Sep. 3rd, 2017

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Wonder Woman was amazing! It's everything that Captain America: TFA should have been. (How much more sense does Peggy make as the superhero! So much more!) No wonder, with the writer and director it had.

Steve and Diana were so cute, the London parts so funny, and I was happy that Diana proudly fights for love of mankind. From my livechatting:

11:33 PM fenlings: diana is jesus
11:33 PM fenlings: come to save the human race even tho we dont deserve it
11:33 PM fenlings: she gives us grace!
11:35 PM fenlings: i love that diana fights for love
11:35 PM fenlings: i love her

11:38 PM fenlings: oooh a new song by sia
11:39 PM fenlings: in the credits
11:39 PM fenlings: "To be human is to love
Even when it gets too much
I'm not ready to give up"
11:39 PM fenlings: thats right diana

Except, oh my God, Steve. )
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In catching up on Vividcon vids (only one more VVC to go, wah!), I watched Elipie and Kuwadora's I Can Make Your Hands Clap Power Rangers vid, which is a great pimping vid. It succeeded in getting me to want to watch the movie!

And the movie was so great!!

I really enjoyed that, just like Wonder Woman, the secret to their super powers was LOVE. Team love!

And the kids were funny and real - I like that they made the kids screwups in a Saturday detention Breakfast Club-like scenario. They spent some time exploring the power fantasy aspect, which was engaging as well.

It was nice that the kids were all different ethnicities (but of course the white guy was in charge) and that yellow and black rangers were no longer shorthands for their ethnicities, thank god.

It had just enough nostalgia to get your heart pumping, but it also undercut the nostalgia self-consciously so it didn't get too cloying.

Bill Hader was great as a snarky robot.

And Elizabeth Banks was SERIOUSLY CREEPY as Rita. I could not get over just how EXTREMELY CREEPY she was. 

(Also the Krispy Kreme callouts made me laugh every time.)


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