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I didn't even realize this special ending to Ningen Shikkaku existed until I watched it today. I wonder why/when they filmed it, since Tsuyoshi's hair is different from Makoto's. But of course just watching that tiny clip made me CRY SO MUCH WAAAH. Oh the trauma from that drama. And yet I remember that when a Japanese teacher asked me what my favorite drama was, I answered Ningen Shikkaku, even though I'm sure that if I watched it again (::eyes LoveSong subs warily::) I would cry every single episode. But I really do love Nojima Shinji's dramas, and this one made a big impression on me.

On a more hopeful note, I remembered that I still have the burninated hard drives from my dorm fire 3 years ago, so I think some of my fanvids may be on there if I can figure out a way to get them out again. So all is not lost!

Despite all of [livejournal.com profile] paranoid_ninja's pleas and threats, it took [livejournal.com profile] onlymesmerized physically sitting down and marathoning BSG with me to get me back on watching it. (Haha, season 2 still!) So that is one western show I've been watching!

Mostly I've just been overwhelmed with the huge amounts of years Kinki stuff I have to catch up on. And then they keep doing new stuff! With other groups/fandoms I can follow them casually (Witness my not tracking down and watching all the British variety shows about DW and TW... or you know, catching up on the shows themselves.) but with Kinki I have that collector's feeling. Gotta catch 'em all! And mostly the huge amount of stuff is a good thing. The main reason I left Starsky and Hutch (and to some extent Due South) fandom was because I ran out of canon (and compelling fannish material). Once Speranza stopped writing Due South, once I'd read every S&H fic online and devoured morganlogan's oeuvre, I was kind of at a loss, so wandered away. In Kinki's case, there's a dearth of English language fannish material (unless you count rumor and speculation haha), but soooooo much canon.

So I've been starting to watch Love Love Aishiteru and Domoto Kyoudai in parallel from the beginning (i.e., 1st ep of LLA, 1st ep of DK, 2nd ep of LLA, 2nd ep of DK, etc.). It's so interesting to see the connections and differences between the two shows and the two snapshots-of-Kinki-in-time. But just with watching variety shows and listening to radio and watching concerts (Only Kinki! Not even Kanjani8 my babies or TOKIO or Arashi or anyone!) I have no time for my huuuuuge list of dramas, not to mention, err, Western TV... And those vids I have to make (Persuaders, Long Vacation, Farscape, S&H, Mars, Once a Thief, Majo no Jouken, Nikita, to mention a few).

On Vids

Dec. 9th, 2007 06:02 pm
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I copied my vid folder containing hundreds of fanvids organized by fandom to a different hard drive. And it died. I sent it to Canada and even they couldn't revive it. So I haven't been able to face the task of trying to remember and redownload all the vids I loved. I just. There are so many. Not to mention the ones that are no longer available online. So that makes me emo!

But I did make a vid for my grad school class. This is um. Yeah. It's about global warming. And it's here.

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I've been watching Gokusen season 1, and... I know I'm probably the only one, but I really want the story where Sawada grows up and marries Yankumi and takes over the business and uses his brilliance to become this young underworld king figure and gets waaaay more power than his father and maybe rubs his father's nose in that A LITTLE and lets Yankumi keep teaching and helps her students out when there's trouble and they have married!yakuza!sex.

...Yeah, just me, huh? (I think "Forbidden Love" corrupted me.)

I am STRUNG OUT on HanaDan. (後三日!) Even though this season isn't as good as the first one. I'm even considering reading the manga. Or at least putting it on my to-do list. (Though I don't know if I can handle 11 years worth of romantic misunderstandings.)

I was rewatching the last 4 eps of Kimi wa Petto (HAPPYSIGH) and I realized how much it spoiled me for porn. There is a LOT more physical and sexual contact there than in like Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and HanaDan (and Nobuta goes without saying). So maybe that's why I feel so dissatisfied with the new season of HanaDan (I keep wanting them to jump each other) and also the ending of Tatta Hitotsu. (Seriously. WTF. Get married already. Or even, you know, TOUCH EACH OTHER.)

I think Hanazawa Rui is one of the prettiest men I have ever seen. And he looks soooo mangappoi. Like I haven't read it, but every time the camera lands on him, his costume and posture and way of moving just make me picture a manga panel. (In a hot way! Like wow, there are people that manga-pretty in real life too!) But I hear in the newest HD manga Shizuka gets married to a French dude, and Rui is okay with that, but romantically alone now and that is SAD because I love how he just LOVES everyone and I want him to be happy. Hmm, his role is kind of like Sawada's in Gokusen 1. Just standing back and loving everyone. Except he does it more intensely. And sexier!

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] jekesta would like how the recurring symbol of Rui and Domyouji's big gay friendship is them tossing each other apples and then eating them at each other. They are so silly.

Dude, there are some huge drum noises outside. I wonder what's going on. I had a half day today and I spent all of it watching Gokusen. Hee.

My angry!RayK vid has been almost finished for like a month now. But I'm waiting until I'm not absolutely convinced that it is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen before I finish it and ask for a beta.

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The Mysterious Malady has resolved itself with no explanation from clueless doctors. ::scratches head:: Oh, well, as long as it's gone!

I'm leaving in only TWO DAYS AAAAAAAH. ::runs around in circles and kermitflails::

So today I've been packing reading Starsky and Hutch fic like a madwoman. And packing. Yes, very soon there will be packing. The mental *preparation* for packing is just as important, don't you think?

I've started a Jeremiah vid (about 40 seconds done), which is so far the suck, but we'll see what happens! I just got hit by a S&H vidbunny today, and my BEAUTIFUL and hopefully functional new 500 GB hard drive is waiting for me in the US. Whee! Oh, new hard drive, I will love you and partition you, and fill you up with happiness and temp files!

I've been very good and doing CHORES. Cleaning and constructing furniture and cooking and sorting through papers that I haven't touched since MARCH. Also making DVDs for family. Pimping your shows is very important. I was also reading about dust mites, dani, and bedbugs, and now I'm TOTALLY PARANOID. Ew! I feel like Invader Zim with his spray can.

I went to the Welcome Dinner for some of the new JETs. It was of course way not as fun as the Bye Bye Bash for the oldies (waaaah, I'm so sad that they're gone!), and just like last year we were subjected to an array of strange and noxious "traditional foods" like GIANT DAIKON while the Japanese people sitting near us ate like sausages and fried chicken. My friend kept saying that tonkatsu is Japanese *and* tasty, so we should have gone there and not shocked the poor baby JETs (It was the same place as last year, a 天まで上がれ, and I remember not eating much).

But I won't be able to see the second group of newbies because I'm LEAVING. I'm excited about seeing people! Hopefully I will see all my friends who have like *lives* and *work* and stuff, and aren't just waiting around for me to come visit them. (Fools!)

I've never actually gone to Kansai International by train before, so this will be an ADVENTURE omg. Awesome. ::fondles e-ticket receipt::


I did see PoTC2 a few weeks ago, and the OT3ness was wonderful, but the movie itself was extremely silly. I'll keep coming back for more, though! I'm interested in how they'll resolve this...

I also watched Garden State. SUCH! LOVE! I am *so impressed* by his little one-man show. I've only seen him sporadically on Scrubs and I had no idea he was so talented. Interesting how the director's hand was obvious enough to get the message across, but still subtle enough that you could squint and suspend your disbelief. I want to write papers about the film! (I was reading some of my old papers. It's funny how I have like *no memory* of watching some of those films. Two hours of my life, gone!)


This is not inspired by the recent flare-up of the warnings kerfluffle, but lately I've been tooling along and reading S&H fics lalala, and I keep getting surprised by all these DEATHFICs. OMGWTFBACKBUTTON. S&H is my *happy place*. (Yeah, yeah, rape recovery, okay, but *happy ending* rape recovery.) Maybe it's because the fandom's so new to me right now, but I don't want to see them die! Ach! I'm not a big one for warnings. But I do think major character death is a thing to warn for. Because I just cannot handle it DS or S&H. If it's recced enough or by a favorite author, I'll *read* it, painfully, but I at least want to know what I'm getting into. Erm. Not to wank or anything.

ETA: Hi. Joss's Equality Now speech is making me cry.

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I am too lazy to look up bullets, so I'll just use dashes instead and we can pretend!

- My new external hard drive FAILED. Within a MONTH of purchase. That is so unacceptable. I can't even. All my Star Trek and lots of older stuff that I didn't really care about so much and my Due South, which is easily replaceable, is GONE. I am re-dling Star Trek, but I just feel so BETRAYED that there was NO WARNING. Western Digital, I shake my fist at you!!! And now they're mailing me a replacement one, which is nice, you know, that my money isn't just *gone*. But how will I ever trust you again, oh faithless hard drive? There are some things that just can't be forgiven! OTOH, I'm not about to let 320 gigs just sit there empty. So it will probably be used for vid temp files and new stuff. Hmm. I'm just glad there was nothing IMPORTANT on it, like all my vids or music or pics, which are on my older TRUSTWORTHY external. ::PETS::

- You remember how my headphone jack went all zooming around my computer? Well, I *finally* got the warranty thing transferred, and Boy used his magic powers of Speaking Japanese to get Dell Japan to fix my computer. They're coming on TUESDAY and my computer could be gone TEN DAYS. ::pants:: I can replace a motherboard in an HOUR. That had better be a damn conservative time estimate. So uh, I guess I'll be doing a lot of reading, huh. I have cleverly saved my books for just such an eventuality. Reading fics instead of books was all part of my master plan, yes... ::steeples fingers::

- Boy was here for all of Golden Week which was yay, even though I was deathly ill for most of it. We went to Osaka yesterday and it was fun! We went to the enormous HEP mall (Me: "What does HEP mean?" Boy: "Hepatitis?") and rode the GIANT FERRIS WHEEL which is attached (No, I did NOT think of John Sheppard, because I am NOT AN SGA PERSON REALLY though I may play one on the internet.), and Boy was manly and brave because he is scared of heights (haha). We went to the little Joypolis video arcade/tiny amusement park inside, and went to one of those 4D shows where the seats move. It was a scary CGI video, basically a promotion for Project Zero, a new video game that Boy already knew all about because he is a dork. (Even the other Japanese people didn't know!)

And the HEP mall was entirely composed of tiny expensive stores filled with QUESTIONABLE FASHIONS. God, Mimi you should have *seen* some of the stuff they were trying to pass off as clothing. An ugly used car salesman jacket for like $1500! ::shudders:: So I bought socks! And that was it. I couldn't even find a simple black belt, much less a nice jacket. Really.

On the train home, I was discussing how I feared the 80s might be making a comeback, and then I noticed that the young dude across from us was wearing this black and white plaid jacket with lots of DECORATIVE SILVER ZIPPERS, and it looked like the cut of it was the two-button style of jacket, and he had the sleeves PUSHED UP. Luckily he was wearing socks (I checked.), so we're not totally in Miami Vice territory yet, but I have seen a few leg-warmers on girls and I am LEERY of these developments.

HM. Boy just left, and he LEFT THE CHILI POWDER BEHIND. I gave it to him because he was all musing, "I want some Mexican food," and I was all HERE TAKE THIS! Because my stepmother sent over some chili powder with Dad and Brother. GOD KNOWS where their heads were because if they know me at ALL they should know that I can't tolerate any kind of spice. But I felt bad throwing it away, because it is Perfectly Good chili pepper - well as "good" as anything so inherently EVIL AND DEMONIC can be, I suppose. And now Boy has left it here again. SIGH.

- I just watched Hercules 515 "Greece Is Burning". The one where Hercules is arrested by the FASHION POLICE for wearing leather in summer and then gets the Widow Twanky to help Althea put on a fashion show. I am just FILLED WITH GLEE for Twanky and Michael Hurst! I love how Twanky is such a lusty widow and objectifies Hercules! Go Hurst! If anyone wants it, I will totally upload it and SHARE THE LOVE! (Breakdancing! Cross-dressing! Musical numbers!)


- ...WHY IS HUGH DILLON BALD??? Please tell me this isn't permanent.

- I finally finished filling all the holes in my Jeremiah viewing. I just love it so much my heart hurts. I want to squeeze all their little cheeks. But the finale needs more resolution than that! Everything is chaos! Where is Jeremiah's Dad??

- I was so on target. Really. I was all TURNBULL VID TURNBULL VID TURNBULL TURNBULL TOTALLY TURNBULL. And then my hd failed and they're taking my computer away and I had to postpone it.

Then I saw the Supernatural finale (WHICH WAS DIVINE LOVE) and was ambushed and hit over the head with a TOTALLY PERFECT SONG, and now I have this annoying new Supernatural vid stuck in my brain. ::tilts head and hops on one leg::

So help! Which one should I do first? Turnbull? Sam?

(The Gundam Wing vids? The old Methos vid? Jump Street? Blair? The annoyingly persistent Perfect Smallville Vid which I've had in my brain for like FIVE YEARS NOW and can't make because remember brain how I DON'T WATCH SMALLVILLE? HM? The angry RayK vid? The Persuaders vid? The angstysex F/K vid, which may use the same song as the SV vid?)

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The Polar Bears almost made me lose the Will to Vid. My God. It took that whole zoo thing to the next level, and beautifully. This is one of those vids I want to show to the creators/actors, and say: "This is fandom."

More on vidding )

I've started catching up on House second season in order to get to the Episode of Gay that everyone's talking about. 201 was already pretty gay, IMO.

House+Wilson: "Bros before ho's!"

House saying how Chase's mouth is so pretty that the inmates will open up to him. Hee, yeah.

Maybe I'll watch that strip club Smallville episode. I am a little curious, [livejournal.com profile] jekesta...

Ack, I have so much stuff to watch that's already downloaded and burned. It's not even funny. God. Instead, what do I do with my time? Read a depressing Faculty rape-recovery giant epic WIP. Because I am SMRT yo.

Speaking of fics, the Others fic is...coming along...slowly... ::hunts for a beta::

I came across this article by chance and was just fascinated. I couldn't stop reading. It's about nature vs. nurture and a boy who was turned into a girl and how gender and sexual orientation are really biologically IN THE BRAIN OMG HOW COOL GO READ IT NOW.

I was rewatching the good parts of the newest Pride and Prejudice. Man, it's so hot. Colin is angstier and Olivier is posher, but this Darcy is *sex*. And this film is just *pretty*. Pretty pretty cinematography. But when I was rewatching the scene of Elizabeth exploring Darcy's desk at Pemberly, I noticed all the statues of Greeks and gods. It made me think of Resonant's "The Teeth of the Hydra," and how, in that form of classical education, to some extent fandom and education were *the same thing*. )

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I've started work on the Twitch City vid, because c_regalis demanded asked so nicely. I think I've conquered some of my long-standing issues with Premiere too. I can now import xvid straight from the source by changing the 4cc header to divx, divx, and it works except it won't preview the footage when I drag the ends of clips. I figured out how to change the project frame size too by switching to Video for Windows instead of DV. Hmm, maybe that's why the dragging preview isn't working. I found out how to compress to xvid and divx from Premiere too. So I'm slow. But this should make vidding easier and better-quality in the future. Soon Premiere will serve me instead of the other way around. So yay.

And now for some Star Trek. Um, picspam. )

The hooded man )

On to Numb3rs 204! Now with picspam. )

Next: The Kashiba bunkasai and assorted RLishness, the Others fic maybe sometime this year, and ditto for the Twitch City vid. Comment to my last post if you have a vote for my next vid after this one.

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I've recently been being viciously attacked by vidbunnies from every direction. They lie in wait.

So. There are too many vidbunnies! So many lyrics! I can't handle it! I'm paralyzed by indecision! Help!

I need to focus and commit. ::bites lip::

Here are the main categories of vidbunnies I'm considering doing.

1. Persuaders happy shipper vid
2. DS serious/sexy vid
3. DS happy shipper vid
4. DS funny Turnbull vid
5. Methos deep character vid
6. Jump Street angsty vid
7. Others spooky/angsty vid
8. Brimstone dead!angst vid
9. Twitch City tongue-in-cheek vid
10. Gundam Wing war!angst vid

Comment and tell me what to do please.

::goes back to miraculously growing Others fic::

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Yay my keyboard arrived today! And I was so |337 and installed it myself with no proper tools. ::grins:: Now I can type as much as I want! Freeeeeedom!

Quick vid recs:
If you need a pimping vid to convince you to download "Young Americans" then go watch Nicky's "Somebody Told Me" over here

Ditto for "21 Jump Street" with Lithiumdoll's Human Remains. ::stares at Johnny:: ...pretty...

My vid, otoh, is about 3:30 out of 5:00 vidded, but it is oh! so bad. Yes. It makes Paul Gross cry. Often. And now I'm getting to the hard part, which makes me cry. But I will persevere, and as my reward I will get to ride off with RayK into the sunset! Oh, wait.

Boy is coming soon. If "soon" means TWO WEEKS. It has been a month already; soon I will forget what he looks like. Oh, Japan. There are these Pucca chocolate fish at the conbini that are addictive. Like pocky. Soon they will all be mine. ::sings "fish heads"::

Oh, I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Johnny Depp made me sad because the one thing I can't stand to watch is people embarrassing themselves. And the dentist backstory was silly and contrived. But the "cannibalism" line was hilarious, and the oompa loompas were fun. So um, yeah. Sticking with Gene Wilder. ::pets his fuzzy head:: I need to read the book again, because, while I've devoured everything Roald Dahl has ever written, I don't retain a lot of details from his works. So yes. Next time I'm in an English-speaking bookstore, I will definitely look for it. Or I could ask Boy to bring it with him. Haha, I'm already asking him to bring a number of things, including "eXistenZ," because I wanted to watch it more carefully after reading the amazing "eXistenZ" fic on [livejournal.com profile] midsummer_fic.

I haven't really been watching anything else. I should get ready for school starting. The conference in Nara was a bust. ::sigh::

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Robin of Sherwood is so good! )

I watched the first episode of "Blake's 7," and while I'm certainly impressed with the writers' ruthlessness and Serious Storytelling skillz, it was so dour! It wasn't fun to watch and I don't care about anyone yet. Move faster, story! I found it hard to believe that they would put one woman in the holding cell with like a dozen men who were hardened criminals, no matter how sedated everyone is or how respected she is. Can we say "gang rape"? Sheesh. I thought the special effects were very commendable for the time it was made, and got the job done, but were rather silly. At the trial, I had this surreal vision of Ray the Angry Clown juggling the evidence and judgement balls. Thank you, Speranza.

Jump Streety Goodness )

Cut for ponfarr!Vincent )

Okay, quick "Jeremiah" question. When he's being all tortured by Valhalla Sector, Jeremiah says "There are a lot of other bases out there just like this one. They all probably have their own president!" So, they only destroy the thousands of people (and all their |337 old world knowledge) in *this* base. What about the other ones? Aren't they still going to claim to be the government? And what about the children who must have survived the Valhalla Big Death. Where are they? Hmm. I feel like the loose ends of Valhalla Sector were left hanging so we could move on to Daniel. And all these evol groups starting out with such good intentions is kinda ominous for the Western Alliance isn't it? Oh, I forgot, Marcus is incorruptible. Mmm, but Jeremiah in jail and tortured and angsty is VERY PRETTY YES.

I wonder if Frank or Brian wrote this. JIM LIVES!

Cut for elfsex )

My anime is still unwatched, and more of it is burned unwatched now (something I try not to do) to make room for "Beauty and the Beast," "Blake's 7," "Jeremiah," "Robin," and "The Sentinel." ::facepalm::

I didn't feel the earthquake. An alarm went off for like 2 minutes and that was the end of it. Yay for not dying.

Also yay for my printer coming! Now I only have to wait for my keyboard... ::criez at extreme slowness of typing::

I took the train (by myself!) and climbed this Hill of Death to get to Nishi Chugakkou. It is the smallest school, but it looks fine if I can just *get* there without *dying*. The Principal was very cute and making conversation about kanji homophones and I told him some lame English ones.

I'm working on a Fraser angst vid (I know, way out on a limb for me), but it is Not Going Well. I can't seem to get in the zone, and am convinced right now that the vid sucks like a giant sucking thing. A giant ball of suckiness. ::weeps:: Everything I do either seems too *obvious* or irrelevant, and I'm having a bit of a time finding clips. I have about 1 min out of 5 vidded, so I have a LOT of work left to do. ::is daunted:: I'm just glad that my *job* isn't interfering with my work yet.


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