strange physical therapy thing where they stretched you out to straighten your bones. Kind of a gentle chiropracty. (I miss my American chiropractor like CRAZY. But of course he does much more than straight chiropracty.) I think it was called satai or something, where the tai was 体. It was nice. There was also foot reflexology offered there, but I didn't do it.

I'm so behind on ALL my American TV. ::whistles::

My aunt and cousin watched a lot of Japanese TV while they were here. Because they had the TV on, I got to see this awesome piece on NHK about an onnagata. A woman who likes to dress up as a man and hates her own femaleness talked to this fabulous onnagata of whom she was a fan. And they talked about finding your own path and finding jibun no rashisa and how the woman who hated her own femaleness was according to the onnagata only otokoppoi in her suit jacket and tie, not otokorashii. So the onnagata dressed the *woman* up as an onnagata, with all the traditional makeup and everything, to help her experience her own femininity. While he was out of costume himself. And the gender theory made my brain HAPPY. (Judith Butler and all performing gender and stuff). And the onnagata talked about how men were able to portray a more ideal femaleness than women were. (The artifice is more true than reality, the men are able to analyze femininity from the outside, etc.) Like CLASSIC kabuki and Japanese historical theory still being said by people today! So cool! I wish I had it on tape. Wow, I can't wait to see Takarazuka in March, which has the same practice in reverse.

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I've been watching Gokusen season 1, and... I know I'm probably the only one, but I really want the story where Sawada grows up and marries Yankumi and takes over the business and uses his brilliance to become this young underworld king figure and gets waaaay more power than his father and maybe rubs his father's nose in that A LITTLE and lets Yankumi keep teaching and helps her students out when there's trouble and they have married!yakuza!sex.

...Yeah, just me, huh? (I think "Forbidden Love" corrupted me.)

I am STRUNG OUT on HanaDan. (後三日!) Even though this season isn't as good as the first one. I'm even considering reading the manga. Or at least putting it on my to-do list. (Though I don't know if I can handle 11 years worth of romantic misunderstandings.)

I was rewatching the last 4 eps of Kimi wa Petto (HAPPYSIGH) and I realized how much it spoiled me for porn. There is a LOT more physical and sexual contact there than in like Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and HanaDan (and Nobuta goes without saying). So maybe that's why I feel so dissatisfied with the new season of HanaDan (I keep wanting them to jump each other) and also the ending of Tatta Hitotsu. (Seriously. WTF. Get married already. Or even, you know, TOUCH EACH OTHER.)

I think Hanazawa Rui is one of the prettiest men I have ever seen. And he looks soooo mangappoi. Like I haven't read it, but every time the camera lands on him, his costume and posture and way of moving just make me picture a manga panel. (In a hot way! Like wow, there are people that manga-pretty in real life too!) But I hear in the newest HD manga Shizuka gets married to a French dude, and Rui is okay with that, but romantically alone now and that is SAD because I love how he just LOVES everyone and I want him to be happy. Hmm, his role is kind of like Sawada's in Gokusen 1. Just standing back and loving everyone. Except he does it more intensely. And sexier!

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] jekesta would like how the recurring symbol of Rui and Domyouji's big gay friendship is them tossing each other apples and then eating them at each other. They are so silly.

Dude, there are some huge drum noises outside. I wonder what's going on. I had a half day today and I spent all of it watching Gokusen. Hee.

My angry!RayK vid has been almost finished for like a month now. But I'm waiting until I'm not absolutely convinced that it is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen before I finish it and ask for a beta.

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Last Thursday was the 文化発表会 (Cultural Presentation) at one of my schools.

It started off with a bang, with an electric shamisen rock band called JK-Soul.
Yes, an electric shamisen. )

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In an Italian restaurant I've been to many times, I'd never noticed these two signs before.

The first one directs you to the toilet. )

Then when you reach the end of the little hallway, there is another helpful sign. )

Just. Where do you *buy* these? Are they actually mass-produced?? Is this someone's little homemade project?

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This weekend was a three-day weekend with Health and Sports Day on Monday, but I feel like I barely had any vacation. Friday night I went to Omiwa Shrine to see the Moon Viewing Festival. It was really awesome with miko dancing and traditional instruments and sacrifices to the dead. Very big energy and spiritually wow. Afterwards the miko gave us a saucerfull of sake and some mochi and anko--I usually don't like mochi, but this was soft and tasty.

Sorry these pictures are blurry. It was much more beautiful in person!

pictures )

Then on Sunday I went to Yakushiji (temple) for its like Big Day (maybe anniversary?). Anyway, there was some stuff there on display that isn't usually there. TONS of people. And there was a big procession of gods and demons and stuff (people in costume! I don't know!) that someone said were the Basara, which may be the generals of Hell. In any event, the gaijin team from the Basara Matsuri earlier that summer performed their dance again for the people and the gods (the people in costume were up on a dais watching us). I had never done this dance, not having participated in the steaming hot (and this year rainy) Basara Matsuri either year. So I wasn't wearing appropriate garb (not that it mattered, but nobody told me!), and I had to learn the dance in like half an hour (which I did). We went first of the three dance groups, and we were soooo bad. Like we introduced ourselves as "dancing from the heart", because obviously we weren't dancing from any kind of skill or practice. The other two groups were seriously awesome. omg embarrassing. So I don't know why they invited us. Our group did win a "Special Prize" at Basara Matsuri (lol), and apparently we were the highest-ranked group there. (That scale was a little off!)

pictures again )

After the dance we helped set up lanterns, and I walked around the temple a bit. Yakushiji is my favorite temple so far, and it's the third time I've been there. I listened to a monk give a variation on the same speech I'd heard there before. He talked about how all of us tell lies and have bad thoughts and want things, and if we didn't then (he gestured behind him to the buddhas) we should go up there because we were obviously buddhas. He said that the health of the heart was very important and often neglected in our busy lives, and that we should take a few minutes each day to tend to the health of our heart. Then he did the thing where he said that palm to palm, shiwa to shiwa naraba shiawase ni naru, and the backs of the hands together knuckle to knuckle, fushi to fushi naraba fushiawase ni naru. So I guess pray more?

There were groups of monks going around and chanting and bowing to the various statues of gods, and then there was this pile of piney branches and a monk was chopping at it with a sword without actually touching it while other monks played traditional instruments. Don't ask me.

And pictures! )

After that we walked a long way to an onsen, which was very big and nice. It had a bath that was purple and smelled like grapes, but the sign said apples. Obviously just to confuse everyone. And it had an outside bath filled with dirt minerals, too. And a tv on the wall in case you got bored with all that *nature*. There was this one place with an electric charge running through the water. It felt like stinging nettles. Very odd. What is that supposed to do? And there were many other baths with massaging jets. After that we walked another long way to eat Indian food, and then out to karaoke and then I stayed at friends' apartment until morning because the trains were gone. It was fun, yeah. But a lot more *walking* and dancing (and biking!) than I was used to.

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At the aquarium the other day I saw this amusing shirt. )

The foreign English teachers in my prefecture have a monthly newsletter where anyone can submit random shit. It is always entertaining. I liked this story I read in it this month, and I thought I'd share it with the class. )
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These boots are RIDICULOUS.

glaphix: look at these shoes
glaphix: they're like chewbacca shoes
fenlings: ...
fenlings: scary
fenlings: mukluks
fenlings: I DIE
glaphix: haha, that's a funny word
glaphix: HAHAHA

Between these boots and all the 80s fashions purported to be coming back, I'm *damn glad* I'm not hung up on being fashionable and that I just like what I like.

OMG Mimi just said that METALLIC BAGS ARE BACK.

Get thee behind me, 80s!


Also Mimi has a friend named Kishor, which is an AWESOME NAME, totally a Star Trek villain name, and now I have made it my new general sound of affirmation.

Sample Dialogue:

"Fenlings, would you like to go to the store for some canned meat?"



Today in school there was this EXTREMELY TALL and skinny ichi-nensei boy who was hilarious. He is like twice the size of most of his classmates, and also has the most personality. He retains a lot of English and uses it naturally which is YAY, even if he doesn't always follow the dialogue pattern we're supposed to be memorizing. All during class, he kept saying to his boy friend "I LOVE YOU." in the tone of voice a husband would use after breaking a vase or something and trying to convince his wife not to kill him. Only he was smiling and like NUDGING HIS FRIEND REPEATEDLY with his shoulder it was so. adorable. And the friend just laughed and blushed and SAT THERE TO BE NUDGED by this giant boy.

Also today in a ni-nensei class it was so strange the way like 6 of the boys chose to occupy their time. They got little pieces of eraser and colored them black with a marker and put gluestick on them and AFFIXED THEM TO THEIR FACES in various positions. Beauty marks/moles are attractive? Or funny? (I suspect mostly funny.) Anyway the teacher ignored them, so I just watched them spend the majority of their attention on this EPIC PROJECT. They would like throw the little balls to each other across the room and compare notes about density and placement, and use lots of tools to make the balls. It was very random!


There continue to be OBSCENE AMOUNTS of 体育大会の練習 in which I, along with the entire faculty of 東中学校, stand around aimlessly on the dirt field everyday while the students practice in the hot sun for TWO HOURS. It's funny to see the teachers change their entire outfits to athletic clothes just to stand around.

And then and then! 校長先生 was all 「ちょっと焼けた?」

And I was like "NOOOOOOOO!" But then I accosted two 西中 girl students coming home from 職場対象 (at a panya. how *cute* is that?) on the train with me, and they said I was fine, and I WAS. So she was either MEAN or BLIND or maybe I was just flushed from the heat fine whatever.


I want to see this movie!


I've been reading Temeraire. (Yay ebooks.) I'm in the middle of book 3, and I have to say, I'm not really feeling the love. I ADORE all of Shalott's post-Sentinel-era fics. A LOT. And I'm extremely impressed with the world-building here. But I just don't care enough about Laurence or Temeraire. They're not interesting enough to me. Laurence doesn't seem like a real person--or he's not emotionally accessible for me or something. I don't really feel for him.

Basically, it's just that I don't want to read Laurence and Temeraire's story. I REALLY want to read Tharkay's story, which hits all the good "Far Pavilions" points for me. (OMG OMG THERE WAS A STAGE SHOW. Did you all know this? Why didn't you TELL ME?)

I also would like to read Emily Roland's story! Or even Lien's.

And war is extremely boring to me when I don't really know or care about the people in it. I do like the emotional drama of Laurence's and Temeraire's threatened separations. And I would like to see English dragons be given rights, but I just want it to happen. I don't want to have to watch every step of the tedious process. And people and their relationship drama are more interesting to me than war or politics anyway.

In conclusion, I love Tharkay. Did I mention how I LOVE HIM and his DRAWING ROOM ACCENTS? <333333


I just watched the TRAGIC BROTHERCEST OF YAY. (Go to your temporary internet files for better viewing, etc.) It is seriously deeply pretty, even if the ending is kind of whiplash-inducing from the melodrama.


Recently I was on a NOBLE QUEST to find out if turtle penises were retractable, spurred by this awesome Ninja Turtles post on crack_van in which it's stated that there is turtle porn, but the suspension of disbelief is more difficult because the writers don't adequately address the mechanics of porn about beings with no visible genitals. (Seriously, where do they *keep* them? Under their shells? Have they evolved/mutated *beyond* penises? John mentioned that some birds just have a kind of spray...)

So I challenge you, f-list! To bring me much knowledge of turtle penises, because my knowledge-gathering skills have failed me.

I was never a Ninja Turtles fan, but this fandom sounds way cooler that I'd thought. Now if I could only get that theme song out of my head...

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Today is Old People Day. So it's a holiday and there was NO WORK YAY. But tomorrow there is work.

Saturday I was at a different supermarket, and they had some BACON. And it LOOKED LIKE real American bacon. It was the same size and everything. But then today I cooked it and it was just LONG JAPANESE BACON. WOE.

I was watching "Higher Ground" lately, and I remember watching it somewhat back when it first aired, but back then I didn't know like ALL THE PEOPLE in it, like Kaylee from Firefly, because this was before Firefly. So it's fun to see everyone now that they've become someone. (And Jim Byrnes! <33) And remember, this is where Anne Marie Loder met Peter DeLuise. Hayden Christenson is just as whiny as I remembered. ("Waaah my stepmother rapes me. Waaaah I like drugs.") He's fairly Anakin here, but then maybe that's the only role he knows. But I still like this character waaaay better than Anakin. And I was getting all caught up in the storylines and everything! But there are no more episodes up on cdntv and the last one was a GIANT CLIFFHANGER so I am SAD.

Back on Star Trek, the crack continues to flow freely.

The Savage Curtain )

Who Mourns for Adonais? )

When I researched the title, of course I had to read the poem again. I'd forgotten about it, but I really like it. Yay, Romantics! It's the kind of thing I like to read aloud, like The Declaration of Independence in American.

So then I had to look up Pythian. And then tangentially I remembered that my aunt said that she saw a PBS special where they discovered that the genetic descendents of the Amazons are among the Mongols. Neat!

The Apple )


Aug. 20th, 2006 02:12 am
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I am home, seeing PEOPLE, only one day left in America.

But look what was waiting for me at home!

As earlier stated, boobs=billboard. )


Also, I saw a funny sign on a power station. I had to share. )


Aug. 8th, 2006 08:07 pm
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I survived the traveling back in time one hour, and the Detroit airport is really cool. But 15 hours of plane plus the two hours of train before that and being up for 27 hours made me one TIRED girl.

Yesterday PEOPLE came over and it was good to see friends, as well as family and, wow, things have HAPPENED in the year I've been away, things that my family is apparently incapable of imparting through email, things like the dog dying and them getting a new one, etc.

We sang karaoke in my living room, and [livejournal.com profile] glaphix, you so can sing, whatever!

Anyway, I am ENJOYING the AC. Get this: the temperature *inside* is DIFFERENT from the temperature *outside*. It's *amazing*. And it's finally cool enough for me to sleep! If, you know, the jet lag ever *let* me sleep. (Hi. It's 7 AM and I am *showered* and *dressed* and READY TO GO. This is *not normal* for me.)

So yeah, I'll probably check back in once or twice, but I'll be interacting with the REAL WORLD.


Last night, I mean it's been a year since I saw these friends, and we always talk online so we were like "OMG you have a BODY. Wow. I forgot." It was like a weird mental shift to talk to them in real life. We are sad sad digital children.

It was [livejournal.com profile] otakucat2's birthday yesterday which is hearts and flowers, and I hope she didn't get too drunk on her newfound freedom. But she and John should be coming to SEE ME on the 18/19th, which makes me go like Captain Fuller's son, arms outstretched: HAPPINESS!


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