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Today is Old People Day. So it's a holiday and there was NO WORK YAY. But tomorrow there is work.

Saturday I was at a different supermarket, and they had some BACON. And it LOOKED LIKE real American bacon. It was the same size and everything. But then today I cooked it and it was just LONG JAPANESE BACON. WOE.

I was watching "Higher Ground" lately, and I remember watching it somewhat back when it first aired, but back then I didn't know like ALL THE PEOPLE in it, like Kaylee from Firefly, because this was before Firefly. So it's fun to see everyone now that they've become someone. (And Jim Byrnes! <33) And remember, this is where Anne Marie Loder met Peter DeLuise. Hayden Christenson is just as whiny as I remembered. ("Waaah my stepmother rapes me. Waaaah I like drugs.") He's fairly Anakin here, but then maybe that's the only role he knows. But I still like this character waaaay better than Anakin. And I was getting all caught up in the storylines and everything! But there are no more episodes up on cdntv and the last one was a GIANT CLIFFHANGER so I am SAD.

Back on Star Trek, the crack continues to flow freely.

The Savage Curtain )

Who Mourns for Adonais? )

When I researched the title, of course I had to read the poem again. I'd forgotten about it, but I really like it. Yay, Romantics! It's the kind of thing I like to read aloud, like The Declaration of Independence in American.

So then I had to look up Pythian. And then tangentially I remembered that my aunt said that she saw a PBS special where they discovered that the genetic descendents of the Amazons are among the Mongols. Neat!

The Apple )

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This episode is such *crack*. )

And lastly, linked because I'm kind of ashamed to be capping this when Leonard was working so hard -- but not enough to stop myself: Spock panty shot wardrobe malfunction.

So the crazy Greeks make Kirk and Spock do things against their will. Like kiss people they've never wanted to kiss before. And this is almost disturbingly meta, if we read the show's writers (or fanfic writers) for the crazy Greeks. Putting Kirk and Spock in short dresses, the women in bad makeup, and throwing in random acts of unmotivated sex and violence. Hmm.

The more I watch TOS, the more I really like the acting. (Yes, okay, this may be partly in reaction to switching directly between Hidden Frontier and TOS.) I mean, people make fun of Shatner's acting, and yes he overacts, but he's also really *good*. At least IMHO. I think they're all really good. If they weren't, they wouldn't get us to swallow half the gobbledy-gook they try to sell us. I mean space ships and aliens and women in combat and no racial discrimination among humans? Come on! Their sets, costumes, and make-up are frequently ridiculously cheap, and the writing sometimes suspect. But by God, the actors *commit* to the story. I've heard similar things about Blakes 7, and that makes me want to pull out the season 1 I have downloaded and give it another chance. Umm, someday.

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OMG the Star Trek gay boys are SO! ADORABLE!

(I'm like hyperventilating with glee over here.)

EEEEEEEEE, I SQOOSH THEM! ::squishes them together::

And the gay boy's first ep was a comparatively good ep in other respects, too! ::does the dance of awkward gay flirting and hyperdimensional power::

ETA: Gay love triangles! Gay interspecies sex! )

ETA2: OMG Aster is so slutty yay. First a Bajoran, then a Cardassian, now a Trill. )

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Yesterday I watched a movie called Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] otakucat2 for telling me about it. It starred Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer, who plays a guy called "GAY PERRY," and it was just the best. thing. ever. They had such great chemistry, and they did such a good job acting and the script was hilarious and self-referential and fourth-wall-breaking and AWESOME. I love it when actors I love do good projects and play characters that I can cheer for (hint hint, Callum). And I haven't seen them in anything good since... hm, Downey, Jr. since "Restoration" and Val since... uh. "The Saint"? So, wow. YAY. It was seriously REALLY FUN to watch, so you should all go download it RIGHT NOW.

Go on, I'll wait.

Speaking of fun to watch, [livejournal.com profile] mysticfive linked to this Folger's commercial the other day and it just. It gets better every time I watch it, and the song gets stuck in my head liek yay. It's like a campy reenactment of a 70s musical, only parodying it at the same time and wheee. Sunbeams are people too!! Really... happy people.

[livejournal.com profile] minotaurs was talking about this Star Trek fan-film series where there is gay kissing, and this fills me with GLEE. I'm watching it from the beginning now, and the acting and writing and cinematography is mostly hilariously bad. The people who are hot and can act are woefully underused and killed off and recast and WOE. Though the new Wesley is hot and a good actor (comparatively!). Mmm, bald Wesley. (Though they should make him completely, Lex-level bald, and at least like include a throwaway explanation for how he lost his hair. It would be so easy, but I guess they're too lazy for things like continuity and shit. Like seriously, what is this characters appearing and disappearing with no explanation crap?) Some of the plots are good, however, and the CGI is first-rate. It's campy fun yay. Witness this bad-guy Dementor-rip-off who's wearing a blanket. On. His. Head. Hee! )

It's apparently a spin-off of another Trek fan-film series. I didn't even know those homes were there! (OMG bad commerical reference, sorry.) Anyway I finished the first season in a gleeful mini-marathon last night, complaining happily all the while about the acting and writing, and I still haven't gotten to the gayness, but I'm not in a hurry when I know it's coming. And I'm happy that this is distracting me from New Voyages' slow production. So go! Watch! Bad gay television! What more do you want? (Sentinel fans, I'm looking at you.)

I watched Star Trek VI a while ago, and speaking of bad gay stories oh my God. Like I don't know how I totally missed the fact of this movie's *existence* before, but I'm kind of glad I did. I mean, everyone hates on V and, yes V is uneven, but that means there are bad parts *and* good parts.

VI is very consistently BORING and bad and out of character and just *stupid*. The *dialogue* is some of the worst I've heard. Christ.

The best part of the movie was that Red from "That 70s Show" played this crazy Federation president. )

And then Odo was a warmongering Federation General ) who briefed the president using a giant flip chart on an easel and a POINTER. In the TWENTY-THIRD CENTURY, people. In Federation Headquarters. Yeah. The movie was just that bad.

But there were some nice K/S moments. And when Spock was smacking that sideburn-shaving Vulcan bitch around and raping her mind... Guh. Jesus, it's so hot whenever Spock touches *anyone* with intent, much less with intimacy and violence.


I was just thinking about how often I watch a show only after reading the fanfic. It's strange, with movie adaptations of a written story, I have very strict rules for myself that I'm not supposed to watch until I read. I break the rules, especially for classics that I'm too lazy to read, but I always feel guilty when I do. The sequence of reading first and then watching is always set in my mind.

But with written adaptations of televised stories (fanfic), I don't have those same scruples. Sometimes I read fics and hear enough about the source that I'm drawn to watch it. (Sometimes, like with SV and SGA, I know the source can never live up to the fic.) But I think in those cases that I'm actually measuring the show against the best writing and characterization of the fics. I'm treating it like a (sometimes bad) adaptation of a written work. How odd that I never noticed before!

Sometimes it's an enriching experience, leading to more fan activity. Watching Due South after reading the fic was like watching the LotR movies after reading Tolkien, where the canon changes are interesting rather than frustrating. But sometimes watching the source is like watching "Earthsea" after loving the books for half my life: disappointing, frustrating, or outrage-inducing.

Speaking of which, Boy told me that Miyazaki's son is doing an Earthsea movie soon as well. Here, go look. Trailer here.

WTF Cob is a chick?? Ohhh man.

Even the character designs make me mad. Earthsea isn't soft and picturesque and rounded. Earthsea is *dangerous*. Also, again with the random hair color changes (*They* have no excuse. It's *animated*.) AND no people of color GRRRR and no *scars* on Therru. Ack. ::waves hand:: I guess I'll wait to see it to make a final judgement, but gah.

Don't fret! More Jump Street picspam soon!

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David's Oedipal complex is SO WOOBIE AND LOVE.


For those of you who have yet to see our reigning Olympic gold medalist in action. I have to say, I'm not much of a Plushenko fan (though his spins are *beautiful*), but I adored this, at least what I saw through my fingers. He outdid Candeloro! Hm, I wonder where this was. I totally missed the Olympics this year. Oh well.

This makes my little Japanese culture, slash, and gender studies brain SO HAPPY.

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I've started work on the Twitch City vid, because c_regalis demanded asked so nicely. I think I've conquered some of my long-standing issues with Premiere too. I can now import xvid straight from the source by changing the 4cc header to divx, divx, and it works except it won't preview the footage when I drag the ends of clips. I figured out how to change the project frame size too by switching to Video for Windows instead of DV. Hmm, maybe that's why the dragging preview isn't working. I found out how to compress to xvid and divx from Premiere too. So I'm slow. But this should make vidding easier and better-quality in the future. Soon Premiere will serve me instead of the other way around. So yay.

And now for some Star Trek. Um, picspam. )

The hooded man )

On to Numb3rs 204! Now with picspam. )

Next: The Kashiba bunkasai and assorted RLishness, the Others fic maybe sometime this year, and ditto for the Twitch City vid. Comment to my last post if you have a vote for my next vid after this one.


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