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I just watched my first Man from Uncle ever! I'd read Napoleon/Illya fics before, and seen some MUncle vids, so I was curious. Fandom is rarely that wrong about a show being worthy of devotion. So I downloaded a couple MUncle and Avengers on a whim, and the first one I watched was the Dove Affair.

It was in black and white! With no Illya! (Even though Illya was in the credits.) And Napoleon looked so young omg! It also had much better cinematography than I expected yay it was pretty.

The episode was SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND GAY! It was the one with Ricardo Montalban also looking young and smoking hot with his usual Spanish accent transformed into an imaginary Slavic accent by the convenient Suspension of My Mental Accent-Placer. He and Napoleon were flirty and cute liek whoa and all trying-to-kill-each-other so adorably and OMG they are salt and pepper they both "season and preserve" omg <333! I want to feature in an extended condiment-based metaphor too!

Ricardo's name was Satine, which caused me no end of mirth as I imagined Moulin Rouge with Ricardo singing as Satine. And "Diamonds Are A Girl's Spy's Best Friend" would totally work because the dove was diamond right? And Ricardo also had a debilitating disease, only it wasn't tuberculosis but his stomach disease. And-

::stops now::

Hee, cracktastic crossover yay! Satine's fear of children was *so hilarious* and badfic backstory-inviting. And Satine and Napoleon were totally about to have sex all the time it was awesome. I barely missed Illya! And even Boy said, "Is Satine on again? Because I'd watch that..."

Vidrec: Polka Party by Waldo.
I especially liked "Ghetto Superstar," "I'm not sick, but I'm not well," and the Spice Girls song. Morden=Posh Spice omg! <3 The "Closing Time" vidlet wasn't that exciting, but I could *not stop* saying "Yay!" at regular intervals every time Methos and Joe appeared on screen. Such is the Power of the Multi-Fandom Vid. It makes us squee for every second our favorite fandom (Methos) is given in the vid, no matter how well-crafted a second. It's like we're competing with other fandoms for the title of "Most Worthy of Being Vidded." ::shakes head::

Ah, Jump Street, blazing the trail for the badfic tropes of today! We have finally come to the gay undercover plot device famed in cop and espionage fandoms everywhere.

The Gaybasher Episode

Doug goes undercover as a gay boy in a military school, and refuses to cut his hair, take out his earring, and blend in. Can I just say that the long hair and earring in uniform thing needs to happen way more often in the world.

Tom goes undercover as a hick gaybasher in the same school.

Tom and Doug flirt madly and ask each other for kisses and blow each other kisses in front of others as part of their antagonistic "intimidation techniques."

Then there is sweaty wrestling and they fight.


Doug wears a towel like a woman.

TOM: Man, you are asking for trouble with that towel.

Here, let me whisper in your ear as a cover for exchanging our top sekrit information.

TEACHER: Stop raping that boy!

TOM: Damn my filthy reputation! I was whispering sweet nothings. I was cuddling for justice! ::is dragged away::


Meanwhile, Ioki goes undercover as a patron of a gay cafe.

IOKI: What should I wear?

CAPTAIN: What you have on is fine because your shirts are already either shiny gay or almost nonexistant. You should fit right in.

IOKI: !!?


::sigh:: I love this show.


Now for some

UNRELATED PICSPAM CANDY! ::does a mad screencap-flinging dance::

This is Doug and Tom gazing into each other's eyes, um, a lot. During the drag racing episode I think. ::points below:: See how cute!

Here Tom is making funny noises in Doug's ear.

This is Doug blowing in Tom's ear to get his attention. They're quite a pair aren't they?

Here is Doug giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. No, really.


RL-ish update and Persuaders!update soonish.

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Date: 2005-10-06 01:26 pm (UTC)
jekesta: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jekesta
WOrds will never do justice to my love for Doug in a towel around his nipples. More men should do that. Also earrings. And the kissing of Johnny Depp. Which reminds me I owe people pictures of the spanking. I might do that now hm.

I should totally watch more Man from Uncle because I have seen about four episodes total yes.

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Date: 2005-10-06 02:04 pm (UTC)
jekesta: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jekesta
Eeeeeeeeeee, Persuaders drabble, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!:) And and and I just followed the vidrec and I love all her vidsand they are so shiny and I love and thank you for the link. The Londo and Morden bit at the beginning of that one is just So Perfect oh my:)


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