Nov. 16th, 2006 09:36 pm
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If you haven't already, GO to and download The Persuaders vid "I Only Want to Be With You" because it is CRAZY BEAUTIFUL AND EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

::sets on continuous play::

Random Recs

Jul. 1st, 2006 04:45 pm
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These two Farscape fics. Are awesome.

John Crichton is here there and everywhere, always dying.

I've found a decent amount of good Farscape fics, and that makes me *really happy*, but of course I just want more. And all of them are *gen*. Farscape: where gen isn't boring. Farscape canon-based stories aren't boring because Farscape *canon* isn't boring. It's rich in the kind of emotional drama we like to explore in fic. It's amazing how *all* the slashers suddenly became rabid J/A shippers when they watched Farscape. I think it is because we have a strong couple that are *equal* and whose relationship is fraught with emotional issues. How often does that happen with a man and a woman on television? Usually we have to slash the two equal male characters who have canonical emotional issues in order to get our romance. But Farscape gives it straight to us. For all the strange writing that happened in Farscape's later seasons, it did give us that.


So I've been watching The Book of Daniel. (After I heard a reference on The Daily Show to it being canceled. Typical. Of course everything I could possibly like is cancelled before it gets a chance.) And man, I am really liking it. Even though I could only find 101-107, and I think there are two more episodes. (Man, I hope so! The ending of 107 was such a bad place to end!) It's so awesome. But it is kind of artificial, like *every* character has to embody an issue or three. I mean, I like the issues and our exploration of them, it just seems a little pasted on. And everyone is totally stressed out. Aidan Quinn's issue is pill-popping, and he reminds me of Dennis Leary's character in "Rescue Me", with the pain-pill-stealing and the constantly seeing a wise-cracking Jesus. (Oh, Jesus. I think this one is even more hilarious than Rescue Me!Jesus.) Hah, only the mother has no issues so far, except bored housewife-itis. Which, yeah, I can understand, seeing as she does no work around the house and the children are mostly grown (and I suspect Rainy did more day-to-day care of them anyway). The mere presence of Rainy, an older female, black servant makes me uncomfortable. It seems so 1920s. And what about her own life? So far she seems defined by her housekeeping job. (Except for smoking the stolen marajuana, which. Wow. Poor girl.) She's so defined by it that she chooses it over her own daughter. But hah, it's funny that the Catholic church is the mafia. And Aidan Quinn is my kind of pastor! ::hoists episco disco ball::


I've been watching these Starsky and Hutch vids. And I was just filled with the OVERWHELMING DESIRE to watch S&H. I couldn't find any downloads except some german dubs on usenet, so I got a kinda German-speaking person to translate the ep titles so I could figure out which one is the Starsky-is-kidnapped-by-cultists-and-Hutch-has-to-rescue-him-oh-noes ep that the vid "Cold As It Gets" is based on. (I did RESEARCH for this, yo.) So I dled it, and watched it all, even though it was mostly dubbed (with random parts still in English). But yeah. I still desperately want to watch S&H! In English, even. (Though not enough to spend money.) And I just don't know how I *got* here, from like, Yami no Matsuei and Kenshin to cheesy American 70s cop shows. Damn you, Due South! Damn you, pimping vids!!!

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First off, two Hercules vids - no, wait don't run away!

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Kubulla

This vid is awesome in the way that T. Jonesy's Star Trek vid to "All By Myself" is awesome. It's so cheesy that you cheer for it. (BTW, watch for Hercules' Mary Tyler Moore flip and Autolycus' mini-speedo tan lines. Hee.) It takes every romance novel and slash cliche and just revels in them, completely seriously. It might not be a *great* vid, but it sure is enjoyable.

Holding Out for a Hero by Marycrawford

In the same vein, this vid takes those romance novel cliches and pokes fun at them, while still shamelessly enjoying them. Plus, the Widow Twanky is always good for a rollicking fun time. (God bless you, Michael Hurst. As far as I'm concerned, you deserved the Order of Merit for that alone.)

...Man, all of this is rekindling all my love for Iolaus.

On a funnier note:

A clip of Richard Simmons on Whose Line

The whole episode

God, how I adore Whose Line. It's the only thing that makes me laugh uncontrollably, like flailing and hitting things and falling off chairs and rolling on the floor. So yeah, I can't take too much at once. Ow, my abdomen.

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It's that time again - the time when I insist that everyone watch what I'm watching. Oh wait, that's all the time.

So vidrecs!

I'm SO HAPPY to see some B5verse vids out there. And even more happy to see some that are good!

1. Babylon 5 - "Eric's Song" by Barkley

Sheridan. Delenn. Very touching and sweet.

2. Babylon 5 - "What about Everything?" by Happyme

This is the best Babylon 5 video I have ever seen. I know that's not saying a lot when you consider the fact that I've only been able to find...::counts:: 16 Babylon 5 vids ever. That is so sad. But this is also one of the best vids in *general* I have ever seen. Even I didn't quite catch all the canon points (those pesky one-episode guest actors...), but I keep finding new things every time I watch it, just like you should in all the best vids. So go! Shoo! Download! Five years of canon in 3:40 minutes! (Well, most of it.) And you thought just following the Arc and keeping track of the Koshes made your brain splody...

3. Crusade - "Holy Grail" by Andraste

Crusade!! The only Crusade vid I've found. Galen! Dureena! Love! And I didn't remember how much Max is like Rodney McKay, right down to the cat. Except he seems like *more* of an asshole somehow (or maybe the Rodney of fanfic is just a kinder, gentler Rodney) because Max seems at times like he actually *would* sell his own grandmother for money and alien technology.

ETA: Her site seems to have gone MIA since I posted this, but her lj is over at [ profile] andrastewhite.

4. Rah Xephon - "Euphoria" by Koopiskeva

Rah Xephon is one of those underrated anime that I enjoyed while watching and then mostly forgot about. But this vid. Wow.

I have watched a lot of AMVs - oh boy have I watched AMVs. But I think that I like this one the best out of all AMVs EVER, even ones for fandoms that I'm active in. It's one of those good vids that I get something new out of every time I watch. The absolute parallelism and treatment of the canon is really - Christ - really *good*. I've been rewatching this vid for at least 2 years, and it's definitely stood the test of time.

There has been a trend lately to take advantage of the technological effects wizardry that because of the nature of their source AMVs can employ where live action vids can't. This has led to some truly astounding editing, but I sometimes felt like the point of vidding was lost. The point is to move people, just like any art - to make an emotional impact on your viewer. Effects of course should be used to help you achieve this end, not be the end in themselves. But this vid combines the best of: 1. effects (really, the parallelism and musical visualization - gah! so good!) + 2. good storytelling + 3. canon insight. This vid is a happy place.

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The Polar Bears almost made me lose the Will to Vid. My God. It took that whole zoo thing to the next level, and beautifully. This is one of those vids I want to show to the creators/actors, and say: "This is fandom."

More on vidding )

I've started catching up on House second season in order to get to the Episode of Gay that everyone's talking about. 201 was already pretty gay, IMO.

House+Wilson: "Bros before ho's!"

House saying how Chase's mouth is so pretty that the inmates will open up to him. Hee, yeah.

Maybe I'll watch that strip club Smallville episode. I am a little curious, [ profile] jekesta...

Ack, I have so much stuff to watch that's already downloaded and burned. It's not even funny. God. Instead, what do I do with my time? Read a depressing Faculty rape-recovery giant epic WIP. Because I am SMRT yo.

Speaking of fics, the Others fic is...coming along...slowly... ::hunts for a beta::

I came across this article by chance and was just fascinated. I couldn't stop reading. It's about nature vs. nurture and a boy who was turned into a girl and how gender and sexual orientation are really biologically IN THE BRAIN OMG HOW COOL GO READ IT NOW.

I was rewatching the good parts of the newest Pride and Prejudice. Man, it's so hot. Colin is angstier and Olivier is posher, but this Darcy is *sex*. And this film is just *pretty*. Pretty pretty cinematography. But when I was rewatching the scene of Elizabeth exploring Darcy's desk at Pemberly, I noticed all the statues of Greeks and gods. It made me think of Resonant's "The Teeth of the Hydra," and how, in that form of classical education, to some extent fandom and education were *the same thing*. )

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I just watched my first Man from Uncle ever! )

Vidrec: Polka Party by Waldo.
I especially liked "Ghetto Superstar," "I'm not sick, but I'm not well," and the Spice Girls song. Morden=Posh Spice omg! <3 The "Closing Time" vidlet wasn't that exciting, but I could *not stop* saying "Yay!" at regular intervals every time Methos and Joe appeared on screen. Such is the Power of the Multi-Fandom Vid. It makes us squee for every second our favorite fandom (Methos) is given in the vid, no matter how well-crafted a second. It's like we're competing with other fandoms for the title of "Most Worthy of Being Vidded." ::shakes head::

Jump Street, the Gaybasher Episode + PICSPAM ^_^ )

RL-ish update and Persuaders!update soonish.

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"Robin of Sherwood" continues to be SO PRETTY I WANT TO TIME TRAVEL. But the gayness quotient is steadily increasing. Setting aside the massive parallels between Robin's relationships with Marian and Much (and in the episode I just watched, Much was dressed up as Marian's sister! Robin's sister-wives anyone?), there is still a lot of gayness to wallow in. And wallow they do. Little John and Friar Tuck cuddle *all the time* it is so cute! And when Little John's little sexbunny follows him home, you should see the horrified look on his face. In 1x05, Robin and Gisbourne mudwrestle for like, *five minutes* I am NOT KIDDING while a noblewoman watches. And in the beginning of the episode, everyone is laughing at the idea of the Sheriff marrying because, as Marian says, "The Sheriff hates women!" But apparently he likes boys, because he's letting Gisbourne watch him bathe while he yells at him and bewails his impending nuptuals. Then he makes Gisbourne dry him off. YES. And then Gisbourne eats dinner with the Sheriff and his bride, and she so clearly doesn't belong at the table, because Gisbourne and the Sheriff are *already* married, God knows they bicker enough. Then at the end of the episode, Gisbourne and the Sheriff are in the bathtub TOGETHER and splashing around and the Sheriff makes Gisbourne scrub his back: "No, lower!" And the Sheriff is just so *bitchy* and know-it-all, and Gisbourne is so eager to please and such a dumb clod, and just-- ::loves:: This show is just so much *fun* to watch because the outlaws have so much fun together. Even if they are stealing everyone's lunch money. They do give money back, though.

These vids by Valentine make me happy because I've always wanted to see "Maurice" and I've recently been alerted to the greatness that is "Sorority Boys," so even if I can't see them now, I can still see the pretty shiny from them. ::pets::

Only about one minute left to go on my vid! ::cheers halfheartedly::

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Yay my keyboard arrived today! And I was so |337 and installed it myself with no proper tools. ::grins:: Now I can type as much as I want! Freeeeeedom!

Quick vid recs:
If you need a pimping vid to convince you to download "Young Americans" then go watch Nicky's "Somebody Told Me" over here

Ditto for "21 Jump Street" with Lithiumdoll's Human Remains. ::stares at Johnny:: ...pretty...

My vid, otoh, is about 3:30 out of 5:00 vidded, but it is oh! so bad. Yes. It makes Paul Gross cry. Often. And now I'm getting to the hard part, which makes me cry. But I will persevere, and as my reward I will get to ride off with RayK into the sunset! Oh, wait.

Boy is coming soon. If "soon" means TWO WEEKS. It has been a month already; soon I will forget what he looks like. Oh, Japan. There are these Pucca chocolate fish at the conbini that are addictive. Like pocky. Soon they will all be mine. ::sings "fish heads"::

Oh, I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Johnny Depp made me sad because the one thing I can't stand to watch is people embarrassing themselves. And the dentist backstory was silly and contrived. But the "cannibalism" line was hilarious, and the oompa loompas were fun. So um, yeah. Sticking with Gene Wilder. ::pets his fuzzy head:: I need to read the book again, because, while I've devoured everything Roald Dahl has ever written, I don't retain a lot of details from his works. So yes. Next time I'm in an English-speaking bookstore, I will definitely look for it. Or I could ask Boy to bring it with him. Haha, I'm already asking him to bring a number of things, including "eXistenZ," because I wanted to watch it more carefully after reading the amazing "eXistenZ" fic on [ profile] midsummer_fic.

I haven't really been watching anything else. I should get ready for school starting. The conference in Nara was a bust. ::sigh::


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