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The Polar Bears almost made me lose the Will to Vid. My God. It took that whole zoo thing to the next level, and beautifully. This is one of those vids I want to show to the creators/actors, and say: "This is fandom."

Ever since the Apple Post, Kronos has been taking over my brain. I have to finish the happy shipper vid soon, because he's not really one to wait in a corner of my mind like a good little vidbunny. He's setting up camp. (Or should that be Kamp?) Hah who is it that has that "Hello Kitty" Kronos icon? That's what this vidbunny looks like. Only with wings and vampire teeth.

I think the new Methos/Kronos vid is even ousting the other Methos vid that I've had planned in my head for ages. It was so vivid there that I sometimes forgot that it wasn't a vid that somebody else had made. I would remember it and like go looking in my vids folder - I forgot that I couldn't actuallly *watch* it yet. I've been planning vids years before I actually started vidding, and I have all these lyric vidnotes around in a folder, but I doubt most of them will ever be made. I just don't have the omgfandomsquee needed to motivate me to make those beautiful Smallville or Harry Potter vids right now. Well, there are lots of fandoms which have sent their vidbunnies to hop crazily in my vision until I write them down. So I don't think I'll lack for ideas. *Songs* sometimes. Like can anyone think of a good Vecchio song? Just like a character study. Something Billy Joel-ish? I think I found a song maybe for the amorphous "vid where Fraser hypnotizes Ray to have sex with him." Yes. That one seems like a lot of work though. And I would have to dl some, err, *source footage*. So taxing.

I've started catching up on House second season in order to get to the Episode of Gay that everyone's talking about. 201 was already pretty gay, IMO.

House+Wilson: "Bros before ho's!"

House saying how Chase's mouth is so pretty that the inmates will open up to him. Hee, yeah.

Maybe I'll watch that strip club Smallville episode. I am a little curious, [livejournal.com profile] jekesta...

Ack, I have so much stuff to watch that's already downloaded and burned. It's not even funny. God. Instead, what do I do with my time? Read a depressing Faculty rape-recovery giant epic WIP. Because I am SMRT yo.

Speaking of fics, the Others fic is...coming along...slowly... ::hunts for a beta::

I came across this article by chance and was just fascinated. I couldn't stop reading. It's about nature vs. nurture and a boy who was turned into a girl and how gender and sexual orientation are really biologically IN THE BRAIN OMG HOW COOL GO READ IT NOW.

I was rewatching the good parts of the newest Pride and Prejudice. Man, it's so hot. Colin is angstier and Olivier is posher, but this Darcy is *sex*. And this film is just *pretty*. Pretty pretty cinematography. But when I was rewatching the scene of Elizabeth exploring Darcy's desk at Pemberly, I noticed all the statues of Greeks and gods. It made me think of Resonant's "The Teeth of the Hydra," and how, in that form of classical education, to some extent fandom and education were *the same thing*. Which is not to say that they taught Byron in school back when people were
fangirling Byron contemporarily. But education was all about knowing the important stories. And Darcy could have figurines of Achilles like we have figurines of Aragorn and Darth Vader, and he was *classy* not geeky. Those classical stories were deemed important to their civilization, way of life, and history in a way that "Childe Harold" was not.

Civilization is all about having a common frame of reference. In Vermont Ma was saying that she didn't even have a common frame of reference with her own father, who *was* classically educated at parochial school and Harvard. I wanted to go to St. Johns College to get that classical education, but it's much more feasible in the modern world to go the liberal arts route (not to mention that whole having film studies, gender studies, and dorms with internet thing) - and I did try to get *some* classics in. I still feel guilty that I didn't go hardcore classics though, because I just believe that it's important to understand our own culture by understanding what it considered its most important stories for hundreds of years. And I still really do feel that in the West, to be *educated* you just *have to know* Latin and Greek.

Man, do I miss Greek... And the only languages I've ever had a burning desire to learn I never have: Gaelic and Irish. But without a structured course at school I just can't do it, because I am so lazy and badfic-reading instead of language-studying. ::fails::

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Date: 2005-11-15 08:09 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I haven't watched that much Due South (I just saw some episodes when it was on TNT), but that polar bear vid was quite good. かわいい、ね。うん、食べたい! You must reach this level of greatness.

That article on sexual orientation was very interesting. And disturbing. I don't see how a scientist could be that (seemingly) arrogant in his interpretations, with what was involved. Especially since now it's pretty well established that both nature and nurture are involved, not just one or the other. To think that the interviews in such were still happening in 1997...

Re: Random Commentry

Date: 2005-11-16 08:24 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ohh, so you know who I am then? I thought I was anonymous...

All the psychiatrists from the 70s did things of questionable ethics... like the guy who tested to see if people would "kill" someone on the command of an authority figure. Good results, horribly traumatized subjects.

Re: Random Commentry

Date: 2005-11-16 09:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] onlymesmerized.livejournal.com
The study I think John is thinking of is Milgram's study on authority which provides interesting insight about the Nazi's mindset etc.

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Date: 2005-11-15 10:01 pm (UTC)
jekesta: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jekesta
I just have to say that I think I misled people with my squee because mostly I was overly excited about the guest character of that episode and his relations with Clark's father and not the strip club bit although that was very nice too but mostly it was about the old man sex:) Yes. And cars. Just to warn you.

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Date: 2005-11-16 08:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] onlymesmerized.livejournal.com
Dude, not only was John/Joan an incredible fuck-up on the part of the psyc community but it was so screwy got turned into a Law and Order: SVU episode. One of the "ripped from the headlines" ones where they have to put the disclaimer at the beginning about "not representing actual people" so Dick Wolf doesn't get sued. Hah. Maybe if I *ever* have time again, I'll find the ep on TV.com so you can see I'm not lying.


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