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Man, I've been away from skating too long, since when is Javier Fernandez a consistent champion, I'm so happy! Borser really whipped him into shape! Johnny and Tara are doing a great job commentating as usual. HOLY SHIT HE BROKE 300 IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.

"They don't feel like landing in the snuggles basket, when you fall down on a quad." - wisdom from Johnny

Ugh, times like these I miss skating_meme and ontd_skating. Where is the fandom now? Do I have to go on freaking golden skate??

...::goes to golden skate::

LOL of course there is already wank about that judging.

ETA: OMG I had no idea Florent is retiring. During his last performance Morozov is doing his usual casting of magic spells from the sidelines, and then at the end he is straight up sobbing with joy while Florent is facedown crying on the ice IMFL this sport.
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1. JOHNNY IS MARRIED. I stop checking skating_meme for *three months* and Johnny gets a boyfriend and gets married! I AM SO HAPPY. God, I hope it works out. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. And Johnny has gone back to Galina and is making Sochi noises! And SOI is no longer sponsored by Smuckers, has dropped Evan for asking too much money, and Evan is not competing in the Grand Prix because he wanted too much money from the USFSA. USFSA publicly tweeted congrats to Johnny's marriage while USFSA favorites have been backlashing Evan.


I don't even care about skating_meme's wank/backlashing/concern trolling, the Russian wives' crazy, Tara's charity debacle, Moskvina's show kerfluffle, the Korean fans, Johnny's constant triggering of my embarrassment squick, and Ueli chained up in Stephane's basement. I don't even care.

Johnny is *married*. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I keep remembering and being ridic happy.

I might even watch an event or two. If America's field weren't so pathetic and meme weren't so dead...

Also, it's hilarious to go to meme now and see the Johnny/Stephane find & replaces of fics that I just read in XMFC.

2. I will never be done with XMFC fic. I am drowning in fic, in reclists, in WIPs. Thank God for http://twitter.com/firstclasswips# or I would be drowning in tabs as well. But aside from a few fluffy fics, most XMFC fics are soul-destroying and NOT happying, which is why it's good I have:

3. COUNTDOWN. How amazing/hilarious was Countdown!? Sato falling on his ass! Andalucia! Matchy being a BAMF! K8 as crazy food! Tsubasa's hilarious face! KinKi being deadpan. Arashi being awesome performers! V6's HILARIOUS SEX SONG WHAT. The tiny junior group from Utena whose sex song is also WHAT in a far more horrifying way. Toma and Pi clearly having their own ~private~ NYE celebration away from Countdown. (CDTV!Pi said he was spending it quietly at home! Clearly this is secret code, as the song goes.)

4. Heikeha! They took over a SCP episode and did a concert! Yara's black hair is cute. The only new song was their version of Garasu no Juudai. I have to say, Taichi is a genius. I usually HATE easy listening and jazz. But his arrangement, oh my God, makes me so turned on. Those sweet jazz sounds.

5. KinKi's hilarious new PV. It is about an oddly shaped rock. As in stone. No really.

[livejournal.com profile] inseiko's thoughts are dead on. I have not actually read the lyrics yet, but my deep thoughts on the PV can be found here. )
A++++ would LOL again.
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My main fandom trajectory lately has been pretty straightforward from Kinki to skating during the Olympics to As the World Turns to Glee. So after Reid Oliver died and Blaine appeared, I jumped right in.

But I was thinking last night about the parallels between Kurt and Johnny, and Kurt/Blaine and Johnny/Stephane.

On the one hand you have boy #1 who's been bullied and ostracized by his peers and the establishment, is extremely talented at one artistic endeavor but is always sneered at that he performs like a girl, has a deep love for fashion and expressing himself, and has a strong loving and supportive bond with his family.

On the other hand you have boy #2 who is the beloved star of his peers and the establishment, a diva who's frequently obtuse but widely loving, a kind of precocious spoiled man-child, able to charm all comers both male and female, very confident and kind of silly, and also extremely talented in the same artistic endeavor (but no one ever says he performs like a girl).

But instead of boy #1 being envious of boy #2, he is charmed, and boy #2 teaches boy #1 ~how to love~ (again).

Of course, those diva character traits that Stephane shares with Blaine are those that Johnny would say prevent him from being a good match for Johnny. Johnny purports to want someone "steady" that will counterbalance his own diva tendencies. But seeing how ridiculous and Stephane-like Drew is, I don't think that's necessarily the case. And though Blaine/Stephane might want to be the flower, they would totally let Johnny/Kurt be the flower out of love (Blaine pushing Kurt in the spotlight after their duet; Stephane letting Johnny be the flower in their pairs routine).

I guess this makes Karofsky Evan in this analogy. Which, ew, but so accurate (and unredeemable).
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You guys, Johnny and Stephane are being adorable together right now.

When I think about it I KIND OF INVOLUNTARILY SQUEAL OUT LOUD like when I think of KinKi kissing or F/K kissing or Obama winning.

I have been watching all the fan meetings and the show videos from Mishin's birthday show and Johnny talking about how Stephane is "special to me" and how he "has to take care of him" and them being isolated together in a different hotel from everyone else and Johnny being ridic pretty and charming and Stephane being hilarious and hot and addicted to borscht and OH BOYS. (I also really enjoyed Trouble. Like, a lot.) Besides S/J, though, I love all the ensemble action going on in shows. Ari! Zhenya! Ksenia!

For all their faults, RPS fandoms really are the gifts that keep on giving.


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