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In this drama, Tsuyoshi goes back in time from age 22 to 18 (high school) by accident. He seemed happy about the do-over chance the first time, though. (My friend and I disagreed on whether we would go back in time to high school given the choice. He thinks it would be dead easy, knowing what he knows now. But I think it would be dead boring! And also restrictive, ugh.)

And he keeps being sent back over and over!

Well there are definitely pluses to the endless repetition, in that nothing matters (from my liveblogging):

9:53 PM fenlings: ugh something embarrassing is happening
9:54 PM fenlings: maybe thats how i should live my life

But there are minuses too... in that nothing matters:

11:31 PM fenlings: ugh im starting to become like the antagonist
11:31 PM fenlings: he's about to kill tsuyoshi's mom on the night that they always go back in time
11:31 PM fenlings: and tsuyoshi is running to stop him
11:31 PM fenlings: and im like WHAT DOES IT MATTER

The repetition can be meaningful:

10:48 PM fenlings: oh i finally get that this show is a metaphor for reincarnation
10:48 PM fenlings: and tsuyoshi is the bodhisattva cheerleader who has evolved and is helping everyone else evolve
10:50 PM fenlings: so cute

And painful:

12:58 AM fenlings: ooh i realized this drama is also a good metaphor for ptsd
12:58 AM fenlings: the characters would get triggered by memories of things that happened in their last life
12:59 AM fenlings: and then the things would happen again!
12:59 AM fenlings: not just a flashback, but like stuck in a ptsd loop in reality

And once Tsuyoshi realizes some other people are traveling back through time with him, a recipe for SECRET ANGST, MY FAVE:

12:25 AM fenlings: i liked the like, immortal highlander vibe i got from this series tho
12:25 AM fenlings: the secret angst of who waaaaaaaaaants to liiiiiiiiiiive foreverrrrrrrrrrrr
12:25 AM fenlings: and only a few ppl understand my paaain

  • At first Tsuyoshi's character was really hung up on his boy friend Shige, but he seemed able to move on once that relationship was sorted out and Shige was okay.
  • His relationship with his osana najimi Yuka was cute, but I never really understood why they liked each other, and their relationship was never really developed.
  • I really liked everything about his relationship with Maki. I liked that they had the secret angst that only the other could understand. They did spend around 20 years with each other!
  • The antagonist was really good at being an antagonist! But at the end we were supposed to like sympathize with him? And then he just went away? Okay???
  • Tsuyoshi's relationship with his father was really interesting and well developed.
  • The bar master was adorable and so kind.
Miscellaneous pet peeves:
  • Where were Yuka's and Maki's families?!?!?!!?? They never even mentioned them. Even if you handwave Maki's family as being absent, what about Yuka? If she's Tsuyoshi's osana najimi who lives nearby, surely their families must know each other. I know her family lives in New York later on, but are they always in New York even when she's in high school? Who does she live with???
  • Tsuyoshi's fake kisses are ridiculous.  I understand that he doesn't like kiss scenes, but better to not do one at all. He is not fooling anyone with those cheek kisses, and it's just distracting.
  • I was about to murder Tsuyoshi if he said "seyakara" one more time!!! That speech tic was too much. His kansaiben was bothering me in this, because he was the only one who spoke it. He mentioned that he lived in Kansai as a child, but his childhood friend Yuka doesn't speak in Kansaiben, so that makes no sense???
  • Tsuyoshi realizes his mother is alive because he finds a recent letter from her addressed to him (asking if he's doing well in school, etc.) But then he goes to see her in the institution and hears that she has lost all of her memories years ago. Then how did she write the letter to the son she doesn't remember?? I was so confused.
  • The subs by AmenoUta were like 25% wrong, which as you know is just wrong enough to make it annoying. So I kept having to keep my guard up, then realize something was mistranslated and sometimes have to rewind to pay attention to what they were really saying.
The Ending:
  • The last life turned into a weird 1984 political drama that seemed to come out of nowhere. The characters were all brainwashed and different from their previous incarnations, so I wish the writers hadn't done that.
  • But then at the end of the last life, everything kind of went back to normal? (Except Shige's orphanage was destroyed, oh well??) So then why even bother doing that weird political stuff if they weren't going to follow through!
  • Tsuyoshi was great at emoting, of course. I was literally crying at the word "light".
11:55 PM fenlings: ugh this drama
11:55 PM fenlings: tsuyoshi is crying
11:55 PM fenlings: his parents are crying
11:55 PM fenlings: im crying
11:55 PM fenlings: everyone is crying

8/10 would recommend!
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