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I've started work on the Twitch City vid, because c_regalis demanded asked so nicely. I think I've conquered some of my long-standing issues with Premiere too. I can now import xvid straight from the source by changing the 4cc header to divx, divx, and it works except it won't preview the footage when I drag the ends of clips. I figured out how to change the project frame size too by switching to Video for Windows instead of DV. Hmm, maybe that's why the dragging preview isn't working. I found out how to compress to xvid and divx from Premiere too. So I'm slow. But this should make vidding easier and better-quality in the future. Soon Premiere will serve me instead of the other way around. So yay.

And now for some Star Trek. Um, picspam. )

The hooded man )

On to Numb3rs 204! Now with picspam. )

Next: The Kashiba bunkasai and assorted RLishness, the Others fic maybe sometime this year, and ditto for the Twitch City vid. Comment to my last post if you have a vote for my next vid after this one.

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"Robin of Sherwood" continues to be SO PRETTY I WANT TO TIME TRAVEL. But the gayness quotient is steadily increasing. Setting aside the massive parallels between Robin's relationships with Marian and Much (and in the episode I just watched, Much was dressed up as Marian's sister! Robin's sister-wives anyone?), there is still a lot of gayness to wallow in. And wallow they do. Little John and Friar Tuck cuddle *all the time* it is so cute! And when Little John's little sexbunny follows him home, you should see the horrified look on his face. In 1x05, Robin and Gisbourne mudwrestle for like, *five minutes* I am NOT KIDDING while a noblewoman watches. And in the beginning of the episode, everyone is laughing at the idea of the Sheriff marrying because, as Marian says, "The Sheriff hates women!" But apparently he likes boys, because he's letting Gisbourne watch him bathe while he yells at him and bewails his impending nuptuals. Then he makes Gisbourne dry him off. YES. And then Gisbourne eats dinner with the Sheriff and his bride, and she so clearly doesn't belong at the table, because Gisbourne and the Sheriff are *already* married, God knows they bicker enough. Then at the end of the episode, Gisbourne and the Sheriff are in the bathtub TOGETHER and splashing around and the Sheriff makes Gisbourne scrub his back: "No, lower!" And the Sheriff is just so *bitchy* and know-it-all, and Gisbourne is so eager to please and such a dumb clod, and just-- ::loves:: This show is just so much *fun* to watch because the outlaws have so much fun together. Even if they are stealing everyone's lunch money. They do give money back, though.

These vids by Valentine make me happy because I've always wanted to see "Maurice" and I've recently been alerted to the greatness that is "Sorority Boys," so even if I can't see them now, I can still see the pretty shiny from them. ::pets::

Only about one minute left to go on my vid! ::cheers halfheartedly::

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Robin of Sherwood is so good! )

I watched the first episode of "Blake's 7," and while I'm certainly impressed with the writers' ruthlessness and Serious Storytelling skillz, it was so dour! It wasn't fun to watch and I don't care about anyone yet. Move faster, story! I found it hard to believe that they would put one woman in the holding cell with like a dozen men who were hardened criminals, no matter how sedated everyone is or how respected she is. Can we say "gang rape"? Sheesh. I thought the special effects were very commendable for the time it was made, and got the job done, but were rather silly. At the trial, I had this surreal vision of Ray the Angry Clown juggling the evidence and judgement balls. Thank you, Speranza.

Jump Streety Goodness )

Cut for ponfarr!Vincent )

Okay, quick "Jeremiah" question. When he's being all tortured by Valhalla Sector, Jeremiah says "There are a lot of other bases out there just like this one. They all probably have their own president!" So, they only destroy the thousands of people (and all their |337 old world knowledge) in *this* base. What about the other ones? Aren't they still going to claim to be the government? And what about the children who must have survived the Valhalla Big Death. Where are they? Hmm. I feel like the loose ends of Valhalla Sector were left hanging so we could move on to Daniel. And all these evol groups starting out with such good intentions is kinda ominous for the Western Alliance isn't it? Oh, I forgot, Marcus is incorruptible. Mmm, but Jeremiah in jail and tortured and angsty is VERY PRETTY YES.

I wonder if Frank or Brian wrote this. JIM LIVES!

Cut for elfsex )

My anime is still unwatched, and more of it is burned unwatched now (something I try not to do) to make room for "Beauty and the Beast," "Blake's 7," "Jeremiah," "Robin," and "The Sentinel." ::facepalm::

I didn't feel the earthquake. An alarm went off for like 2 minutes and that was the end of it. Yay for not dying.

Also yay for my printer coming! Now I only have to wait for my keyboard... ::criez at extreme slowness of typing::

I took the train (by myself!) and climbed this Hill of Death to get to Nishi Chugakkou. It is the smallest school, but it looks fine if I can just *get* there without *dying*. The Principal was very cute and making conversation about kanji homophones and I told him some lame English ones.

I'm working on a Fraser angst vid (I know, way out on a limb for me), but it is Not Going Well. I can't seem to get in the zone, and am convinced right now that the vid sucks like a giant sucking thing. A giant ball of suckiness. ::weeps:: Everything I do either seems too *obvious* or irrelevant, and I'm having a bit of a time finding clips. I have about 1 min out of 5 vidded, so I have a LOT of work left to do. ::is daunted:: I'm just glad that my *job* isn't interfering with my work yet.
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YAY "Mamma Mia" was v. amusing. Silly and flashy and fun. But no one in the audience was laughing because they were Japanese, so I couldn't laugh too loud. OMG the half-naked boys dancing in *flippers* and seducing the older woman yay. It wasn't a good musical by any stretch of the imagination, and it was weird to hear familiar songs like "Kimi wa Dancing Queen" and "Kore Chansu yo" with those Japanese lyrics, but it was highly campy fun and I could understand most of it.

But how sad is it that when the overture was playing all I could think about was that OMG this was the music of Ray Kowalski's teenage years! Then I drifted away on daydreams of teenage!RayK rollerskating and dancing to ABBA with glitter in his hair... Which led to thoughts of punk!earlytwenties!RayK in the 80s. Which led to thoughts of Heuradys' "knifelickingomg" vid. And then the curtain came up and I had to stop.

Speaking of punks, yay for 21 Jump Street and its window into punk fashion. )

Watched "Whiskey Echo" yesterday and wow. Uh, depressing. And I was left wondering what would happen to everyone at the end. But CKR was very yay, although I hate when he has his hair that short. His arms and calves were nice and he was all hot and loose-limbed with a secret angsty past and mmm...

Ahem. Libby from "Jeremiah" was there too, which was cool. But I found her character somewhat unsympathetic. The most squeeable part was the cute cute friendship between the English surgeon and the Muslim doctor. "You amaze me too!" Cuteness!

I watched the first episode of Robin of Sherwood, and liked it just as much as I'd expected. )

I've recently finished watching "Young Americans," a WB teen show from 2000. It is utterly silly and contrived except for the last episode, which actually managed to surprise and amuse me (no small feat for a teen drama), and the gay subplot. Yes, folks, there is a GAY SUBPLOT. Which in and of itself is already yay, but it is actually a pretty *good* gay subplot. Of course, the show chickened out and made one of them a girl in disguise, but that didn't stop both of them from being hot and angsty and on her motorcycle and in the boys bathroom and having everyone gossip about their gay dorm room sex. And the femslash possibilities with the motorcycle-riding boy!girl, the girl mechanic, and the little rich girl are...::fans self:: Oh, and there is fake incest too, but somehow it manages to be boring. ::shrugs::

Can I just take this oppotunity to say how much I LOVE SMALLVILLE FICS WHERE CLARK IS THE FIRST LADY! )

Ahem. Yes me likee very muchly.

Okay, so I tried to like SGA. I really did. I watched the first three episodes, but ::whines:: no one is pretty or has any character depth or angst and I don't care about any of the characters so there! Maybe I'll watch a few more just to get to the "gay parts" everyone keeps talking about. But on the whole I am DUBIOUS.

That doesn't stop me from liking some of the fic though, since everyone from "Due South" seems to have emigrated over. Most of what I've read has been mildly boring. But people like Auburn (god her fic is *amazing*), shalott, and kaneko keep me peeking in once and awhile. I suspect, however, that this will be a fandom for me like "Smallvile," wherein I don't really care for the show, but can like the fic. But with Smallville there was at least a reliable supply of eye candy. SGA is just *boring* so far, visually and emotionally. The most engaging characters so far were the guest starring Jack and Daniel. I don't watch SG1, but I liked the movie, and I have affection for J and D from fandom. But blah. I am disturbed about what I hear about John and Aeryn coming to SG1. I'll probably like their characters (in fact, what I hear of Aeryn's thief girl character reminds me a lot of Dureena Nafeel from "Crusade") but I'm still bitter about SciFi promoting SG1 over Farcape, and it feels like they're defecting to the enemy's side.


I should probably watch the "Blakes 7" I downloaded a while ago, but I don't want to watch it out of order because it seems like a series with a continuing, complicated plot line. "Beauty and the Beast" is waiting for me too, and I really *should* watch that because I have the eps with the plot points I had questions about (Cathy's death, etc.). I need to WATCH some of the AWESOME ANIME I HAVE, JESUS! This should not be a chore, but so many series in progress already...

I should start my lesson plans and omiyage ick. I ordered a new printer because my scanner glass was cracked in transit, and now I need to order a new keyboard because this one has given up. ::sigh:: I am using an on-screen keyboard--so inconvenient!


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