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Speaking of Yukawa Kazuhiko, I can't believe I didn't post about Gisou no Fuufu??

I had SO MANY emotions about this drama omg.

I really enjoyed the premise, again: a gay man and a strong woman who were involved in college have a sham marriage now they're in their 40s.

One thing I love about Yukawa is that he doesn't turn gay people into caricatures. And this drama is full of queer people portrayed as real people! The male lead especially did a good job with his sensitive portrayal.

And the drama has many HILARIOUS moments.

But the ending - MyDramaList reviews agree with my MIXED EMOTIONS )

Jun to Ai

Sep. 1st, 2017 07:52 pm
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 I FINALLY finished Jun to Ai. I've been working on this one for like 2 years lol. Episodes are here! It's not subbed, but the dialog is fairly simple and slowly spoken.

I definitely recommend it, and I like the premise a lot. The pairing was a shy guy who can see people's inner natures and an outgoing girl who is determined to create the best hotel. Both the leads did a great job, and I was happy to see Kazama with a leading role.  

It was written by Yukawa Kazuhiko, who is pretty much my favorite writer, and it lived up to his reputation.

As the drama went on, the situations changed pretty drastically and it got further away from its premise.

But the hopeful tone always stayed the same. Even though the drama dealt with a LOT of PAINFUL topics, it never felt really depressing, because Jun was always determined to overcome the odds. 

It's an asadora, so the episodes are only 15 min, but because I usually had so many emotions during one, I was satisfied by that amount. With some dramas, you get kind of addicted or they're like candy - you just want to watch the next one and next one. This drama isn't like that - you can savor it slowly. But it always delivers the emotional goods.
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 I was looking to watch something mediocre and mindless while I had a migraine, and this sure fit the bill!

The parts set in the land of the gods had SUCH PRETTY hair and makeup and costumes. Honestly, I just wanted to stay there all the time.

There were so many interesting concepts introduced and never explored, and so many plotholes - it was just frustrating. Like they had the manhwa right there if they needed an interesting plot. And if I hadn't read the manhwa summary, I wouldn't have understood a lot of things that they just NEVER EXPLAINED. So they simultaneously relied too much and not enough on the manhwa.

With just a few tweaks this could have been a great drama, but as it is it's just a way to pass the time.
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Honestly, I watched this like last week, and until I remembered that an actress from Hotel King was in it, I completely forgot about it.

It was fake dating, which is my jam, but it was pretty forgettable, apart from the fact that it was laugh out loud hilarious in parts!

So it's good for some light entertainment and humor, but it has pretty cliched characters.

Hotel King

Aug. 12th, 2017 09:19 pm
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I can't believe I forgot to post about this drama?? It is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I just rewatched parts of it.

The writing is amazing, it's like SUPER DRAMA TO THE MAX. Every time you think you know what's going on, there's another plot twist! I wish the writer had more dramas available.

The acting is a little overdone, but I love it anyway. I love the male lead. And the older female actress.
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This drama was so intense! It was good, but I cried so much, ugh. And there were so many tense scenes when I had like full-body stress reactions.

I liked the characters and the main couple, but the villain was kind of over the top and had no motivation.

The North Korean accents might have been fake, but they were interesting to listen to and so sing-songy. The translated English that they made foreigners speak was hilariously awful. The US NSA in response to a terrorist attack was saying the US was considering a "severe physical reaction." Is that like an allergy?? The US soldiers were so racist omg.

Now I really want North and South Korea to unify again to show that stupid US. I liked the subtle "despotic occupier" vibe that was given to the US troops. Very odd to be watching this drama in the current political climate...
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1% of Something
I really really enjoyed this drama! It has my bulletproof kink of FAKE RELATIONSHIP, and the characters were interesting. The dude had some selfishness problems, but the couple was refreshing in how they maturely discussed their problems and emotions most of the time. The family tree had me hopelessly confused though. Did they expect us to have seen the original and already know all the relationships?? I still have no idea what happened to the dude's two fathers.

Master's Sun
The main problem with this drama is that it felt so slow and long, especially toward the end. Amnesia is always a delaying tactic. I was sticking it out because the premise could be interpreted as FAKE RELATIONSHIP, but it really dragged. The secondary couple was so annoying that I fast forwarded all of their scenes. And the main dude's trauma manifested as dyslexia, which is not... how dyslexia works... However, there were a few hysterically funny moments randomly sprinkled in an episode, so those were worth it. I just never felt like I understood the characters' growth or arc, and spending so much time with random ghosts wasn't worth it.

This drama is still airing and I ran out of episodes and am dying for more. I love it soooo much. In the first 5 minutes I cried so much lol. And even though ghosts are not its main focus, its few ghost moments are WAY more touching than any of Master's Sun's ghost moments. I teared up a little at Master's Sun, but I was full-on bawling at that ER ghost in Goblin. I also love the bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin, and I'm 100% here for their gay sitcom. The main romance is really great so far, and I have high hopes. Also Kim Eun Sook is the bomb. And of course Gong Yoo. <3 While I go through withdrawal, I at least have One Fine Day, another Gong Yoo brother/sister drama.
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In this drama, Tsuyoshi goes back in time from age 22 to 18 (high school) by accident. He seemed happy about the do-over chance the first time, though. (My friend and I disagreed on whether we would go back in time to high school given the choice. He thinks it would be dead easy, knowing what he knows now. But I think it would be dead boring! And also restrictive, ugh.)

And he keeps being sent back over and over! )
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I can't believe I never posted about My Daughter Seo Young and You Who Came from the Stars, but it looks like not. Suffice it to say, I mainlined both dramas last year and was extremely happy with both - except the end of You Who Came from the Stars was a little weird. I also watched most of Famous Princesses (can you sense a Park Hae Jin theme?) and that was interesting too.
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I was so excited to watch a drama with Park Hae Jin in it! The latter half did get a little boring/annoying with the Min Soo copycat plot, the ~stealing class notes~ plot, etc. But despite the behind-the-scenes controversy about the latter half, I was happy with this drama... until the last episode. )

Yes, the soundtrack was A++ like Coffee Prince. And the characters reminded me of Hana Yori Dango - there were elements of Domyouji and Rui in Yoo Jung and Baek In Ho.

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Nino totally carried this drama. The no-eyebrow girl (who was very strange) called Ryo a "droopy eyed soggy rice cracker," and she was right on the money. Ryo was really blah and had no presence, which is odd when I've seen him give such good performances in Chonmage Purin, Papadoru, and Zenkai Girl. Toda Erika was fine, but I could take or leave her. Kaname Jun was an unexpected joy with his enthusiasm for life. Terajima Susumu and Morishita Aiko (who may be actually contractually obligated to appear in every KudoKan drama lol) played the same characters they always do, but they do it so well!

The other good point about this drama was of course the dialogue. KudoKan came through once again with many hilarious one-liners that made me laugh out loud. The mini-"dramas" that were portrayed by characters' imaginations and voiceovers were also very amusing. But unlike other KudoKan mysteries, the story as a whole did not hang together (especially the ending).

Also this is not a problem I've had with KudoKan dramas before, and it may be a function of the direction, but I had a VERY hard time following what was actually happening when a past event would appear on screen. Was it 1. a character's imagination (and therefore probably false) 2. a character's memory (and therefore maybe true) or 3. an actual flashback from 3rd person omniscient POV (and therefore true)? I still have no clue how much of the past scenes were true.

I wish the incest vibe had not been there because when it's just the 2 older boys perving on the younger sister who actually believes they are related and thinks of them as brothers, then it's weird and gross. And the thread was never followed through - the plot point of both of the brothers (maybe?) being in love with their sister was just dropped so then why even go there?? Kaname Jun also "compliments" Nino by saying that it's admirable that the brothers cared so much for a sister that they were not related to, and I thought that was so insulting to adoptees and found families.

The ending was so WTF. )


Aug. 5th, 2015 10:09 pm
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Wow, this drama did not disappoint. Toma and Ogushun were so amazing (especially Toma). And of course I love Hirosue Ryoko. Yoshida Yo plays the same kickass woman she does in Jun to Ai (which reminds me I have to finish Jun to Ai), and special shoutout to Takeda Kumiko for playing the best yakuza boss ever, with a wonderful Kyoto accent. Ueno Juri I could take or leave. I certainly didn't love her like I did in Nodame. But she didn't annoy me like Seino Nana's character did. I didn't recognize Shinohara Tomoe AT ALL as the forensics person, but she was totally believable, so good for her.

My favorite part of this drama was that everyone had their own interweaving motives and investigations - there were no "good guys". The mystery and PLOT TWISTS were really engaging, and only a little convoluted. The hand-to-hand fight scenes were very well choreographed and entertaining - they reminded me of Cowboy Bebop in look and feel (and in Toma's hairstyle). When they brought out the guns, however, there seemed to be a lot of standing around and AIMING the gun while not saying anything of substance, instead of SHOOTING the gun, and it stalled the action in quite a few places. It also strained credulity just how many times a character was about to tell Ogushun and Toma "everything," and there would be some flimsy excuse to delay or separate long enough for that character to get killed. But the pacing was well done enough that I was constantly eager to keep watching the next episode, and the action was spread out well throughout the entire 10 episode run.

The ending involved some ugly crying. )

I swear to God at least once an episode I was 100% positive that Toma and Ogushun were about to kiss. And their hilariously "covert" meetings were such ~forbidden love~. Them communicating on their normal cell phones?! Ogushun buying out an entire sento for them to meet at, lol yeah that's not conspicuous... Their restaurant meetings reminded me of Peggy and Jarvis meeting back to back at the diner, and Angie rolling her eyes at their obviousness. Except with ten times the sexual tension.

Now where are all the slashy interviews?? Did Ogushun call Toma his Tokyo bride again?

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Overall, with Avengers, Snow White, and Kenshin, this summer is going to be epiccc.
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Can You Hear My Heart - I laughed, I sobbed, I stroked the screen repeatedly whenever Ma Ru's emoface appeared... )  Ma Ruuuuu. (Ugh, he is like Rui all over again. OT3 IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER. Except for F/K/V that I still can't read because I am a MRKS at heart.)

...I knew reading [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf again was a bad life decision.
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Last night I watched Kimi wo Miagete, the drama where tiny Go is in love with a tall girl. It was well written and performed! I was surprised. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Yaaay cuteness + plot! I kind of want to sub it now. D:
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So I was watching TV on the actual TV (a rare occurance), and I saw a few minutes of Star Trek: Enterprise (an even rarer occurance) when who should appear on the screen but ANDREAS KATSULAS. His beautiful face and voice and oh. After only one glorious moment though, the show cut to commercial. Then when I flipped back I swear to God I came in on the tail end of Archer and Trip having an emotional lover's argument. Cut to credits. Oh, well.


I watched all of Saigo no Koi in like one day. My God, those subs were off, often saying the exact opposite of what they should be. But baby Nakai did a good job, a little over/under acting, but mostly good and intense. Hee, he must have been SO EMBARRASSED at the love scenes, but that nervousness was in character at least. I really loved his character. <3333 And of course Tokiwa Takako was good. As for the writing, well... The exposition was shaky, the story tugged at my heartstrings, and the ending was pasted on. Yeah, pretty much everything you'd expect from Kitagawa Eriko.


My aunts visited recently and redid the garden, and then invading neighbor hordes came in to check it out, when they weren't spying on my aunts from their own yards. OMG! GTFO! ::hides:: And what's worse, digging up the yard gave rise to more invading hordes of the small buggy kind. >.<


SDK: Koichi's large handkerchief. I died. Aw, he's so adorable and delusional.

The Bonnie mention was an odd and interesting moment. They cut something out there, probably just more of them hemming and hawing, trying to remember, but Koichi being clueless is always cute.
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Too bad about Adam losing Idol (not that I watch Idol), but now he's free to be his badass awesome self successfully.


Okay, seeing as I've read (and read and read) everyone's reaction posts, my viewing of the Star Trek film (it really doesn't have an actual name??) was a little biased, but here is my obligatory reaction post. )


Why did no one tell me that Julie was so hot?? Only NOW do I find out he's called the Japanese David Bowie and the pioneer of visual kei. Fandom fail! I knew he was famous, but I pictured the Tigers as like early-'60s Beatles, drawing crowds of screaming girls while not being very hot.

But Koichi's performances of Julie's Darling are hot (starts at 27:30). Hello jewelry and sultry looks. (I've really got to finish Tokikin.) And they reminded me of the cute way Koichi acts around Takuro-san. (BTW Takuro-san is totally hot with long, non-fro hair, wow.)

And so what with those performances and Toma's performance I was inspired to look for the real thing. Here's one - you can't really see it well in that one, but he does this totally limp-wristed thing on the chorus...

But this other song is so freaking hot. Talk about to-be-looked-at-ness. Not to mention queer coding and androgyny. Sailor hat! Jewelry!! Fanservice! I think it's impressive that he makes it obvious that dog-tags and hat-badges are just another form of jewelry.


I finished Hitotsu Yane no Shita season 1 in my great quest to watch everything Nojima Shinji has ever written, and omg. It was good! An-chan reminded me of Nagase in Mukodono, really weepy and hot-blooded and family-oriented. The gags did get a bit much and so did the melodrama, "accidental sighting" coincidences, and gender roles. There was some overacting too. I can tell that Nojima Shinji's writing has improved, but this was a real fun ride. Now I want to watch season 2! Except if I don't watch it I can keep my illusion that it will give me my two-brother-one-woman marriage. My OT3s are always so doooomed. ::clings to Concerto::


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