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"Robin of Sherwood" continues to be SO PRETTY I WANT TO TIME TRAVEL. But the gayness quotient is steadily increasing. Setting aside the massive parallels between Robin's relationships with Marian and Much (and in the episode I just watched, Much was dressed up as Marian's sister! Robin's sister-wives anyone?), there is still a lot of gayness to wallow in. And wallow they do. Little John and Friar Tuck cuddle *all the time* it is so cute! And when Little John's little sexbunny follows him home, you should see the horrified look on his face. In 1x05, Robin and Gisbourne mudwrestle for like, *five minutes* I am NOT KIDDING while a noblewoman watches. And in the beginning of the episode, everyone is laughing at the idea of the Sheriff marrying because, as Marian says, "The Sheriff hates women!" But apparently he likes boys, because he's letting Gisbourne watch him bathe while he yells at him and bewails his impending nuptuals. Then he makes Gisbourne dry him off. YES. And then Gisbourne eats dinner with the Sheriff and his bride, and she so clearly doesn't belong at the table, because Gisbourne and the Sheriff are *already* married, God knows they bicker enough. Then at the end of the episode, Gisbourne and the Sheriff are in the bathtub TOGETHER and splashing around and the Sheriff makes Gisbourne scrub his back: "No, lower!" And the Sheriff is just so *bitchy* and know-it-all, and Gisbourne is so eager to please and such a dumb clod, and just-- ::loves:: This show is just so much *fun* to watch because the outlaws have so much fun together. Even if they are stealing everyone's lunch money. They do give money back, though.

These vids by Valentine make me happy because I've always wanted to see "Maurice" and I've recently been alerted to the greatness that is "Sorority Boys," so even if I can't see them now, I can still see the pretty shiny from them. ::pets::

Only about one minute left to go on my vid! ::cheers halfheartedly::


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