Jul. 1st, 2017 11:38 am
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This is such a personal assault, honestly. Lin is such a troll.
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I bet the reason it was so late posting was that the audience kept applauding every single line lol. It was so cute the way that Lin saluted Chris to the West Wing music, and then Chris manhandled Lin all over the place and pushed him to take another bow.

But lol that Lin has already cut off his hair.
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So I screamed during Tommy's speech, when he was like "Lin... oh, dear Lin."

And then Lin posted this on Twitter and I screamed again ugh.

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Lin and Tommy talk to Charlie Rose
  • Lin calls Tommy his work spouse.
  • Tommy: "I look at the songs between Washington and Hamilton, and I think 'Oh, Lin's just writing about us.'" - power couple where Tommy is CLEARLY taskmaster Washington.
  • The majority of the interview is Tommy praising Lin while Lin giggles nervously at his senpai noticing him, I just.
  • Tommy: "I hear Lin's voice in my head." He then gives an example of Lin actually reading his mind - they literally pass the broccoli test, I cannot.
  • Everyone asks Tommy "How is Lin handling this?" Because Tommy is the one who would know??
  • Charlie Rose being his portentous self - "So how did this... relationship begin?"


Apr. 27th, 2016 10:48 pm
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I saw Hamilton today! I also saw Pippa on the street, and avoided the news cameras. It was pretty much the best day ever! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tv_lurker for going with me. <3

(Although Lin, we could see every other performer's face from our balcony seats. Why was 50% of your performance your lovely forehead? Look up!)

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I still can't get over the fact that Anthony called Lin "baby boy" and then Lin called Anthony "baby boy" in a tweet and gave him the Grammy. (I didn't buy that whole "baby girl, send me a copy of this video" was directed at Lin in that earlier video.) But the whole cast are all so delightful and keep getting more so every day omg.

I haven't read any books yet, but the historical people are also getting more interesting by the day. Interesting commentary on the textual basis for characterization. Daveed is so smart!

I'm going April 27, I can't wait!

RPF Hell

Jan. 31st, 2016 03:23 pm
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I had not seen the part about the love interest before they are trying to kill me. And lol @ Duncan Sheik and Lin fighting over Groff, his Groffsauce brings all the boys to the yard. I feel personally victimized by that Grease photo JFC.

ETA: Are you fucking kidding me, they have couple T-shirts??

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I just finished re-reading Next Big Thing and the tumblr parts of All the Other Ghosts, and I didn't realize why I had the urge to re-read them until I realized they were both ABOUT fandom in the way most fics aren't.

In the weekly Hamilton mefi post, someone linked to the Abigail Nussbaum's post about Hamilton, and re-reading that, I wonder if the urge to consume Hamilton comes partly from the fact that live theater really HAS no canon. The source is always being re-interpreted with every performance, always in flux and constructed in collaboration with the audience reaction that night - true fannish participation. Not only is Lin fannish and the content he created is fannish about a particular time of history, as Abigail points out, but the medium of live theater itself is fannish in that it is actively remixed by the audience and the performers every night.

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Taking a break from crying about Hamilton, I was completely blindsided by the news about Bowie...

And today, watching Lazarus, I felt like this little girl, totally unable to cope with the reality of aging and death.

Our Hannibal watch continues apace, but we are deep in s2 prison territory, so there's not much relief to be found there, although Cleolinda tries...

And now I hear SMAP is breaking up?? The management needs to get their shit together and stop all this backstabbing of each other, ffs. The one thing that made me laugh when I was deathly ill with a cold recently was rewatching the SMAP Saiban. :(

On the Star Wars side of things, I'm totally enjoying all the OT3 fics!!! And the What if Ep III Were Good finally came out! I shall now edit my memories of these films accordingly...

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1. I love Hamilton and have since high school. I used to call myself a blue light federalist. (But not in the... traitor sense... In the political holdout sense!)

2. I am deeply in love with Hamilton the musical, and I cannot stop listening or consuming related media. I've also been diving into the amazing historical backgrounds of Hamilton and Laurens.

3. I just watched the PBS special and a youtube community production of In the Heights and I can't get it out of my head either. In the elevator this morning, a random man said to me "We should have won the lottery! I didn't feel like coming to work today." And I was literally singing 96,000 in my head and barely restraining myself from singing it out loud.

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a perfect human being.


Sep. 24th, 2015 12:26 pm
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It really is as good as they say. Even better than Book of Mormon. Everyone please go listen to the cast recording. But it would be best to not do it in a public place because of the LAUGHTER and TEARS.

For the record, I have loved Hamilton since I was in high school, I loved him before he was cool, I will tell his story. ;__;


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