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HELLO THE GAY. Dean. With the towel. And the Oprah. And calling Sam "honey." And their gayness shining so brightly that it BLINDS STRANGERS.

Also, hello Anne Marie DeLuise, whose changed name has messed up her imdb and tv.com profiles - it's not that hard, people, she really is the same actress - joining CKR on the Due South guesting spree. Two people makes a spree. Shut up. There will be more, yes. (Err, and apparently she and DeLuise met on the set of *Higher Ground*. Wow, I - wow.)

And Dawson! YAY! But um, his *hair*! What *happened*? Remember those Highlander episodes when Joe was actually hot? Anyone? Bueller?

The bugs were gross. ICK. Also, no way was that the five hours it would take to sunrise. Very lame. And what was up with the panning from a reflective surface to the action being reflected? They started a scene that way twice, and with tricks like that, my brain is automatically scrambling for a thematic significance, but this time? Um, not so much. This isn't the mirror-chick episode. There wasn't really anything about dual lives - I guess Dean and Sam's debates about lying? A little? But not really. Any sekrit messages to do with reflections that I'm missing?

I really love the color palette on this show. It's just so *pretty*. The boys are also PRETTY. God. ::stares::

Veronica Mars.

Joss Whedon really is just a giant fanboy isn't he? It's kinda cute. And annoying that only he gets to guest-star on his favorite show when all the other fanboys just get to watch it.

OMG THE LOGAN WOOBIE. I just - I couldn't *breathe* when he was in prison. YAY!

And now he's living with Duncan! His, God, only friend. And Veronica lay down on top of him by mistake but clearly leading to a threesome! Even TWOP said, "Also, Logan moves in with Duncan. Threeway!"

Watching Logan's interactions with Weevil, I was reminded of how Logan used to act with Veronica. And this made me realize that Logan *likes* Weevil, or he's at least inclined to. But when Weevil betrayed him by accusing him of Lily's murder and the murder of Weevil's friend, Logan couldn't do anything but retaliate. Just like when Veronica stuck by her father instead of Duncan and Logan and the 09ers, Logan couldn't forgive her.

I'm kind of surprised Logan isn't more actively ostracized at school. He seems to self-ostracize, but there haven't been any bullying incidents or shunning from the 09ers who were friends with Lily or anything. He isn't tainted by association like Veronica was with her father. Or Luke in The OC was with his father. Maybe the community polarization has made all the rich stick together.

Hmm maybe I should work on stuff now. ::eyes looming fic and vid:: Or, you know, not... ::heads off to TWOP::

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These pics of Viggo and Elijah--go all the way to the end to get to more--made me curl into a ball in front of the screen and emit high-pitched squealing noises. There may have been words in there too, but not in any recognizeable language. THEYLOVEEACHOTHERSOMUCH! I just-- ::stares:: Theirloveissoobvious it makes me lose all reason! My brain literally cannot function! But!


I do NOT read RPS! (Except for when I read a little to make sure I don't read it.) *Especially* cracked-out vaguely stalkerish RPS like lotripping. I have LINES!

Of course, that doesn't include Callum RPS. I love that! But that's *different*. It *is*. It's Callum. ::pets Callum's spiky head:: I wonder what the Callum RPS equivalent of a tin hat would be. The metal bracelet? For Paul/Callum. And the Hugh Dillon ring for Callum/Hugh. I don't think of it as a "Hugh Dillon's band" ring. To me, whenever I see it it's a symbol that they're married, and that it marks Callum as Hugh's property--jesus christ fucking *guh*. Which is why Paul won't let Callum wear it on Due South. Yes. ::admires own RPS jewelry::

Veronica Mars 203! )

So! I saw The Brothers Grimm. Yay Terry Gilliam! Sooo funny and grate! And the brothercest. Let me rephrase: THE BROTHERCEST! It *leaps* off the screen more than in Lost Boys and Harry Potter and Numb3rs and Supernatural and ANYTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER! ::dances:: 'Twas frelling awesome! And the OT3 was tasssty too.

Comment and tell me where either my lj name or my shiny new current desktop comes from and you get Points and Virtual Cookies. Be the first to comment and correctly tell me where they both come from, and you get a picspam of your choice. Pretty easy IMO, and no fair peeking at other comments!

I have now decided that the Others OT3 fic is the first of a trilogy. God help us. ::quickly rewatches the rest of canon::

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Okay so I was serious when I suggested "Last Sasketchewan Pirate" for part of the proposed pirate colorguard show a couple months ago. But now that I listen to it again, I think it is maybe too...um...*rollicking* for a guard show. Or something. I mean, I love the Arrogant Worms (and DaVinci's Notebook, too, come to think of it), and have for like 2 years now, and when I played their songs for my grandma and aunts in Vermont they loved them too (their humor crosses generational boundaries!), but maybe another kind of song is a better choice for a guard show. Still glad to have spread the Canadian love to guard peeps tho. ^_^ Haha, that reminds me, I wanna see that really dumb looking movie about a Vermont police force where they like, chug maple syrup, etc. It looks so amusing, both intentionally and not.

On a different note, I was watching Numb3rs 107 last night, and Oh My God, people, the incest WRITES ITSELF.

Like seriously, I was all for the incest before (hell my first introduction to the show was reading "Parallel Connections"), but I thought it was more of a "Here are two hot guys in the same show who know each other...that automatically equals slash! Just disregard that whole "related" thing." But NO! I swear, after watching this episode, I really believe that it's canon!

CHARLIE: Why did you never tell me that you cheated on me-- I mean, were engaged to this h0r? ::TEARFUL LOOK::

DON: I didn't know you CARED! ::manful suppression of emotional turmoil::

CHARLIE: But I'm your lover-- I mean, brother!

::emotionally charged silence::

DON: Yeah we were engaged and everything, but *family first* right? But uh, not in any kind of wrong way, because you and me, we're from *different worlds*.

CHARLIE: Different worlds.

DON: Yes! I mean sure we grew up together and now practically live together and work together and, okay! Not so different worlds!

CHARLIE: ::tremulous smile::

And then they sit watching TV with the kind of careful silence that involves not talking about something really painful. Which, granted, for Don is losing his fiancee. He *chose* Charlie and his parents as his family instead of trying to create his own family with a new wife.

But what I don't understand is what *Charlie* is so upset about. (After bringing by the box at 2 AM WTF Charlie! That also speaks to the urgency of his emotional state and the fact that he seems reasonably sure of a positive reception at this hour. And also I guess his desire to have this discussion privately with no chance of interruption.) Charlie is the more emotional of the two in this scene, and I just can't figure out why unless it is the SEKRIT LOVE that he has for his brother. That whole "different worlds" thing is such a laughable attempt on Don's part to excuse and perpetuate the distance between him and Charlie. And why would he *want* to do that unless he had a SEKRIT LOVE for his brother that he felt ashamed of, but he also felt ashamed when he hurt Charlie. Like I really can't imagine what the actors were thinking their motivations were if it had been something other than TWU LOVE. Really, I just...::shakes head::


I can *totally* see how "Parallel Connections" picks up from here. SQUEE!


I haven't read anyone else's wank on the episode, but maybe I'll go over to TWOP and see what they had to say.

On a different fandom note, I HEART VERONICA MARS!
Okay so I'm a little late, but after finishing all the episodes, I'm really impressed with the way they made me *like* the fast switch in the show's OTP from Duncan/Veronica to Logan/Veronica. To get my VM fix, now I've started reading some VM fic, and the first two authors I've read are *amazing*. Passionflows and juliette (sinaddict). I would think that they're among the best in the fandom, but if they're just the normal quality in VM fic, I have to read a lot MORE! ^__^ And I am now in love with the OT3 of V/D/L.

When I compare this to Buffy, Buffy also made me like the switch in the show's OTP from Bangel to Spuffy, but that was not part of the original plan for the series, I'm sure. And I just can't get into the OT3 of B/A/S, mostly because I just don't want to *see* any more of Sarah and David. So I've never read that much Buffy or Angel fic, which I know is just me ignoring some awesome fic that I have bookmarked. But I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the show the way it is, even if there is a huge world to explore and that's pretty much the only way I'll get to see my favorite dead characters.

Oh, Whedonverse! I finished Firefly and it was verra good yay! I can't wait for Serenity! Maybe this movie will mean the series continues. I'm so sick of all my shows being cancelled and not being able to do anything about it. But I love Firefly, my dead gay show where the acronym CSI does not mean stoopid crime show. ::hearts:: Those blue hand people remind me a lot of PsiCorps. Only creepier with no redeeming Bester snark.

On a Real Life TM note, Japan is HOT. And I am NOT GOOD at Japanese. ::cries:: I need to study kanji. But I am too lazy and cannot resist the lure of computer fun. Wheeee.


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