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I was thinking of the Paradox verse and the Sentinel reality show, and I realized that Sherlock is a (mental) Sentinel who zones on the details of life, and Watson is the Guide who grounds him and helps him relate to the rest of the world.

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"Fandom Trivia based on this episode:

Until the wolf was revealed to be Blair Sandburg's spirit guide in Sentinel Too, part 1 at the end of the third season, many fans chose to use the lizard from this episode as Blair's symbol in fanfic, art and jewelry."

Hahaha. You mean the lizard that was in Blair's pants? I think that's awesome. Just because they were constantly imagining Blair going around saying, "Yeah. My spirit guide is in my *pants*." And then celebrated that fact with tasteful artwork. Oh, Sentinel fandom. So earnest!

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Bill Nye! On Numb3rs!


I think my brain exploded from the strain of combining two things I love that so obviously do not belong together. I was flailing the minute I saw his name in the credits.

It was so cute to see Bill Nye try SO HARD to like, ACT or something. They even tried to give him a character name and then he was all "CALL ME BILL" ::WINKWINK::

ME: OMG ::dies::

But he just slipped into his usual patter, and you could tell that he tried to tone it down? Act professional? But he still sounded like he was explaining things to four-year-olds. God, I love him, but he shouldn't try to be anything other than himself.

Also, Charlie: Cut your hair! No really. Go back to first season hair, I'm begging you.

Sometimes your hair doesn't look bad - sometimes it even looks *good*. But then there are those times where it looks like you're wearing a set of greasy plastic snakes on your head. And first season hair *always* looked good. So please. For our sakes.

Okay. I have this recurring dream of the Big Gay Due South Movie.

Where like Fraser and RayK have to team up together again on another case (after, as in an interview PG said he thought would happen, Ray had wandered back to Chicago after the quest).


Lots of angsty fucking. And kissing up against walls. Slow, at first tentative kissing, with emotionally charged silences. And flashbacks to the quest and the gradually-revealed big gay relationship crises that drove Ray back to Chicago.

So, in my head, it's like in My Beautiful Laundrette, where the reason for their angst and obvious discomfort being partnered with each other again is not revealed until like halfway through the movie with a flashback to the questsex or sudden kissing after someone shoots at them or something.

And obviously Fraser starts in the North, pretty happy in a small town posting, part of the community, and then the case goes to Chicago (it can be some kind of Canadian political thriller case, okay Paul?), and then both he and RayK follow it back to Canada.


Well at least that's implied by the fact that RayK just stays in Canada with Fraser. That kind of married, not like...ceremony and justice of the peace married. (That's left for the post-movie fanfic.)

Meanwhile I'm thinking RayV and Stella are either away in FLA or RayV is around Chicago and he and Fraser get to visit, get closure, cry manly tears about Victoria, etc. (Though hey, apparently group sex is legal in Canada now so you never know, maybe the foursome will...okay that kinda squicks even me.) But hmm I guess he could be RayK's partner as well, though I don't know how well that would work (shut up, Ray/Ray fics).

It's a very nice fantasy? But I know it will sadly never come to pass. I mean, CKR's played a gay character, and there was the blooper fake buttsex.

And in an alternate dimension where PG isn't Mr. Canada, poster boy, and Due South isn't the most popular Canadian TV show ever, it might could happen.

But frankly, I'm not sure I *want* a Due South movie in reality, because it *wouldn't* be the big gay movie I want it to be, and it would introduce new canon to Joss every lovely post-cotw fic that has become *my* canon.

So I'll just be content with the movie in my head.

In other news, I've been plowing through the Sentinel (THANK YOU FATHER, YOU ARE THE BESTEST MOST FAVORITEST PARENTAL UNIT UNTIL I GET MOM'S JUMP STREET) at an alarming rate.

Conclusion: SO MARRIED, yes. Like I just watched the ep with that black Amnesty International chick, and she had more presence than anyone in the episode. I really liked her, and I could totally ship her and Blair...in an alternate world where Jim is dead or never existed. Because as long as Jim and Blair are alive, they have to be together. I mean, *no one* could watch this show and think that they could live happily ever after separately.

Also, they are PRETTY and GAY. Blair's eyes sometimes, are actually, um...violet. (Oh, the bad Duo fic flashbacks - save me!) GOD I'm so ashamed, but I can't resist the Garett love! PRETTY. (Jesus, now I really can't stop comparing J/B to bad 1x2 fics...I feel so dirty.)

It's really obvious when they're ad libbing and it's always just the cutest, funniest thing ever. ::snugs::

But most of the episodes' plots seem annoying and...unimportant. Who cares about the stiff of the week - I want more character and relationship development.

And then even when there is an affecting plot that tells us something about the characters (like the plot of every other episode where OMG BLAIR IS A KIDNAPPED ANTHROPOLOGIST IN DISTRESS AND JIM HAS TO RESCUE HIM YAY) the episode seems oddly unfinished. Like the elevator episode...there was no emotional reunion between Jim and Blair after that harrowing experience where Blair thought he was going to die, and Jim thought Blair *had* died. There were just some wisecracks and OMG the scripted wisecracks on this show are SO LAME GAG SPIT. I feel really sorry for the actors trying to make them funny because...they're just really - not.

I guess every episode seems unfinished because I'm always waiting for them to kiss or hug or something. They're right on the verge ALL THE TIME (hello bloopers). And it's kind of exhausting to constantly anticipate, constantly be about to see it...and then have them make some lame wisecrack or do some boring detective work or chase scene.

It also pisses me off how little camera focus Blair seems to get. He's always sharing the frame with someone or in the background of a shot. In my mind, this should be The Blair Show, with Jim and Simon. Instead, they waste time on all these one-episode characters and blah. Who cares.

I just watched the ep with Lilah! Wow, Lilah gets to kiss Fraser, have sex with Jim, and *fuck* Wesley (up). We should be taking notes, because this actress obviously knows what she's doing.

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I love House. Don't get me wrong. But it kind of pisses me off how he makes such a big deal out of his leg. Or maybe how the writers make such a big deal about his leg.

I mean look at Joe from Highlander. Here's a man who's actually missing *both* legs, and he barely even acknowledges it. I mean, the writers show us the story of how he lost them and how it affected his life. And we see him with his cane and obvious prostheses all the time. But neither Joe nor the writers ever make a big deal out of it. Life goes on. (Even dystopia!Joe's problems seem to center more around his booze and disillusionment than his wheelchair.) Joe still keeps up with Mac fine, sometimes to Mac's chagrin (witness the Scotland trip).

It's just. Granted, House is an expert on medicine. But Joe is an expert on *immortals*. Now tell me who has more of a reason to feel irrationally inadequate?

(But maybe there's a time factor as well. House only got his injury a few years ago, and Joe's legs have been gone at least 20 years.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while Joe may be physically even more crippled than House, I don't feel that he's nearly as *emotionally* crippled. And maybe both House and the writers are trying to externalize House's emotional disability by making such a big deal out of his leg.

Sometimes though, I just want to tell House to quit being bitchy and get over it. ::channels inner Stacy::

Go open a bar somewhere with Wilson. ::smiles::

lj paranoia )

This is your brain on 中学校 )

Somehow that led to the HP movie. I don't know. )

To Sentinel or not to Sentinel, with a side of vidblockery )

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Duck and cover, it's another PERSUADERS PIC SPAM! )

I am still on my neverending quest for a Persuaders song for a vid. I've downloaded and listened to so many songs, and I swear, I'm getting millions of vidbunnies by the *second* it's *ridiculous* for EVERY OTHER FANDOM IN THE WORLD, even ones I don't watch! But for Persuaders? Nothing. ::sigh::

So it was really boring one day at school and I wrote some fic. Here it is, unbetaed, unBritpicked: The Self-Indulgent Persuaders Kidfic )

Random fact: Colin Mochrie, of Whose Line? fame, was born in Kilmarnock (Brett's earldom). ::is dorktastically pleased::

The Highlander cartoons here, here and here are so freaking hilarious I can't imagine why I haven't seen them before. The other multi-fandom and Stargate cartoons here are also fracking funny, and the actor calendars are, um, hawt and adorkable. ::licks Peter Wingfield::

Okay, it's official. The Sentinel fandom SUCKS at pimping! Is this some kind of Sentinel hazing ritual? The sekrit episode download page that no one even in the Sentinel lj communities talks about or has a link to or gah. I still need seasons 3 and 4 though. I wonder if these downloads rotate...

Someone answered my plea for a good cam of Serenity, except the sound cuts in and out annoyingly at the end. It struck me on this rewatch that Wash is the Xander character of Firefly. And since Xander is the Joss of Buffy, that means that when Spoily McSpoilerton )

I've been reading some Jump Street fic, and I have to say, although at least there's a lot of ::coughbadlywrittencough:: Doug/Tommy, the fic in general is pretty scarce and juvenile. Not as bad as Newsies fic, but still. I was only looking for someone to write my Newsies OTP of Spot Collins/older!Les. But all I got was a bunch of Mary Sues. ::criez:: And SeaQuest! Small fandoms have no love for my OTPs. There was like *one* Miguel/Lucas story, and all the others had Lucas fucking the entire rest of the male crew, sometimes all at once, or else in starry-eyed love with more Mary Sues. Blarg.

Um, I did *not* know that Peter DeLuise and Stella Kowalski were married. That makes the Jump Street/Due South crossover just waiting to be written practically canon doesn't it? ::brain hurts::

Haha, I wanna watch this movie now.

I love that these conversations happen in my life )

Next up: I've been rewatching The Others lately, and have started writing my OT3. Yay.

(Um, speaking of psychic sex, anyone have any good Spock angst they wanna rec me? I've been jonesing for it lately. Academy!Spock or alienatedonVulcan!Spock or even alienatedinStarfleet!Spock. Or uh, *teenage!Spock*. I swear, when Kirk finds the reborn Spock and *touches* him--gawd teenage Spock is beautiful--and carries him away, that is like, the single hottest moment in all of the Star Trek movies.)

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The Lash episode of Sentinel was very happying of course. There was sexonacouch!Blair and bondage!Blair, and yay Jim having to rescue him.

Jason Carter was also very cute on Sentinel, but it led to thoughts that omg DUG started here! And that made me giggle whenever he was onscreen.

Odyssey 5 is good, just like I thought it would be. And Longinus is very good in it yay just like he always is. ::hearts Longinus liek whoa...but not enough to remember his actorish name right now::

Random Jump Street Thoughts )

The Death of Cathy )

Peter Deluise and Series Yearnings )

Guest-star Crossover Corner! )

I HEARD THERE WILL BE A NEW SHARPE MOVIE! YAY! Like a real movie, maybe, not like a TV-movie miniseries thing. Now I just have to...watch all the other Sharpe movies ever. There are about 16 I think...

Where are the new "Boondock Saints" and "Last Unicorn" movies? They've been "in production" for like two years! Come on already!

I'm excited about the new Narnia movies, of course, even if I feel like I can't look at Susan without crying because Oh Susan, stockings and boys are *not* as important as Aslan! You used to be so- so wonderful! And now you never get to go back to Narnia Heaven. ::sniff:: But I *am* annoyed at all the "For years the creatures of the Chronicles of Narnia have existed only in the imaginations of its readers." Um, and in the eyes of the millions of people who saw the BBC Narnia movies. I have all those movies, and I really love them. Caspian is hot, yo. I'm irked that no one seems to remember them now.

I saw Serenity yay! But it was on the WORST CAM EVER BUU. The "giant head cam," as it will forever live in infamy, is the only copy of Serenity out there as of yet, but that needs to be remedied now. ::stern look at people in the West with videocameras and common sense::


RL-ish entry and Persuaders!entry still...to come. ::runs away::

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Fannish Entry!


Vidrec time! Xandra's QAF-Angel crossover "Touched."

Crossovers are really freaking *hard* to do, but she pulled it off, and she made it good, and more importantly, she made it *hot*. ::applauds::

Random school update: The vice-principal, during cleaning today, had the end of his tie stuffed into his breast pocket. I hid behind my laptop and laughed and laughed.

Jump Street Squee and Picspam )

The Sentinel OMG FINALLY! )

And, um,

Gay cowboys in love.

That is all.

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I posted a response in someone's lj and then realized it was really a frustrated lj entry so I decided to give it free rein.

Um, in other news, I am craving the Sentinel. I don't know why!!! I feel so dirty! But Blair is so pretty and they are so gay and all the DELICIOUS HURT/COMFORT CANON YUMMY OMG and Blair needs to save the day more often guh, and I am rereading fic but all the fic in this fandom is bad. HOWEVER, Wistful's two vids are SO PRETTY and jekesta's writeups are SO FUNNY AND GAY and my downloads of the episodes are really slow but I got the S2 bloopers with all the KISSAGE AND MAKING OUT OMG just like the Due South bloopers FAKE BUTT SEX YAY, and also I can't stop watching Merry's SGA vid "Hello" and I feel WEAK and WHOREY because I don't *like* SGA and I don't want to like SGA but seriously, how *hot* is technoromance John/Atlantis and there is really good fic and I saw a clip of Rodney and Carson like making out onscreen and wow this show is gay. But not as gay as the PERSUADERS!!!! ::dances:: Danny said that he and Brett want to be married! And there is cuddling! And I'm glad that you're watching QAF so you can tell me what to watch because QAF is seriously just like fanfic, all histrionic and overdramatic and out of character and taken to the wildest extreme and fan servicey, and I don't want to have to suffer through stoopid things like Teddy's drug addiction or Emmet's Christianity, so you can filter it for me yay because watching Sisabet's "66" makes me love Brian/Justin omg!

Yes, this is how I am in real life too, all one long run-on sentence.

There's nothing for me to do all day at school, so I do what I always do when I have nothing to do: write. I write random original drabbles, and I write down fannish song associations or start planning vids. I even started a DS drabble, that's how bored I am. Though I like to write, I've never written fic in my life! (except for, uh, some Highlander OCs before I ever knew what fanfiction was, and it was ever really only an outline, or if you want to be more specific, timeline with drabbles because you know, immortals... a lot of backstory to cover. And, er, there might have been some art of my OCs in there too. Um, I was 14? ::hides the sekrit fannish shame deep in a desk drawer in another country::) And I really wouldn't like to start writing fic in Due South, because it's pretty much all I've been reading for more than a year, and I'd be unduly influenced, not to mention convinced that I have no new ideas to contribute to the fandom.

The vid is pretty much done, but I have to wait for my internets to come in the mail before I can send it to a Trusted Few who will tell me if there are any glaring idiocies, and then post it. Maybe I will make a website or something. Hmmm, I think Boy can be in charge of that whole renting webspace and designing pretty pages when he comes. Which is Tuesday! Yay?

I'm going to Nara this weekend with the Kita English Club (yes, all 4 members) to see the sights (shrines, Nara Park, etc.) But there's an ooame weather warning for Nara, so I hope we won't be rained out, and I hope it's not sweltering. Now if only I can navigate the trains... ::eyes the strange new world of JR dubiously::


("Beads of Jupiter" specifically, although the other ones are good too. I particularly like the one about Angel's cock being like a lioness who had just shredded a mongoose.) I laughed so hard I hurt, laughed even more than at those Very Special Episodes of Whose Line? Sigh. Good times.


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