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Bloody Dean is Very Pretty. )

And God, Sam was all "You have to let me go!" to Dean and then *he* had to let *Daddy* go, and take that Sam! See how much being together as a family matters when it's you who have to give it up.

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The latest House. Oh wow. They practically put a giant credit at the end of it: ANDTHENTHEYHADSEX. I mean that's such a common slashfic premise. And the preview has them being all odd-couple CUTE next episode. Wheee. Also, Wilson's hair has grown out enough so that it almost looks attractive again! *Priorities*, people.

Supernatural! OH GOD. I was curled up in front of the screen biting my own wrist so I could hear what was going on over my cries of "DEEEEEEEEAN!"

GOD. GOD. His big emotional confession to Sam. I can't. I don't usually fangirl this show; I just watch it. But this episode. DEAN. WOOBIE. LOVE!

Also DADDY! I LOVE DADDY! He's so gruff and awesome, and it was so cute with their "yes, sir"s. And then SAM and DADDY and AWWWWWW. <333

I'm not usually very attracted to the brothers, but the blood made all the Winchesters Very Pretty Indeed.

And I don't really. I'm not normally one of those Jensen fangirls, but... DEAN + BLOOD = SO SO BEAUTIFUL. God. I think I need wallpaper.

In vidding news, the Methos vid is pretty much done, but I'm having title sequence Issues because I am lame and indecisive. Sigh. Anyone know any exciting communities where I should announce it when it's finished?

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HELLO THE GAY. Dean. With the towel. And the Oprah. And calling Sam "honey." And their gayness shining so brightly that it BLINDS STRANGERS.

Also, hello Anne Marie DeLuise, whose changed name has messed up her imdb and tv.com profiles - it's not that hard, people, she really is the same actress - joining CKR on the Due South guesting spree. Two people makes a spree. Shut up. There will be more, yes. (Err, and apparently she and DeLuise met on the set of *Higher Ground*. Wow, I - wow.)

And Dawson! YAY! But um, his *hair*! What *happened*? Remember those Highlander episodes when Joe was actually hot? Anyone? Bueller?

The bugs were gross. ICK. Also, no way was that the five hours it would take to sunrise. Very lame. And what was up with the panning from a reflective surface to the action being reflected? They started a scene that way twice, and with tricks like that, my brain is automatically scrambling for a thematic significance, but this time? Um, not so much. This isn't the mirror-chick episode. There wasn't really anything about dual lives - I guess Dean and Sam's debates about lying? A little? But not really. Any sekrit messages to do with reflections that I'm missing?

I really love the color palette on this show. It's just so *pretty*. The boys are also PRETTY. God. ::stares::

Veronica Mars.

Joss Whedon really is just a giant fanboy isn't he? It's kinda cute. And annoying that only he gets to guest-star on his favorite show when all the other fanboys just get to watch it.

OMG THE LOGAN WOOBIE. I just - I couldn't *breathe* when he was in prison. YAY!

And now he's living with Duncan! His, God, only friend. And Veronica lay down on top of him by mistake but clearly leading to a threesome! Even TWOP said, "Also, Logan moves in with Duncan. Threeway!"

Watching Logan's interactions with Weevil, I was reminded of how Logan used to act with Veronica. And this made me realize that Logan *likes* Weevil, or he's at least inclined to. But when Weevil betrayed him by accusing him of Lily's murder and the murder of Weevil's friend, Logan couldn't do anything but retaliate. Just like when Veronica stuck by her father instead of Duncan and Logan and the 09ers, Logan couldn't forgive her.

I'm kind of surprised Logan isn't more actively ostracized at school. He seems to self-ostracize, but there haven't been any bullying incidents or shunning from the 09ers who were friends with Lily or anything. He isn't tainted by association like Veronica was with her father. Or Luke in The OC was with his father. Maybe the community polarization has made all the rich stick together.

Hmm maybe I should work on stuff now. ::eyes looming fic and vid:: Or, you know, not... ::heads off to TWOP::


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