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Fannish Entry!

THE PERSUADERS OMG. Even the title sequence is gay! I love this show so much!!! The title sequence has Red for Danny (a red-blooded American) and Blue for Brett (a blue-blooded aristocrat), and a background of PURPLE WHERE THEY COMBINE. RED + BLUE = PURPLE OMG IT IS COLOR SYMBOLISM FOR THE PURPLE UNITY OF THEIR LOVE!!!

Look at that! They are like one person!!! Combining the red and blue of their individuality, they make up the purple partnership! OMG!

They ask each other's permission to date and then abandon girls when they think there's an outside chance the other is in trouble. And they bicker and banter all the time and never admit how much they mean to each other but they walk arm in arm and cuddle on the couch and hold hands and eat each other's food and pat each other's faces all the time and always get rooms next to each other and say theyre going to be married to each other, and comment on each other's appearance and and and!

DANNY (to girl du jour): You're cute ::kisses hand::
(mutters to Brett as he passes him) You're not so bad yourself.

BRETT (hisses): Cut it out!

Their love must remain sekrit in front of strangers omg!

But they have an open relationship and can have girls but they sometimes ask each other permission first! It is so cute!

BRETT (with girl): ::passes Danny in the hotel hall:: Oh, uh, OK?
DANNY (pleasant social face): OK.
::habitual leer at girl:: OK!
GIRL (confused): okay...
BRETT (to girl): what are *you* talking about?

Hee it's the boys' private code!

Then Brett runs away multiple times from guaranteed sex (and he has to work *hard* to escape from this girl) when he hears
possible danger noises from Danny's room, and when the girl catches them together and Brett is talking about his little erotic mind, she aims for Brett but slaps Danny.

And then there is Brett leading Danny around by the chain on his wrist ::sigh::

Danny cheerfully tumbles into the lap of any girl who will have him. Literally. It's so cute. Danny and Brett are so in love, but not afraid of losing each other because they somehow know they'll always put each other first. So they can bitch all they want about each other and go and have a good time with girls--and it just seems so *nice* that all the boys and the girls want to do is have a good time with each other, no drama, no jealousy. (I particularly liked when Joan Collins guest-starred and was kissing both of them in front of each other. The whole episode was fairly screaming THREESOME, and it was just so *nice*.) No bad feelings or OMG I MUST GET MARRIED NOW, only sex and friendship and witty repartee--because both Danny and Brett already have made the supreme committment to each other.

They made the step so quickly and unobtrusively that it's as if they were always together, but you see and hear about how before they met each other, they were literally squandering their lives away, unhappy and full of ennui in a life that had all the material wealth one could want, but no *meaning* because they had no deep emotional connections and no greater cause to which to devote their lives. Now they have their committment to each other and to justice, and they're just so much *happier*.

Seriously, this show is like a self-help book.

And I might have said this before, but Danny and Brett need to get married, live at Greensleeves, where all the locals can gossip about "Young Lord Sinclair and his crazy American friend," but won't care if there's anything funny going on because he's their *lord* so he has implicit permission to break societal rules and be viewed as nothing but eccentric as long as he doesn't hurt anyone. Oh, and they need to have babies too. I feel that this bears repeating.

Vidrec time! Xandra's QAF-Angel crossover "Touched."

Crossovers are really freaking *hard* to do, but she pulled it off, and she made it good, and more importantly, she made it *hot*. ::applauds::

Random school update: The vice-principal, during cleaning today, had the end of his tie stuffed into his breast pocket. I hid behind my laptop and laughed and laughed.

I know someone on lj already did a picspam of this ep a while back, but I just can't resist at least one.

Okay maybe that was more than one....I seriously couldn't help it! The eyeshadow and lipstick this boy has on.... And, God, hand porn, wrist porn, Johnny Depp is *full body porn*!

And wow massive slashiness with Johnny and the 2nd in command dude (Sleepovers! Hugging! OMG!).

And slashiness also with Doug as always. Johnny beats up punks to defend Doug. ::happysigh:: And you know that comment Doug made about Johnny's bondage pants was motivated by his speculation on their future use.

The aforementioned bondage pants.

Cock shot.

Um, yes.

Here is Johnny in bondage accessories asking Doug to fuck him against a tree.

Wheeee! The gay, it replenishes my lifeforce.

And the baby episode with Doug with a baby! OMG extreme cuteness! Now he and Johnny can get married and have babies that Doug can bring to the precinct with him when they're too little for school and they can't find a sitter and omg how *sweet* is that?

I also really liked the emotional connection and tension between Johnny and sexually abused chick. And Johnny's intensity! The "Can I trust you?" to the Captain was so...affecting. Such woobie! (even if slightly inappropriately strong and sudden but hey that's Jump Street.)

And him playing the bad boy? MASSIVE Guh... I've always liked that bad boy/good girl thing. I think I saw "The Breakfast Club" too many times as a child. And the secret identity thing always turns my dramatic irony crank.

Geez how much do I love the fact that 21 Jump Street writes our bad high school AU cliche fics FOR US? OMG. And makes them CANON. With a new one each episode! And has slashy boys (one of whom is Johnny freaking Depp) about whom people ask "Are you two dating?" And dresses up the boys in girls' clothing, has them use BONDAGE GEAR AS ACCESSORIES, and dresses them up in all the standard fantasy costumes: baseball player, punk rocker, bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the student having "relations" with the teacher, preppie, ex-con, jock, hot smart kid, popular class president, pizza delivery boy. And Hoffs gets to be a Catholic school girl, a prostitute, a gang leader's girlfriend, and a model/porn star. This is our CANON, PEOPLE. No matter how many good shows Fox has cancelled, just remember, we always have reason to be GRATEFUL to Fox for guaranteeing Jump Street 13 episodes. Now to get my hands on the next 13. Hee.

The first episode of the Sentinel! OMG the happiness! They are real people and not the strange fake cut-out people in sentinel fic. Yay for canon writing (yes I know it's odd that I'm saying this about the *Sentinel* but jesus, the fic is just...) and acting and *very* pretty charismatic flirty people! But why is Sentinel fic so baaaaaaad???

And the massive gayness! Yay! Jim tells Blair lies to keep him from going out with girls and theyre touching ALL THE TIME and always close to each other and there is such cuteness and nice dialogue and wallsex and Jim the jungle woobie and Blair the manwhore and just! ::LOVES:: This ep just gave me this feeling of GLEEFUL JOY like at the Persuaders or Methos or something.

And dude, obligatory shout out to *Molly Parker* as the switchman. I, uh, really didn't see that coming.

And UnconvincinglyIrish!Gerrard in 103. Hello DS crossover city. I guess the Sentinel and Due South are OTP shows just like Highlander and Forever Knight.

OMG EPISODE TWO OMG!! ::hyperventilates::
I think my neighbors might be wondering about all the loud shrieking they hear coming from my apartment. It's just me UNABLE TO CONTAIN THE SQUEE!

The FLIRTING! And joking and absolute committment to the partnership, and having to keep everything in the closet and come up with cover stories about being COUSINS (Hello, if there's anything we learned from "Troy"...) GEE COULD THIS BE A METAPHOR FOR ANYTHING?

I have decided to come out of my own fandom closet. YES I DO OWN A COPY OF DEMON UNDER GLASS and I bought it before I'd ever seen the Sentinel. I LOVELOVELOVE Marcus, and Blair too, but uh, even Garett and Jason and the overwhelming gay are not enough to save this cringeworthy movie. Still, gay English vampires! And yes it did raise some good ethical points.

Whatever. Um, it was $7? God, I think I paid more money for Aspen Extreme. Which I bought at the *drug store*. Jesus. Fandom *is* like crack. Only *legal*. You get strung out and spend all your time and money on something that is overpriced and poorly made but gets you really high, and then you have to hide your sekrit shame from regular people. Only I'm not so good at that part. Alright I haven't actually *ordered* my "Saved by Gay Porn" T-shirt yet, but it's only a matter of time.

But this is why--! ::points at below::

JIM: ::directs Blair to bathroom and tries to follow him so he can check out his cock::
BLAIR: Uh, I think you can trust me to handle this mission on my own, Jim.
JIM: You sure?
BLAIR: Yeah, thanks for the offer.
JIM: It's a tough one...

OMG *handle* this *mission*! Yes I am twelve!!! Yay improvy goodness. I mean, "offer" of what exactly? To hold Blair's cock for him?? I love this show omg. Only because it looks like Richard and Garett are having so much fun. (See Bloopers hee) And each one's name sounds so new and exciting in the other actor's mouth.

And Jim compares having Blair as a hostage to Banks having his *son* as a hostage. Because, they're, uh, *cousins*, right. And then the helicopter jumping...and face touching...and flirting...yeah. I mean I saw it in vids before, but it's definitely not the same. And then Blair saves the day! And is awesome and sekrit agenty and brave! ::MASSIVE LOVE FOR ACTION!BLAIR::

I love coming to fandoms late, so I can have my solitary first-viewing squee experience and then have a whole community to play in. Yay. Like transcript sites, which told me that in 101 Jim addresses Blair as not "darling" but "*Darwin.*" Oh well.

But anyway yay!

And, um,

Gay cowboys in love.

That is all.

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Date: 2005-09-16 12:31 pm (UTC)
jekesta: Sam and al LOVE EACH OTHER. (SAM & AL)
From: [personal profile] jekesta
I love you. I think the people in the room with me might hate you because you made me shriek loudly for a long time while reading but STILL I LOVE YOU BECAUSE OMG1 You watch all my favourite television and squee so beautifully so well eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

PURPLE TRIANGLES. I cannot express my adoration for the persuaders it is simply TOO GOOD and omg omg omg with the chain and the love and the clearly being married just quietly and without having to make a big deal of it and I LOVE.

And and and Johny! Sex against trees!Johnny and reason to be thankful to Fox and and and and and and series 2 is JUST AS if not more GAY and we have series 3 but are worried becuase there is a new person who might upset the gay although he looks quite gay himself but still but yes and eeeeeee
and and and and and cannot even begin to say anything about the gayness extreme of sentinel omg DUDE!

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Date: 2005-09-16 07:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] c-regalis.livejournal.com
Eee! Cute, cute wannabe punk rock Johnny!

And omg so very gay Persuaders. Didn't you mean to make a vid? Huh? Where is it? *waits*

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Date: 2005-09-18 03:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] onlymesmerized.livejournal.com
Fandom *is* like crack. Only *legal*. You get strung out and spend all your time and money on something that is overpriced and poorly made but gets you really high, and then you have to hide your sekrit shame from regular people.

YOU ARE SO RIGHT. That's scary.

Um, I don't know what to think about Brokeback Mtn. I mean, yay slash in the movies? but then the heartbreaking angst? And then just how far is it going to go? *confusion*

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Date: 2005-09-26 10:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] exeterlinden.livejournal.com
Whee. I know I'm very late in commenting, but wow thank you so much for passing that Brokeback Mountain link on, because *whoosh* Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal?? Gay cowboys?? I was laughing and clapping as I watched the trailer (Which tells you a little bit about how much of a dork I am *g*) - because that is just way more goodness than a girl could ask for!

Sentinel fic

Date: 2005-09-29 11:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] neviachiel.livejournal.com
It's bad? Badly characterized?? Whose fic have you been reading?

Because I've read more TS fic than really should be allowable, taking into consideration my full time college student status, but the majority of what I've read has been fantastic. I've read a few horrible fics, but I've always considered myself as someone who has fairly high standards when it comes to fic, and I've never thought TS fic was bad as a whole.


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