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But Tsuyoshi's face when he thought the psychic was saying that Koichi was going to marry soon. That face was the main つぼ of the Korean episodes for me. That and ENARI-KUN I LOVE YOU STAY ALWAYS.

See what I mean? )

I finally finished season 3 of Who (thanks to the ever-persistent meemeration) and finally watched the whole TW episode with the Spike kissing and not just clips of it. Wow, can I just say that that was really really hot. Made me all squealy! Oh, TW, such fanfic onscreen. What Angel SHOULD have been ahahah. And Jack on Who was just too awesome. Unrequited lovers of the Doctor unite! Jack and Martha all cute together. Jack all "I did it in your honor" awwwww. FACE OF BO. Ahaha, I can so see Jack calling himself that as a black joke.

I've been rereading a lot of TOS fic, which is giving me dangerous thoughts of starting to watch TOS or B7 or Jump St or Robin Hood again. (WESTERN FANDOMS WHUT?) Also, I've been giving [livejournal.com profile] yinghung some videos from my short kpop phase (oh the shiny gay).

But yes. Kinki! Translating! Watching the things I've downloaded! Catching up on JE! Watching concerts in chatrooms! Getting organized on Dreamwidth! I shall... get on all those things.

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So last night I happened across some W-INDS THREESOME PORN, which I fangirled dutifully read as a part of my continuing J-pop self-education program. Then today while recording the listening tests, a spare desk in the recording room had this to say: )

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I finally watched "The Return of Starbuck" again. I've always flipped to it and loved it, but I'd never managed to get a complete copy of it until now. YAY THE INTERNETS.

The shallow part of the picspam. Tight pants and leg holsters. God, that is a pretty man. )

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So I was watching the latest episode of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, and somehow my capping finger... slipped.

Hiroto is pretty. )

[livejournal.com profile] paranoid_ninja remarked that Hiroto as I described him reminded him of Ryan in first season OC. He is WISE. I didn't realize this, but it's SO TRUE. The alcoholic single mother and everything!


And um, this doesn't have anything to do with doramas, but I'm really enjoying Jericho. Not in the least because of things like this )

(Although dude, have Skeet Ulrich's teeth gotten bigger since Miracles? Has his face gotten smaller? Am I crazy? It's just that every time he opens his mouth I'm afraid he's going to EAT ME.)

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Last Thursday was the 文化発表会 (Cultural Presentation) at one of my schools.

It started off with a bang, with an electric shamisen rock band called JK-Soul.
Yes, an electric shamisen. )


Oct. 25th, 2006 01:42 pm
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I really enjoyed this episode. But then I enjoyed "Huggy Bear and the Turkey," too, so maybe I just like them being silly.

AND GAY. Though by now that almost goes without saying.

Never one to leave a point unbelabored, however, I felt the need to picspam. )

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Danny always gets in trouble for Brett to rescue. BEAUTY. )

Then, after they find out that The Bank Manager Did It:

BRETT: If you can't trust your own bank manager, who can you trust?

DANNY: You can trust me, sweetheart.

BRETT: Thank you, Daniel.

eee )

I love how Danny calls all women ever "kid," even the ancient duchess, but he calls Brett sweetheart here.

Maybe he's trying for some kind of '40s gangster feel, but he's totally not achieving it. He just sounds IN LOVE.

I completely failed to mention that last episode both Roger and Tony dressed in drag as their character's aunts. YEY.

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I am just FILLED WITH LOVE for The Persuaders!

They are too beautiful. I cannot look, it is too much beauty.

But then their voices are beautiful too. OH.

OMG. Danny is trying to use his body to seduce this spy dude FOR AMERICA. )

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Today is Old People Day. So it's a holiday and there was NO WORK YAY. But tomorrow there is work.

Saturday I was at a different supermarket, and they had some BACON. And it LOOKED LIKE real American bacon. It was the same size and everything. But then today I cooked it and it was just LONG JAPANESE BACON. WOE.

I was watching "Higher Ground" lately, and I remember watching it somewhat back when it first aired, but back then I didn't know like ALL THE PEOPLE in it, like Kaylee from Firefly, because this was before Firefly. So it's fun to see everyone now that they've become someone. (And Jim Byrnes! <33) And remember, this is where Anne Marie Loder met Peter DeLuise. Hayden Christenson is just as whiny as I remembered. ("Waaah my stepmother rapes me. Waaaah I like drugs.") He's fairly Anakin here, but then maybe that's the only role he knows. But I still like this character waaaay better than Anakin. And I was getting all caught up in the storylines and everything! But there are no more episodes up on cdntv and the last one was a GIANT CLIFFHANGER so I am SAD.

Back on Star Trek, the crack continues to flow freely.

The Savage Curtain )

Who Mourns for Adonais? )

When I researched the title, of course I had to read the poem again. I'd forgotten about it, but I really like it. Yay, Romantics! It's the kind of thing I like to read aloud, like The Declaration of Independence in American.

So then I had to look up Pythian. And then tangentially I remembered that my aunt said that she saw a PBS special where they discovered that the genetic descendents of the Amazons are among the Mongols. Neat!

The Apple )

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Since school's started, I've been busy corrupting fragile young minds. But I have been watching S&H, though my 3rd and 4th seasons are kind of spotty.

::kicks emule::

::emule kicks back::

And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] otakucat2, now whenever I cheer on my downloads I say COME ON! COME ON TOSHI!

But! I have achieved:

Starsky's Brother )

And Black and Blue )

I remember when [livejournal.com profile] jekesta was talking about these episodes, and there was talk of Starsky in a nurse's uniform, and then like yesterday I saw the Mad Magazine where they made them be gay and put Starsky in a female nurse uniform while Hutch was in the hospital. HEEE!

The Jeremiah vid is coming along, closer to finished. VIDDING IS HARD YO. Now I remember why I just have lots of ideas and only vid in my head. IN MY HEAD IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

Oh yeah, and does anyone know how to get rid of the *extremely annoying* NEW lj bar?

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It is rainy and will be 梅雨ish for weeks bah. And I had to walk to the far away grocery store and bring home many groceries so as to avoid that pesky starvation business.

But! When I returned, there was Blake's 7, and *speaking* of falling into someone's arms... )

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Let's just put it out there: Starsky and Hutch is the gayest show on earth. I'm sorry, Jim and Blair, you LOSE.

Don't believe me? )

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We were talking about "Voodoo" and "32 Down" in the DS chat, and when I rewatched "Voodoo," I noticed many things I've decided to inflict on share with you all.

PICSPAM Ahem. Visual aids. )

In conclusion, I would just like to say that this is all [livejournal.com profile] scriggle's fault.

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You know I gave Starsky and Hutch a break last time because the main plot was that Starsky was dying - and when one of them is dying, of course the episode is going to be all about how much they love each other. But I just watched the following episode and OMG. Is it just this slashy all the fucking time?? )

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Wow. This weekend.

I had so much fun.

First of all the Due South chat was *awesome* and I'm so glad I didn't miss it in another attack of home repair.

I started chatting at about 3 PM Saturday, around when it started, and we watched things and it was yay until like 6 PM when I had to *leave* to go to a party WOE.

But the party, to say goodbye to departing JETS, was OMG hilariously fun. I'm going to miss so many of these people next year. SAD.

So then I came *back* around midnight and immediately got on chat again. And I stayed on until 5 AM. Can you blame me???

I went to sleep then, and slept for 5 hours until 10 AM, the first HCL screening, and then there was the commentary screening, and then there was S&A and COTW commentary and omg FUN FUN FUN.

So Sunday I stayed on chat for 14 hours from 10 AM to midnight. And I was SO GOOD - I exited AIM at midnight. And I was going to go to bed. Really. But see, all weekend I had been downloading awesome things that I was unable to watch because of chatting and watching other awesome things. (Though I did watch a good Superman cam Saturday morning. But I found the movie too Jesus-y and obvious. And the whole Christ-like figure Superman didn't work for me because he didn't feel like a real person in this movie, just a collection of signifiers blatantly telegraphed by the filmmakers, so I didn't feel for him as much as, say, Spiderman. And of course the writers ruined Lex.)

But ANYWAY, the Gay Mormon had downloaded in the meantime, and I just could not resist his siren call. So from midnight to 2 AM or so I watched it. And omg you guys. It's like someone made a movie just for me. It's like they sat down and were like, "Hm, how many of Fenlings's kinks can we hammer?" I mean they didn't get the crossdressing or make-up kink, and the love confession was poorly acted, but everything else was SO MUCH LOVE YAY.

I don't want to spoil you, so I'll just show this one cap. )

Hee, I'm giving one of my teachers all these gay movies (+MWB, just because I have no self-control), and this is SO going to be one of them.

So even though I think I had a grand total of 9 hours sleep on Saturday and Sunday night combined, it was completely worth it. I just had to keep reminding myself of that today.

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This episode is such *crack*. )

And lastly, linked because I'm kind of ashamed to be capping this when Leonard was working so hard -- but not enough to stop myself: Spock panty shot wardrobe malfunction.

So the crazy Greeks make Kirk and Spock do things against their will. Like kiss people they've never wanted to kiss before. And this is almost disturbingly meta, if we read the show's writers (or fanfic writers) for the crazy Greeks. Putting Kirk and Spock in short dresses, the women in bad makeup, and throwing in random acts of unmotivated sex and violence. Hmm.

The more I watch TOS, the more I really like the acting. (Yes, okay, this may be partly in reaction to switching directly between Hidden Frontier and TOS.) I mean, people make fun of Shatner's acting, and yes he overacts, but he's also really *good*. At least IMHO. I think they're all really good. If they weren't, they wouldn't get us to swallow half the gobbledy-gook they try to sell us. I mean space ships and aliens and women in combat and no racial discrimination among humans? Come on! Their sets, costumes, and make-up are frequently ridiculously cheap, and the writing sometimes suspect. But by God, the actors *commit* to the story. I've heard similar things about Blakes 7, and that makes me want to pull out the season 1 I have downloaded and give it another chance. Umm, someday.

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We just saw Ioki and Penhall's crossdressing roommates story. What genre of fic will Jump Street tackle next?

Jump Street: The Hooker AU )


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