Oct. 16th, 2005

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Duck and cover, it's another PERSUADERS PIC SPAM! )

I am still on my neverending quest for a Persuaders song for a vid. I've downloaded and listened to so many songs, and I swear, I'm getting millions of vidbunnies by the *second* it's *ridiculous* for EVERY OTHER FANDOM IN THE WORLD, even ones I don't watch! But for Persuaders? Nothing. ::sigh::

So it was really boring one day at school and I wrote some fic. Here it is, unbetaed, unBritpicked: The Self-Indulgent Persuaders Kidfic )

Random fact: Colin Mochrie, of Whose Line? fame, was born in Kilmarnock (Brett's earldom). ::is dorktastically pleased::

The Highlander cartoons here, here and here are so freaking hilarious I can't imagine why I haven't seen them before. The other multi-fandom and Stargate cartoons here are also fracking funny, and the actor calendars are, um, hawt and adorkable. ::licks Peter Wingfield::

Okay, it's official. The Sentinel fandom SUCKS at pimping! Is this some kind of Sentinel hazing ritual? The sekrit episode download page that no one even in the Sentinel lj communities talks about or has a link to or gah. I still need seasons 3 and 4 though. I wonder if these downloads rotate...

Someone answered my plea for a good cam of Serenity, except the sound cuts in and out annoyingly at the end. It struck me on this rewatch that Wash is the Xander character of Firefly. And since Xander is the Joss of Buffy, that means that when Spoily McSpoilerton )

I've been reading some Jump Street fic, and I have to say, although at least there's a lot of ::coughbadlywrittencough:: Doug/Tommy, the fic in general is pretty scarce and juvenile. Not as bad as Newsies fic, but still. I was only looking for someone to write my Newsies OTP of Spot Collins/older!Les. But all I got was a bunch of Mary Sues. ::criez:: And SeaQuest! Small fandoms have no love for my OTPs. There was like *one* Miguel/Lucas story, and all the others had Lucas fucking the entire rest of the male crew, sometimes all at once, or else in starry-eyed love with more Mary Sues. Blarg.

Um, I did *not* know that Peter DeLuise and Stella Kowalski were married. That makes the Jump Street/Due South crossover just waiting to be written practically canon doesn't it? ::brain hurts::

Haha, I wanna watch this movie now.

I love that these conversations happen in my life )

Next up: I've been rewatching The Others lately, and have started writing my OT3. Yay.

(Um, speaking of psychic sex, anyone have any good Spock angst they wanna rec me? I've been jonesing for it lately. Academy!Spock or alienatedonVulcan!Spock or even alienatedinStarfleet!Spock. Or uh, *teenage!Spock*. I swear, when Kirk finds the reborn Spock and *touches* him--gawd teenage Spock is beautiful--and carries him away, that is like, the single hottest moment in all of the Star Trek movies.)


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